69 Cent Tracks Are Hard To Find On iTunes Music Store

MP3newswire.net browsed through not-quite-hits from past decades on the iTunes Music Store to see where these fabled 69 cent music tracks are hiding. He tried the Katydids, Camper Van Beethoven, the Lyres, Rock and Roll Trio, but found nothing below 99 cents. Then he went back to be-bop and blues recordings of the ’40s—nope. Finally, he looked at songs from Ada Jones, a recording artist from 1893 to 1922. Everything was still 99 cents.

We’re sure there are some 69 cent tracks hidden on there somewhere—it just seems like the labels haven’t quite gotten around to dropping those prices as promised. We guess they’re too busy with the $1.29 tracks.

“iTunes : Where are the $0.69 Tracks?” [MP3newswire.net] (Thanks to Colin!)
(Photo: LabyrinthX)

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