Use These CDC E-Cards To Anonymously Tell Your Friends Their Kids Are Filthy

The Centers for Disease Control knows it’s a delicate task asking your swine flu-infected coworkers to stay home or suggesting that your friends bathe their disgusting children, so they’ve provided a handy, anonymous way to break the bad news.

The CDC site has all sorts of useful e-cards that allow you, a concerned but polite friend, to play varying levels of busybody in your friends’ lives. Aside from asking your friends to scrub their putrid offspring before bringing them over for a play date, you can tell that coughing, sneezing, attractive coworker to let swine flu consume her in the privacy of her home.

We’re big fans of anonymous e-cards as a way to avoid awkward conversations, and we’re happy to see they’re moving beyond just being used to share STD warnings to inform acquaintances about swine flu, hygiene, diabetes, and other health issues.

Check out the CDC’s other e-cards here

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