FiOS Installer Drills Through Wife's Wedding Dress

A Verizon FiOS installer showed up yesterday to install the service in Sam’s house, but misjudged the location of the laundry room by 4 feet and drilled directly into the closet where his wife kept her wedding dress.

Sam writes:

Yesterday I had Fios internet installed at my house and the installer accidentally drilled a hole into my wife’s wedding dress.

When the installer was mounting the box on the outside of the house, he meant to drill a hole from the outside into the laundry room. Instead, he drilled a hole from the outside into my wife’s closet (about 4 feet away) and into her not-cheap-at-all wedding dress.

I asked the technician “so, what’s this about drilling through my wife’s wedding dress?” and he explained that he thought he was drilling into the laundry room. I said, “but the laundry room is over here (pointing about 4 feet over)”. He apologized and continued working.

Before he left he apologized again and said he “made a note” in his installation report and that Verizon would contact me. So far no word from them.

It’s a sign of just how successful Comcast’s Frank Eliason has been at turning around that company’s customer service image that our first thought was, “Too bad this wasn’t a Comcast tech or we know Frank would be all over it.” So here’s your chance, John Czwartacki, the Verizon FiOS guy on Twitter: can you get someone at Verizon to contact Sam and make things right again?

(Sam, go on Twitter and send a direct message to with your story and see what happens.)

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