It Takes 35 Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packets To Refill Your Hot Sauce Bottle

Are you the type of person who saves hot sauce packets? Well, we have good news. Reader Dennis has discovered that it takes 35 Taco Bell hot sauce packets to refill your store bought hot sauce bottle.

Now you know.

How many…..packets of Taco Bell Fire Sauce does it take to refill a bottle of it? [Dennis Judd]


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  1. Zclyh3 says:


  2. Zclyh3 says:

    GENIUS I meant. lol

  3. jake7294 says:


  4. merekat says:

    I love the mild sauce, but it’s been difficult to find it in the stores lately. I usually ask for a ton of packets when I go through their drive through to get me through the dry spells.

    • Pink Puppet says:

      @merekat: I couldn’t imagine how many packets they’d give me if I asked for a ton–they always give me way more than anyone might ever need.

      Do they just give you an unopened box at that point?

      • pbwingman says:

        @Pink Puppet: I have a 25lb box of Arby Sauce. Mmmmmm.

      • Benguin says:

        @Pink Puppet: Alright, so it’s not just me. Every time I got to Taco Bell I swear I get at LEAST 20 packets of sauce.

        • Pibbs says:

          @Benguin: You guys are lucky, I used to go into the local store here because they had the bins out to grab 20-30 packets. Now they put them behind the counter and I’ll be lucky to get 2 per item.

          • gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

            @MrPibbistheGreatestSodaEver: i went to taco bell about 2 weeks ago and noticed this – he gave me 1 packet for my 3 tacos… i had to ask for more, at which point he handed me one more. so i had to say “can i have five more”
            not sure if this was just an idiot teen, or some guy who thought it would be fun to fuck with a customer, or he was specifically told to act this way (i think it’s one of the former)

      • Communist Pope says:

        @Pink Puppet: Lucky. I always specify “a LOT” of hot sauce when I go through a TB drive-thru, and they inevitably take that to mean appx. 2 packets per item. I can only imagine what people get when they don’t ask for a lot at the stores I’ve been to.

  5. BrandonSH says:

    I third that ‘GENIUS!’.

  6. Charmander says:

    Defition of GENUIS: A person with too much time on their hands…..

  7. Charmander says:

    That’s right – defition! LOL

  8. couldberunning says:

    He must like Taco Bell or just stealing there sauce… either way, wouldn’t it be cheaper just to make tacos at home then eating out that much?

    • noone1569 says:

      @couldberunning: Maybe not, meat is expensive . . . as is cheese . .

    • supercereal says:

      @couldberunning: If he’s like me, he grabs handfuls upon handfuls of fire sauce packets every time he goes to Taco Bell. That only works, of course, at the ones who leave the sauces out in the dining room instead of behind the counter. :(

      But I also used to buy the bottles of fire sauce back in the day (for tacos I made at home), but I can’t remember seeing them anywhere in recent memory. I wonder if they stopped selling them in some regions?

      • _NARC_ says:

        @supercereal: That’s what I do. I’ll get a burrito and a taco, and take around 15 packets of fire sauce. It’s handy to have extra when I am making quesadillas at home.

  9. Heather Russell says:

    They give you so many packets every time you go, I can’t imagine the need to buy their sauce.

    • jook says:

      @Heather Russell: Yeah, you can get the 35 packets in jsut two trips through the drive-thru.

      Of course, then you’re stuck with a bottle of nasty taco bell hot sauce. Ew.

  10. ryan_h says:

    now the real question, why is taco bell sauce so good, when their food is so bad?

    • Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ã‚œ-゜ノ) says:

      @ryan_h: Because there is balance to The Force, young padawan.

    • CubeRat says:


      Dunno, but every Taco Bell I have ever gone to always seems to screw up my order, or not make it correctly (different locations too).
      Last night my fiancee and I went to Taco Bell. She ordered the Cheesy Gordita Crunch meal and somehow manage to forget the special sauce they put on it.
      It is either that or they forget to put in a taco, or flat out give us the wrong thing.

  11. krista says:

    Why would anyone open the packets to fill a bottle? The sauce will last much longer in the sealed packets.

    I use my taco bell sauces when I cook spanish rice, tacos and all sorts of things. I don’t ever ask for extra, but always end up with two or three packets I didn’t need.

    I also never buy mustard, mayo or ketchup because I don’t use it, but occasionally grab a packet or two when I order a sandwich to keep in my house for guests.

  12. RattedOutAnneFrank!_GitEmSteveDave says:

    But how big is the bottle? How much sauce is in each packet? These are the questions I need to know!!

  13. deejaypopnfresh says:

    not to mention the stuff in the bottle does not taste the same as the stuff in the packet. i love taco bells mild sauce but i tried buying it in the bottle once and it just wasnt the same

  14. bgrigson says:

    So is there HFCS in their hot sauce? I happened across the Wendy’s Chili Sauce and sure enough…HFCS. I’m done. No more juice, sodas, syrup, Doritos even the pretzels we had in the pantry had HFCS.

  15. Cat_In_A_Hat says:

    Wait, did he mix different flavors together? Big no no. Mild needs to be left just how it is.

  16. Mr-Mr says:

    How productive is this? Why not just leave them in the packets. What’s next? How many salt packets does it take to fill your salt shaker.

    • jc364 says:

      @Mr-Mr: Agreed. Just keep the packets somewhere. They probably last longer anyways, because of less air exposure, etc.

    • Trick says:


      How is this stealing? They allow you to grab as much as you want and often throw in 10 packs when you do order something…

      The guy is being cheap yes, but he is not stealing. And Taco’s (I hate TB, BTW) are like less than a buck so it probably is cheaper buying their crap than actually making it at home.

    • mavkato says:

      @Mr-Mr: it’s all in the name of science.

  17. lonestarbl says:

    Could this have been determined by the “Servings per Bottle”?? If not… were you short changed by the bottle estimates OR is there more than one serving per packet?

    These are things I need to know!

  18. Wit says:

    Next on Reader Dennis’ plate… the great Tootsie Pop debate?

  19. MeOhMy says:

    For some reason I can’t stomach taco bell hot sauce on anything other than taco bell food. I think it’s that taco bell represents its own distinct class of horrendously disgusting food which, if I’m in the mood for it, I dig in whole hog. But if I’m not in the mood for it, I don’t want anything else to taste like it!

  20. craptastico says:

    when there’s a post on consumerist next year that Taco Bell is only handing out two hot sauce packets per taco or some such nonsense, we’ll all know who to thank.

  21. bossco says:

    You could have just used basic math to figure out how many of the half ounce packets go into a twelve ounce bottle minus some spillage. If it matters I prefer Del Taco’s mild sauce to taco bell’s…

    • BeerManMike says:

      @bossco: beat me to it! simple math is right, come on people.

    • jook says:

      @bossco: No no, thje Del Scorcho was good. Now it’s not the hottest any more, Del Inferno is the way to go.
      Del Taco is loads better than Taco Bell any day, though. Given the choice, I’ll always take Del Taco’s food.

  22. Quibbs0 says:

    you should have seen the baffled look on the lady at the taco bell drive-thru recently when she gave me my four hard tacos and I asked for 2 sauces for each. I could see her trying to process the numbers and ultimately gave up and just threw about 20 in there.

  23. TurboWagon00 says:

    Or you could have just used the coupon in the paper recently for a free bottle of Frank’s Red Hot and saved not only your money but your dignity as well.

  24. gacompguy says:

    fire sauce != hot sauce

  25. The Porkchop Express says:

    @ Mr-Mr : what kind of salt packets? the ridged ones with two tubes or the little packets shaped like sugar packets? also what kind of shaker? publix pilgrims, glass ones with metal tops or the mortons mini can?

  26. synergy says:

    Ew Taco Hell!

    I do save salt packets and throw them in a container on our table. If I’m sitting around bored and watching t.v. I sit and open a bunch at a time and dump them into the salt shaker.

  27. synergy says:

    @noone1569: You’re assuming there’s meat and cheese in Taco Hell “food.”

  28. savvy9999 says:

    I have packets of Fire Sauce here at work. Better than a cup of coffee for a quick perk-me-up. My doctor told me that capsaicin is better than caffeine for *waking* you up (caffeine is good for keeping you up once you’re already alert), so a quick squirt an hour or two after lunch and I’m back on track.

  29. Jeremy W. Simmons says:

    At my local Taco Bell, they give us just enough to have one or two spares. I will have to start going inside and ordering and just grab what they got so I can just have a bottle of the Fire sauce.

  30. merekat says:

    @ Pink Puppet: a ton of packets is like 2 big handfuls. More than enough of whatever crap I ordered.

  31. floraposte says:

    Dennis sounds like a guy who’d enjoy “How Much Is Inside”: []

  32. metaled says:

    Well, There goes the free hot-sauce, I see a corporate memo going out to all stores. I hate it when a new person is working drive-thru, don’t find out til you get home, they didn’t include ANY even when you asked! Can’t eat taco bell without hot sauce! Have you tried? YUCK!

    • NinjaMarion says:

      @metaled: Yeah. I quite frequently have a good amount of extra sauce packets in a ziploc baggie in the fridge, but unlike this person, it’s not to refill store-bought bottles. I keep all those extras around for the many… MANY times where they don’t give you enough sauce (like 4 packets for $20 worth of food) or even worse, forget to give you any at all.

  33. xamarshahx says:

    where can you buy the bottle??????

  34. CoarseLive says:

    TB Fire sauce is Very tasty.

  35. Corporate_guy says:

    And the time wasted doing this caused you to lose money.

  36. RandaPanda says:

    @ xamarshahx

    My family has always got the bottles of sauce at one of two places:

    Wal-Mart on the mexican food aisle with like the do it yourself taco and fajita kits or Big Lots, when they get some in. Big Lots inventory rotates so often you have to catch it at the right time of the year. But it’s helluva lot cheaper to get it there! That’s when I stock up on it.

  37. __Ken__ says:

    Lol, this isn’t the same person that was charged $150 for a $15 Taco Bell dinner, right?

  38. TorrentFreak says:

    This jerk is why fast food places regulate how many sauce packets you get. They ruin it for everyone. You should take what you need not what you can get away with.

  39. corinthos says:

    I guess if I was real cheapass I could do this but my bottlesonly run like 1.19 where I get them. They don’t hav fire sauce though.

  40. julieannie says:

    Or you could just make a batch of your own:

  41. thanq says:

    I have done this in college back in 2000. Load up on the packets, then come home and cut off the tips and squish them all into a bottle.

    When you have more time than money, that’s how you save money.

    When you are older and have more money than time, few bucks for a bottle of sauce is not a big expenditure.

  42. trujunglist says:

    I always ask for a “large hand full” of each sauce. They usually look at me funny but comply. Sometimes they don’t, at which point I just ask for another hand full. I’ve only had one lady deny it to me, but the manager is always standing there and when I said that sucks, I just really like the hot sauce he came over and gave me a BAG full.

  43. allstarecho says:

    If it ain’t TOBASCO, it ain’t HOT SAUCE!

  44. Justifan says:

    3 packets per trip to taco bell =12 orders… even if you get just a single burrito each time its a lotta trouble to fill a bottle with flavored corn syrup.

  45. redkamel says:

    Nothing is superior to Del Scorcho. Nothiiiiiiing!

  46. Dansc29625 says:

    I miss the Green Sauce from there. It was good.

  47. Corporate-Shill says:

    Damn. Now I know why I receive 17 packets of sauce to go with 4 tacos.

    Oh, and the record for excessive condiment packages goes to McD’s. 19 packages of ketchup for a single order of fries and 10 piece nuggets. No farking sauce for the nuggets, but I got 19 packages of ketchup for the fries.

  48. darkryd says:

    There’s frugal and then there’s absurd.

  49. Ramzilla says:

    The sauce in the packets is shitty and so is the stuff in the bottle. Here’s an idea: just spend $2 on a bottle of f’ing hot sauce with flavor.