Now Is A Good Time To Haggle Over A TV

Between weak holiday sales and the pending arrival of new models, this an excellent time to haggle with your local electronics store over the price of a new TV. In a normal year, prices dip before the holidays and again before the Super Bowl. This year, with the recession clamping down on bank accounts, nobody’s buying. With new models arriving soon, retailers just want to clear out their showroom space, meaning you can walk in and save a few hundred dollars on that dream set you’ve always wanted.

“Retailers and manufacturers will make every effort to move out the older models before the new ones arrive,” Gagnon said. “When there are new models out there, that’s what people want.”

In a normal year. A sparkling new TV, with the latest whiz-bang bells and whistles, is great fun to have. But given the uncertainty of the times, a bargain on last year’s gadgetry is just fine for many of us.


Although prices are good now, a major bargain might not last long, Gagnon said. That’s because when it comes to consumer pricing, the recession is a two-edged sword.

Prices remain good to help get rid of inventory. But the recession also means that inventory is thin and manufacturers and retailers are less able to offer blowout specials. “You’re not as likely to see the 0% financing promotions of years past,” Gagnon said.

Before heading out, read through our haggling tips to help land the best deal.

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(Photo: Gilgongo)

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