Help, My KitchenAid Dishwasher Hasn't Worked Since July!

Katy’s KitchenAid dishwasher hasn’t dissolved soap or cleaned dishes since July, despite receiving four new parts over seven service visits. KitchenAid’s service plan promises a replacement unit if the same part breaks three times, but KitchenAid still isn’t sure which part of Katy’s dishwasher is broken, and so they’re refusing to give her a new one. Does that seem fair?

I ordered an extended warranty from KitchenAid Service Plan on a then one-year-old dishwasher. The soap never dissolved in the dishwasher and dishes remained dirty. The service administrator is TWG Innovative solutions. The unit was non-operable since June or July 2008. Three service companies, 7 visits later and 4 new parts later, the unit still does the same thing… still no fix.

Now I am requesting that they replace the unit since the warranty states under the No Lemon Policy that if the same item is replaced three times, the unit can be replaced. Well, it is technically not the same item three times. They just have not idea what the item is! Next step was to speak with the administrator. One hold for over 38 minutes I decided to call back to speak w/ a manager. They were all busy I was told. They explained they can expedite my request for an administrator to call me back. Five hours later I called to ask to speak w/ a manager or an administrator again, they said that they have the request and it looks like it will take 3 to 5 days to get a return call! Called KitchenAid and they said that I need to work with the warranty party although they admit that it was another division of their same company. What poor customer service. Needless to say I will never buy a KitchenAid appliance again.

Such a shame, KitchenAid is occasionally known for decent service. Kick your complaint up to KitchenAid’s executives and tell them they have a simple choice: either replace your dishwasher, or come over and clean your dishes.

(Photo: SuziJane)

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