Apple Increases iTunes Match, Apple Music iCloud Storage Limit To 100,000 Tracks

Music lovers, who also happen to be users of Apple products, can now store a lot more of their favorite tunes in the cloud: about 75,000 more songs to be exact. Apple confirmed over the weekend that iTunes Match and Apple Music iCloud libraries will now have the capacity to hold 100,000 songs. 

MacRumors confirmed the major song storage increase – which was first promised by Apple back in June – after several users reported the ability to upload music libraries with more than 25,000 tracks.

Eddy Cue, Apple senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, says the company recently started “rolling out support for 100k libraries.”

For those confused why there are two Apple Music options: iTunes Match functions much like an online music locker, scanning your already cultivated iTunes collection and giving you access to any songs already on the servers. It also uploads any songs it can’t find and lets you access or download them with all your registered devices.

Apple Music includes a similar function with its streaming option. However, when users “scan and match” songs, the downloaded versions won’t work if they ever cancel their subscription.

The Verge points out that the larger storage capacity catapults Apple ahead of other online music libraries like Google Play Music, which offers space for 50,000 tracks. However, that service is free compared to Apple’s $24.99 a year for iTunes Match or $9.99 (for individual) or $14.99 (for families) a month for Apple Music.

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