Seven Things That Aren't Worth Your Money

Want an extra $1,000? The Wall Street Journal has a list of seven things that you can easily stop buying without making drastic changes to your lifestyle.

    Stop Buying

  • 1. Bottled Water: It’s bad for both your wallet and the environment. Buy a Brita filter instead and fill up on clean, crisp municipal tap water.
  • 2. Extended Warranties: We’ve told you before how extended warranties are an utter waste of money. Skip past product protection plans and keep the extra cash in your savings account.
  • 3. Gym Membership: Oh, you go, do you? Really? Next week, maybe? Sure. If you actually use your gym membership, see if your employer or health insurer offers a membership subsidy.
  • 4. Overdraft Fees: Don’t pay $35 every time you zero-out your bank account. Take out a line of credit for overdraft protection and avoid the annoying bank fees.
  • 5. Organic Produce: It may feel good, but the price usually isn’t right. Consider community supported agriculture if you want the real thing, but otherwise, remember that we’re in a recession and go for the cheap stuff.
    Find A Better Deal

  • 6. Auto Insurance: Ask if you’re eligible for discounts. If you’re driving less because of the recession, say, fewer than 7,500 per year, you might be able to knock 15% off your insurance bill.
  • 7. Music Downloads: Ok, maybe not the biggest source of savings, but with most services dropping their DRM restrictions, you can now shop around and save a few cents on each download. Or drive to the local library and see if they have the CD you want.

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