Citi Credit Card Cautions You Against Spending

Citi’s been burned enough by its cardholders’ profligate spending, apparently. Check out the message on this activation sticker on a new card. We like the inclusion of a sort of Yin-yang background, as if to remind us that debt and repayment are equal elements of the consumer credit world. A balance must be maintained! Just, you know, not so high a balance that you can’t make your monthly payments.(Thanks to Jerry!)


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  1. FeedFaceCoffee says:

    Looks like the Pepsi logo.

    I think they’d benefit more by printing the message on the card itself, rather than just the activation sticker.

  2. lastingsmilledge says:

    in all fairness, they’ve put that logo on the activation sticker for at least 4 years. as a mets fan, i’m somewhat hoping that they tank it so that citifield will be forced to have a non-corporate name for at least a few months.

    • lyim says:

      If Citi tanks, we’re looking at a situation where 1)No one can buy them – they’re too big and 2)FDIC will be emptied out, so no more insurance for years on your deposits…

  3. emona says:

    Yeah, it’s been on the cards since I’ve been a customer, about 4 years or so. I thought it was kind of sweet.

  4. ShadowFalls says:

    So what, beer has a similar message, “Drink Responsibly”

    Everyone ignores that, those that will drink responsibly, will. Those that won’t, won’t.

  5. annelise13 says:

    Meanwhile, last week BoA sent me yet another email reminding me to use my credit card more!

  6. AmbroseP says:

    Telling stories where there are no stories to be told? For shame.

    Like others, my new card had that sticker, too. When it was new. In 2004.

  7. Let’s put it into Consumerist perspective here. The sticker isn’t really for your benefit. It’s for theirs, when they realize that many consumers have racked up crazy balances, then file bankruptcy or use a third-party arbitrator to negotiate a settlement amount much lower than the original balance, or having to have them file it as an insurance claim from the loss. Companies are out for themselves, not for you.

  8. This is freakin’ hilarious.

    For decades we’ve been conditioned to spend like crazy, well above our means, if that’s what it takes for the US businesses to make a profit.

    Reap what you sow, biaotches. Bailout my ass.

  9. u1itn0w2day says:

    These frackin credit card companies caused half this crap by GOUGING the customer with exhorbitant fees & interest which made minimum monthly payments not so minimum.

    Personally I think they put that sticker on their because the lawsuits are going to start so now they can say you were warned.Credit cards will be like a pack of cigarettes:Abuse of credit has been known to cause bankruptcy

    • supercereal says:

      @u1itn0w2day: The card companies (for the most part) never hid the fact that the interest rates were fairly high. More of the blame goes to consumers who spend more than they afford to — I don’t see it as gouging if the user readily agrees to using the high interest rate, despite there being numerous alternate solutions (using money one actually has, shopping around for rates, etc.).

  10. I always assumed that had more to do with identify theft than anything else…

  11. theslik1 says:

    Considering that Citi *pays me* to use their card, I’d say I’m using it wisely. Citi may disagree, however. :)

  12. johnnya2 says:

    People need to realize that credit card companies make money on more than just interest. When you process a card they get a fee from that as well. The merchant pays to accept the card. Yes, they make more if you carry a balance, but they still make money otherwise. They may lower your limit if they feel you are not a good customer (most profitable). This seems logical in any service you offer. A restaurant will throw more resources at a party of 50 over a party of 2. Its the way of the world, and those that complain when your credit limit is decreased, or they completely close the account need to realize that credit is not a RIGHT. If you had a 100 to lend you would need to decide who to lend it to. Most people would choose the person who will pay you back the most money with the least risk. The guy who borrows that money for 30 days and gives me nothing or very little in return wont be offered that opportunity anymore

  13. DePaulBlueDemon says:

    Well, I must point out that Citi has been using that logo for a while. When I applied for a Citi card for college students back in 2005 I was redirected to their “use it wisely” website. This isn’t anything new!

  14. Norislolz says:

    Wow, what a snarky comment from Chris Walters about a company asking you to use credit wisely… CAN COMPANIES EVER WIN HERE?