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Taco Bell Will Launch Limited-Time Extra-Hot Sauce Packets

Do you like to slather your Taco Bell meals with hot sauce, but find the chain’s standard packets insufficiently hot? Great news: super-hot sauce, which they’re calling “Diablo,” will be available from Taco Bell beginning on May 5. The not-so-great news for hot sauce fans is that the new sauce is only temporary. [More]

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Huy Fong Founder Doesn’t Regret Failing To Trademark “Sriracha”

Twenty-Five years ago, David Tran’s Huy Fong Foods began selling its now-famous Sriracha hot sauce. Now the “sriracha” name shows up on Heinz ketchup, the Taco Bell menu, Pizza Hut crusts, potato chips from Pringles, and numerous other items. But Tran and his company don’t see a dime for any of those products because he didn’t think to trademark the word back in 1980. [More]

California Town Officially Declares Factory’s Sriracha Odor A “Public Nuisance”

California Town Officially Declares Factory’s Sriracha Odor A “Public Nuisance”

It wasn’t enough for the town of Irwindale, CA to simply call the Huy Fong Foods Sriracha factory a public nuisance, it’s now voted unanimously to declare it as much. The city council is expected to official adopt the resolution at the next meeting, at which point Huy Fong will have 90 days to mitigate the odor. [More]

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Hot Food Lovers Rejoice! Sriracha Factory Avoids Shutdown For Now

Days after a lawsuit by a California city put the future of the much-loved but hard-to-pronounce Sriracha chili sauce in jeopardy, the judge in the case has denied the plaintiff’s request to shut the plant down until it deals with odor issues. [More]


Police: Chipotle Employee Hospitalized After Customer’s Hot Sauce Attack

In what plane of existence would a simple “good night!” prompt a person to hurt another? Apparently this one we live on, where a 25-year-old Chipotle employee received a bash in the face with a bottle of hot sauce for wishing a departing customer a good evening. Sigh. [More]

It Takes 35 Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packets To Refill Your Hot Sauce Bottle

It Takes 35 Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packets To Refill Your Hot Sauce Bottle

Are you the type of person who saves hot sauce packets? Well, we have good news. Reader Dennis has discovered that it takes 35 Taco Bell hot sauce packets to refill your store bought hot sauce bottle.

Operation FTB: Taco Bell Sauce Dumping Video

I officially hate these Taco Bell jackasses now. Pedestrian rhetoric and wooting in the Taco Bell parking lot leads to storming a busy Taco Bell and disrupting everyone’s meal as they just completely trash the place by dropping 400 pounds worth of garbage on the floor. They claim that they “returned the sauce out of kindness” after rejecting the idea of using it as a prank, but come on… this was the prank.

EXCLUSIVE: Taco Bell Hot Sauce Pic, Corrections

EXCLUSIVE: Taco Bell Hot Sauce Pic, Corrections

The media got the 25,000 Taco Bell packet story wrong and someone who knows someone involved wrote in to get the facts straight.

Masked Men Return 400 Lbs. of Taco Bell Hot Sauce

When a group of 15 masked men violently storm a Taco Bell, it has all the hallmarks of the world’s first burrito-terrorist incident. But these masked men weren’t out for blood, just for hot sauce.