Mattress Giant's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Doesn't Apply To Mattresses

Look, if you’re going to call your store “Mattress Giant,” and you’re going to have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, then don’t specifically exclude mattresses.

Here’s the guarantee:

Satisfaction / Exchange Guarantee

Our satisfaction / exchange guarantee is simple – 100% satisfaction. You may exchange any product purchased (other than a mattress) for a new one based on the value of your original purchase. Or you may return your purchase and receive a full refund for the price you paid. Just be sure to save this original sales receipt with the purchase recorded on it.

Reader Glen tells us what happens if you’re less than satisfied:

My wife and I purchased a mattress from Mattress Giant several weeks ago. We gave it a few weeks in case adjusting to a new mattress was causing our daily back pain but we had enough. I called the store where we purchased and learned that their satisfaction guarantee only applies to those that pay a $159 “Mattress protection policy”. Even if one purchases the mattress protection, one must pay an additional $159 to exchange the mattress. I checked their policy on their website and found that their general satisfaction guarantee does not apply to Mattresses. So we can not exchange our mattress unless we can convince the manufacturer that it is defective.

It’s a sad reminder to always read the fine print before making a large purchase, and that satisfaction guarantees are marketing tools, not promises.

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