Subscriber Sues Comcast For Requiring Customers To Rent Cable Boxes

Hate renting set-top boxes from Comcast? So does one San Francisco Comcast subscriber. He’s suing, claiming that the rental fees are far in excess of what the boxes would be worth on the open market.

From the Suburban Chicago Daily Herald:

The suit, filed Feb. 2, seeks class-action, or group, status on behalf of all Comcast digital-cable service subscribers. Mays asked for a court order barring Philadelphia-based Comcast from making rental of the boxes a requirement for subscribing to its digital service. Consumers can’t buy the boxes separately from retailers, he claimed.

“Comcast does support third-party cable boxes,” Sena Fitzmaurice, a spokeswoman for the company, said in a telephone interview. She declined to comment further on Mays’s claims.

Unless we are mistaken, Comcast-brand cable boxes are a requirement for certain features such as OnDemand.

Is Comcast is the wrong for forcing you to rent the boxes?

Comcast accused of overcharging for cable box rental [Daily Herald]
(Photo:O Pish Posh)

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