Bear Grylls Loves Post Trail Mix, When He Can't Grab A Handful Of Goat Balls And Spiders

-Let’s get a real rough and tumble adventure guy to push our trail mix!
-Yeah, trail mix is all about roughing it! And being green! And nature!
-How about Bear Grylls?
-…isn’t he the guy who eats bugs and testicles and rotten zebras on TV?
-That’s why you’re a junior account manager, Chuck. You don’t think outside the box.

Chris, who pointed out the new ad to us, also sent the following email to Post:

Dear Post,

Bear Grylls advertising your Trail Mix cereal? Really? The guy will eat ANYTHING. He has and will eat a sheep eyeball, goat testicle, scorpion, spider, snake, rotten lion-killed zebra, berries out of poo. And this is the guy you want me to take cereal advice from? Really? Don’t get me wrong, I love that guy and I love irony but,… REALLY? That’s like opening a Dick Cheyney day care facility. [Actually, we think it’s more like Cheney promoting a gun safety course. -Ed.] Your commercial is like taking survival advice from Gordon Ramsay. I seriously can’t think of a worse choice,… unless you want me to think that your cereal tastes like maggots with elephant dung juice squeezed over the top. I’m just sayin’.

Here’s the Post commercial:

And here’s what Post’s new spokesman eats when he’s off the set:

Personally, we think a much more entertaining match-up would be Bear Grylls eating a box of Hannah Montana cereal. We’re not sure that would be any less disturbing, but it would at least make more sense since Grylls will eat anything.