At Six Flags, You Have To Pay A Fee To Print Your Own Tickets

We know Six Flags is desperately trying to avoid bankruptcy, but that’s no reason to go all Ticketmaster on the people who want to have a good time at Magic Mountain in Los Angeles.

Jim writes,

I was on the 6 Flags website to purchase tickets for Magic Mountain (Los Angeles).

For the privilege of printing my tickets with my own paper and ink, I must pay $5. Granted, the tickets are $39.99 online compared to $59.99 at the gate. So, even with the $5 printing charge, I’ve saved quite a bit, but it still strikes me as very, very wrong.

The other online purchase options were:
      $10 UPS Ground
      $15 UPS Expedited
      $5 First Class Mail

Maybe Six Flags Magic Mountain should also charge people who don’t buy tickets at all, but just look at the prices on their website. After all, that’s using up website pixels too.

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