Icon Parking Accidentally Reveals Why Their Service Is Cheap

Eli Lansey took photos of recent Icon Parking ads on NYC subway cars and posted them on his blog. They promise customers “$10 for up to 10 hours” of parking at various lots in the city. Wow, that’s a good price! On the same ad they have a help wanted section that says they’re looking for employees, “no experience necessary.” Ah.

Now, maybe it doesn’t take an expert to park cars, but I fit the “no experience” bill and I can promise you I’d scrape off a little of your paint or ease your car into a support column. My first job in the city was as a driver for a film crew, and I managed to back a rental van into the corner of a building my second week there.

Apparently someone at Icon Parking figured out that maybe this isn’t the best way to instill confidence in your services, because Lansey posed a third photo showing that they’ve update the want ad—now in place of “no experience necessary” it reads, “Paid training.”

“No experience necessary” [Lansey Brothers] (Thanks to Daniel!)

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