It looks like Ikea is stepping up where Denny’s failed; breakfast will be served for free in many Ikea locations starting today, before 10:30. It expires on the 16th, so grab as much of the free Swedish grub as you can! [MainStreet]


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  1. Microshock says:

    That’s awesome, considering the Ikea food is actually pretty good.

    • morgasco says:

      @Microshock: I think I’d rather not park 1/2 miles from the store, walk the rat maze to get to the cafeteria to get a free $3 breakfast that is mediocre at best…

    • alexawesome says:

      @Microshock: for the longest time, i was freaked out by Ikea food exclusively because I just *knew* that some people went there just to eat. Didn’t give a toss about furniture. Just wanted the food. It is really effing good though, especially their soft serve. Mm..

  2. Zeniq says:

    I had no idea Ikea served food. Then again, the closest I have been to an Ikea is the website.

    I wish Denver had one…

  3. 1stMarDiv says:

    There’s an Ikea about ten minutes from me and we need baby decor, so I’m there.

  4. unspeak says:

    They do this freebie a lot, whenever they run their seize the Days event. Which seems to be about once a month.

  5. Davan says:

    Oh good. Overpriced swedish particle board for any transient. And what does the breakfast normally cost? Isnt it like $2?

    • JeffM says:

      @Davan: Very curious- where do you buy your furniture? Are you stating it is overpriced quality per dollar or just overpriced being too expensive for any one item?

      I’ve found a lot of IKEA stuff lasts at least 2 or 3 years and is of mediocre quality- but some of it is quite functional and reasonably priced.

      I’m definitely interested to understand what else is out there.

      • Davan says:

        @JeffM: No one place, I try to shop around as much as possible and get the best value possible. I try to avoid places like Rooms to go and Havertys, but Ill go in there to find styles I like when Im trying to buy something. For example, I needed a kingsize bed about 8 months ago and I checked out Ikea. Ended up buying the bed from a local place, *with* dresser, 2 end tables, and chest for about $200 more than Ikea was charging. Its not the best quality (in line with Ikea), but there was a much bigger selection of styles so we got something that looks really good with our current setup (not to mention the extra furniture that really is good looking).

        If I ever get to the financial position where I can afford all cherry or mahogany furniture Im sure Ill need to re-learn where to buy furniture, but as it is I never end up buying from Ikea.

        I think just local places can definitely beat the hell out of Ikea in price and similiar quality

        • Sean Tapscott says:

          @Davan: I also don’t see how its overpriced. Its not overpriced. I think you worded your claim wrong. You should say something along the lines of “I can find similar furniture for lower pricing locally. Not sure why I’d go there for a free breakfast.”

  6. Ben King says:

    Hot Dogs and Swedish Meatballs for breakfast?

  7. eightfifteen says:

    So do you have to assemble the breakfast yourself? Sorry, eggs not available at this location!

  8. sir_eccles says:

    Mmmm, meatballs.

  9. Hank Scorpio says:

    “Bad news, nobody! The super-collider super-exploded. I need you to take it back and exchange it for a wobbly CD rack and some of those rancid meatballs.”

  10. Rob Weddle says:

    I’m an IKEA fanboy, but I made the mistake of doing this once. The cafeteria was swamped.

    I’ll be attending STD (pause…) tomorrow morning for some cheap bed linens, but I’ll be sure to have breakfast beforehand.

  11. PoopsieDoodle says:

    I ate at an IKEA once. The food was really good, especially considering the price. I had the chicken fingers, and I remember thinking at the time that they were the best chicken fingers ever.

    But then I came down with food poisoning the next day. Not sure if it was the IKEA food or not, but these days just the thought of IKEA chicken fingers nauseates me…

  12. Jage says:

    How did Denny’s fail?

    Last I heard, on this blog, it was amazingly successful, and is STILL boosting their business.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I ate at the local Ikea restaurant last week and I was very disappointed to find that the Shrink Ray had hit their menu. Their meatballs had been cut in half and somewhat reshaped. Their potatoes were now mashed instead of the usual small ones, cut into quarters. Meh.

    I’ve never had breakfast there, but I’d guess that they have made a similar move.

  14. tape says:

    IKEA does this for just about every 3-day weekend.

  15. Cyco says:

    I’m done with the Houston Ikea. Because it’s a franchise, they refuse to honor the deals every other Ikea (with the exception of two others) honors. It’s a bad excuse and if they care that little about it’s customers that they don’t feel we deserve the same deals the rest gets, they don’t deserve my money. Not that it will make a difference though.

    Still, they do have good meatballs and their 50 cent hotdogs are tasty.

  16. chiieddy says:

    We plan our visits to IKEA so we can get a meal there. Cheapest date ever. :)