Comcast Fined $900k, DirecTV $2.3 M For Do Not Call Violations

The FTC has announced that Comcast and DIRECTV, will be paying some fines for ignoring Do Not Call regulations. Ouch.

“In both of these cases, DIRECTV and Comcast violated consumers’ privacy by calling people who specifically had asked these companies not to call them again,” said FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz.

Snap! That’s not allowed.

Here’s how the Do Not Call list works.

1) If you’re on it, companies you don’t have a business relationship with can’t call you.

2) If you have a business relationship with a company, they can contact you, unless you specifically ask them not to.

3) Even if you are not on the Do Not Call list and you ask a company not to call you, they can’t call you.

Some telemarketers are exempt (charities, for example), but if your cable company is pulling this crap, report them to the FTC.

FTC: Comcast, DIRECTV to pay for “Do Not Call” violations [Consumer Reports]

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