Personal Finance Roundup

Bank crisis: 10 things to know now [MSN Money] “If your bank goes bust, how do you get your money out? Are credit unions protected? What about investments? It’s time to get your ducks in a row.”

ID thieves using voter registration scams [Bankrate] “Identity thieves are capitalizing on the excitement of this presidential election by running phishing scams with a voter-registration twist.”

6 Ways to Get your Toiletries for Cheap or Even Free! [Wise Bread] “If you don’t mind getting a bit creative with your methods, you can pay much less (even nothing) for your bath and body treats, too!”

Seven important birthdays affecting retirement [Vanguard] “Sixty-five isn’t the only important birthday when it comes to retirement.”

Top 5 Things My Bad Jobs Taught Me [The Monster Blog] “Here are the top five lessons I’ve learned from jobs that were not a good fit.”

How To Get a Better Salary After Years of Low Pay [The Wall Street Journal] “How can I be honest about my current salary but also command the salary I deserve at a new company?”

3 things you shouldn’t charge [MSN Money] “Sometimes you can’t avoid pulling out the plastic when you’re strapped. But before you do so in these cases, consider your options for fending off financial disaster.”

8 Ways to Manage Office Politics [Yahoo Hotjobs] “Practicing these eight tips will help you navigate your way through tricky political waters.”

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