Starbucks New Healthy Breakfast Tasted, Opinions Formed

Starbucks bravely asked us to try their new healthy breakfast items, knowing full well what a bunch of jerks we are. Why did they do this? No one can say. Anyway, it turns out that their new breakfast items are pretty darn tasty. Our full review inside.

Pike Place Roast Coffee:

Chris: “I like the old “burnt” coffee just fine.” Ben: “This tastes like ‘coffee.’ Like ‘acme brand coffee.'” Meg: “Like from Looney Toons?” Ben: “Yes, exactly.” Carey: “Easily overwhelmed by the milk.” Meg: “If you told me this was Dunkin’ Donuts coffee I wouldn’t punch you in the face and call you a liar.”

Apple Bran Muffin:

The Apple Bran Muffin has 330 calories and costs $1.75 Ben: “This muffin is the sh*t. It has a lot of sugar, though.” Carey: “It tastes like Frosted Flakes in muffin form. It’s Grrrrrrrrreat.” Meg: “I can get behind this muffin.” Chris: “Don’t you pretty much just love muffins, though?” Meg: “Ok, well. Yes. Shut up.”

Perfect Oatmeal:

Perfect Oatmeal has 140-390 calories depending on the toppings you choose. It costs $2.45. Chris: “I just don’t get it. It’s nothing you wouldn’t do at home with instant oatmeal. There’s no Starbucks touch to it. People who eat oatmeal eat it at home or microwave it at work. It tasted fine, but I don’t get it.” Carey: “I’m offended by the term ‘perfect oatmeal.’ It wasn’t perfect. It was all right. And it costs $2.45.” Meg: “The nuts are good. I don’t know about $2.45 good, but good.” Ben: “Once you add the nuts, there’s something to talk about.” Captain Duvel Moneycat:“NOM NOM NOM NOM GET OUT OF THE WAY NOM MOVE OVER NOM”

Power Protein Plate:

The Power Protein Plate has 330 calories and costs $4.95. It contains a hard-boiled egg, peanut butter, a small bagel, grapes, apples and cheese. Chris: “This is a good package, but I don’t like hard boiled eggs.” Ben: “Good portion size. I like it.” Carey: “This is an airplane breakfast.” Meg: “I would buy this at the airport and take it on United Airlines because it doesn’t cost 9 %#%@-ing dollars.”

Which of these options, if any, would you personally buy? Any final thoughts?

Chris: “I have already bought the “Stella” (280 calories, $1.75) and will again. It’s a “not unhealthy” choice. I’m impressed with the changes Starbucks has made overall. It’s true that the breakfast sandwiches stink up the place. It was not a good smell. Regularly brewing the coffee makes a difference as well.” Ben: “I’d have to have a reason to eat at Starbucks, but if I did, I’d get the protein pack. That’s your 4 food groups right there, and its a sensible portion. It’s convenient. And there’s pepper. For the egg. They even peel it for you. That’s great.” Carey: “If Starbucks showed up every morning with a breakfast like this, there are some days when I would open the door.” Meg: “The oatmeal was a little pricey for what it was, but it did taste good, especially once you added the nuts. I would eat that muffin again. Damn, I love muffins.” Captain Duvel Moneycat: “I love this oatmeal more than anything I have ever known. It has opened my eyes and given my life purpose. Never again will I take for granted the miracle of God’s finest creation — the oat. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to lick the floor where someone accidentally dropped some.”


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  1. winstonthorne says:

    Cutest. Cat. Ever.

  2. Jabberkaty says:

    Considering I’m eating popcorn for breakfast, I don’t know that I can reliably comment about what makes good breakfast. That, and I make my husband buy me chocolate cereals… (He likes sick things like Bran Flakes… and he’s not even 60 yet).

  3. BlondeGrlz says:

    Captain Duvel Moneycat needs to be added as a regular contributor.

    I’ll keep my Dunkin Donuts though, thanks.

  4. Alex Chasick says:

    I’ve never missed working at Consumerist more than I do right now.

  5. 2kids3martinis says:

    Thank Jehovah! Starbucks sells breath mints as well. After drinking burnt coffee and eating a boiled egg, you’ll certainly need it.
    Thanks for letting me know you’d “open the door” to Starbucks if they showed up with these breakfast items at your door. Just one more reason to not stay in bed all day, I say…

  6. mariospants says:

    I liked the oatmeal, and the protein breakfast (which I got for free today, helluva coincidence that opinions are being sought) was simple, old-fashioned good food. What a revelation.

    I did the math: for a few bucks over $10 you can buy a pack of oatmeal, a small milk a pack of dried fruit and (maybe) some honey to sweeten. That’ll be about 6 oatmeals at about $2 per. That doesn’t count that you’ll need a bowl and spoon at your office, line up for the kettle and then you’ve got to wash and put away your utensils (and make sure no-one steals your food).

    At roughly $3 per bowl, it’s actually competitive with doing it yourself.

    • GilloD says:

      @mariospants: What oatmeal are you buying? You can get way more than 6 servings of oatmeal from a regularly sized container. Milk is expensive, granted, as is honey, but both of those items are going to last you more than 6 servings.

      • mariospants says:

        @GilloD: I’m referring to the pre-packaged Quaker and off-brand variety (6 packs to the box). They’re usually flavored, as well.

        I wasn’t even considering the huge boxes: I’m talking stuff you can keep in the drawer of your desk and that don’t require a lot of work and cleanup to make.

  7. mariospants says:

    I’m not a shill, btw, I just happen to like Starbucksy-type places.

  8. Those claws! I would never get in the cat’s way when there is oatmeal involved. I can see many scratches (and potential losses of body parts) if that happens.

    Everyone must now bring Starbucks oatmeal to the alter of Captain Duvel Moneycat.

    • PinkBox says:

      Hm, $3 for a bowl of oatmeal isn’t something I’m willing to pay. I’m not really picky over oatmeal, so just pass me some of the kind you add water to and nuke. Yum!

      @CaptainSemantics: I have a cat with claws like that, but he is nice and can grab without hurting.

  9. sir_pantsalot says:

    Everytime my wife and I go to a Starbucks she asks for a blueberry muffin and they are out. Multiple starbucks in multiple cities and at various times. So now they are going to have new items to be out of instead of just having more of the good items they already have?

  10. MameDennis says:

    If I was in a rush, I could actually imagine buying the protein pack. (Did nobody think that it sounds so very, very dirty?)

    Dennis Family Cat, Sr., would fight Cpt. Moneycat for the oatmeal. However, he is a large wimp and would lose.

  11. Competitive my rear. I buy the kroger brand huge tub of old fashioned oatmeal, a bag of raisins and a half gallon of milk to keep at work or home. 2.25 for the oatmeal, 3.99 for the raisins and 2.00 for the half gallon is 8.25. This will give me 30 servings if i eat it like the oatmeal package says, i usually double it, so let’s say 15 servings divided by 8.25.

    Yeah, I pay roughly $0.55 for my morning breakfast. 2.45, no thanks. As far as saving time, I have a bowl, and a spoon (both free fom my home) and I use the microwave and tap water. Takes 5 minutes desk to desk.

    My revelation for the day? Never buy overpriced food. Unless you’re Dying for something specific.

  12. Moosehawk says:

    I like these stories. Do them more often imo.
    Also, we want more Duvel Moneycat.

  13. Parapraxis says:

    My dog loves eating the leftover rice and meat in my mom’s bowl each morning.

    (Yeah, we’re asian)

    I wish I had an oatmeal lovin’ cat…

  14. JulesNoctambule says:

    I had a piece of cake and some tea for breakfast. The awesome Captain Duvel Moneycat eats a healthier breakfast than I do.

    But hey, leftover Chinese food for lunch is comin’ up! No scurvy here, folks.

  15. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    If you are going to eat out you will pay more than eating at home. A morning coffee & oatmeal is the ~same price as coffee and a muffin and better for you. I found their oatmeal above average with generous portions of mixed nuts & fruits but wish it was hotter. I’d have it again. Ask for the bagged nuts, fruit, & sugar on the side & add them yourself.

  16. MissPeacock says:

    Ben, if you are ever out of town and need someone to cat-sit for you, I will be more than happy to fly up from Birmingham and take care of that funny little guy.

  17. thesuperpet says:

    what is that line “Stella!” from? I hear that all the time and it drives me nuts!

    and thank you for reviewing breakfast.

  18. picardia says:

    “Stella!” is from “A Streetcar Named Desire.”

    I second the motion for Captain Duvel Moneycat to weigh in on other crucial issues in the future.

  19. mac-phisto says:

    that first picture’s freakin’ awesome. it looks like capt. moneycat is holding the clipboard while he reviews the oatmeal. lol.

    is a review from a being that regularly licks his own butthole a good thing? hrm…

  20. STrRedWolf says:

    Shubmitten 2 I Can Has Cheezburger 4 ben and kitteh. :)

    Okay, enough Lolspeak. I just had to.

  21. MissPeacock says:

    I love that as commenters who usually argue and disagree over so many things, we can all come together over the sweet Mr. Captain Duvel Moneycat. He is truly the epitome of the universal language of love.

  22. cerbie says:

    To the first pic: “You’re a kitty!” A kitty that knows his finances, even.

  23. BrianDaBrain says:

    I love the cat… can’t say much about the oatmeal, but the cat is so damned cute!

  24. Jetfire says:

    Starbucks delivers?!

    So did a Starbucks representative get your feedback while your tried the food, or did they run off before you could get a confessions article out of them?

    Agreed, Captain Duvel Moneycat should become a contributor.

  25. To the Editors:

    To Meg – I’m obsessed with muffins, too. I sure hope there’s a support group for people like us….

    Ben- Be thankful it wasn’t army coffee, pours like oil and could potentially damage vital organs.

    Chris- I don’t get it, either.

    Carey- Thanks for advising me how to get you to open the door :)

    To Captain Duvel Moneycat: Another Nom Nom was needed, and a mild sedative. Seek professional help.

  26. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    Do you put those horrendous caps on your kitty cat’s paws?!

  27. bbagdan says:

    I think I would prefer my boiled egg to be left unpeeled. The thoughts of some greasy minimum-wage earner picking at my egg with his fingernails makes me queasy.

  28. SilleeString says:

    I just had to register here and add that never before have I so thoroughly entertained and informed regarding breakfast simultaneously like this. Ever. Something tells me that there’s a coffee-flavored Starbucks coffee (how novel!) and a sugar-bleeding muffin in my future. Yum!

  29. Overheal says:

    I demand a youtube video to see how fast that cat can munch a bowl of oatmeal.

  30. BeeBoo says:

    HELP! I am cat-sitting this weekend and I want to give it some oatmeal, this bad boy really seems to be going crazy for it.

    Do most cats like oatmeal or just this one?

    I only have steel-cut oats so will those be okay?

    Is it really the oatmeal or the milk the cat likes?

  31. Cyclokitty says:

    I. Want. More. Captain Duvel Moneycat! Those claws! That insatiable desire for oatmeal!

    My room mate’s cat LOVED broccoli so that was fun waving the mini tree in front of his face, his claws reaching up and grabbing the treat. Then eat like a starving cat who regularly gets kicked down the stairs (pffft, never happened. Spoiled rotten little cat. Ate better than we die — he got all the broccoli.)

  32. maines19 says:

    I’m going to have to get some of that Starbucks oatmeal–in order to see if my two black cats like it.

  33. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    Just don’t feed your kitty too much oatmeal. They are carnivores after all, though considering the shit that’s in their food, I wouldn’t be suprised they enjoyed REAL oats instead of the crappy processed stuff.

  34. theblackdog says:

    More reviews from Captain Duvel Moneycat please!

    It does sound like Starbucks has made some good changes now.

  35. zentex says:

    It’s nice to know Starbucks is selling cat food. I’ll have to pop down there and get my wife’s cat some.

  36. Nighthawke says:

    OK, Ben just got a new middle name;

    Enuf said. ^.^

  37. Segador says:

    I agree 100% with Captain Duvel Moneycat being a regular contributer to this site.

    • BrianDaBrain says:

      @Segador: I add my vote to this motion! More Nom Noms are definitely needed on Consumerist.

      You can feel free to count my vote two or three times. :)

      @Cyclokitty: My cat won’t even be in the same room when broccoli is cooking! Toes, on the other hand, are apparently very palatable. *shrugs*

      • ravensfire says:

        Hmmm, I tried a protein pack pack today…It was tasty and a nice selection of different foods, but I think that I would have liked a second egg. I was still kind of hungry after I finished it. My usual breakfast is the Banana Chocolate Vivanno with extra chocolate. Choclatey, Healthy, and Chocolatey.

        @BrianDaBrain: I agree that consumerist is in dire need of more Nom Noms and that Captain Duvel Moneycat should be made a regular contributor.

        Finally, are there plans in the works for a Captain Duvel Moneycat fan club. My cat wants to join cause he looks kinda like Captain Duvel Moneycat. I am in support of my cat’s desire to join such a fanclub because Captain Moneycat has a job and is therefore an excellent role model for my currently unemployed kitty.

  38. ViperBorg says:

    Okay, where are the pictures of the cat coming from? I must get them all together and email them to my girlfriend, it looks just like her cat. She’d love it.

  39. MyPetFly says:

    Oatmeal = high fiber and high water content.

    Any takers for litter box duties? :)

  40. I’d be all over that protein plate if it wasn’t for the cheese. I’m just not a big fan of plain ol’ cheese.

    As a cheese spread? Depends on the flavor.
    On a burger? I can do that.
    Melted over nachos? Now you’re talking.

    The oatmeal’s a non-starter for me since I usually take a packet of instant with me to work (160 cal), unless I’ve already had a serving of bran flakes (w/ 1% milk, 165 cal) before I leave the house.

    If the apple bran muffin was a weeeeeee bit less on the calories front, I could go for that. (Yeah, I’m one of those idiot calorie counters. I’m not proud of myself.) But as a once-in-a-while treat? Sure, I could do that. It’s still lower than the rest of their muffins. The Stella at 280 cal would be a more likely pick for me though.

  41. LoreleiThriller says:

    That cat looks exactly like my cat, Fruitbat. He even has the old man-y
    white hairs in his ears! I will have to try some oatmeal out on her.
    She already loves bits of bread.

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    IMPORTANT/CONFIDENTIAL: This message from the law firm of Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient (or authorized to act on behalf of the intended recipient) of this message, you may not disclose, forward, distribute, copy, or use this message or its contents. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by return e-mail and delete the original message from your e-mail system. Thank you.

  42. J. Gov says:

    Add one more vote: Moar Moneycat!

    The pictures of Moneycat grabbing the crackalicious oatmeal will always bring a smile to my face. I’m half tempted to try creating lookalike pictures with my own black cat, who is Moneycat’s twin by different parents, and apparently has a fiber fetish. (I’ve caught her chowing down on my bread…through the wrapper.)

  43. LAGirl says:

    ZOMG! i want to NOM NOM NOM Captain Duvel Moneycat!

  44. katylostherart says:

    diner – 2 scrambled eggs (150cal), bowl of oatmeal (150), toast with a thin bit of butter (100), coffee w/cream sugar (50cal)= $6 (450cal)
    + bacon $6.50 (2 medium slices = 100 cal)

    starbucks – bowl of oatmeal plus grande latte = $8

  45. rockstarjoe says:

    My cat used to eat corn on the cob (you had to hold it for him, though).

    I don’t like how they changed the Starbucks Bran Muffins. The old version was way better, in my opinion. I wish they still sold it. It was less sugary and had yummy oats all over it.

  46. nobodygrrl says:

    I tried the whole grain roll this morning and got a free bowl of oatmeal. Really liked the roll, which had a great nutty taste and wasn’t dried out and cold like most SBUX breads. It came with almond butter and strawberry preserves (that I didn’t try).

    I actually thought the oatmeal was pretty decent. I think I’ve been “spoiled” by the instant stuff, because I had to add a little salt to it. Plus, I normally make it with milk instead of water. I saved the nuts and fruit for an afternoon snack. I like how the packs have the calories printed on it. Oh, and they serve it all day!

    Can Moneycat come and play at my office??? He can lick the bowl.

  47. RocketRockit says:

    Is it weird that I want to buy the oatmeal JUST to see what Charles, World’s Biggest Cat and Known Fattie does with it?

  48. “If you told me this was Dunkin’ Donuts coffee I wouldn’t punch you in the face and call you a liar.”

    best line ever

  49. formatc says:

    Cats can be weird when it comes to snarfing down food. My cat inexplicably loves rice milk. I need to defend bowls of cereal with my life.

    Also, Ben, I’m glad to see you let your cat keep his toes.

  50. BytheSea says:

    I’ve never had a cat who wanted to eat anything that lacked the flesh of the dead, except when Furball would try to knock my cereal out of my hand and lap up the milk. I think cats have a weak spot for breakfast foods.

    • lemur says:

      @BytheSea: My wife and I had a cat who was nuts for corn on the cob. He usually did not bother us when we were eating our meals but if we had corn on the cob, he was very interested.

  51. oneswellfoop says:

    I buy extra thick Bob’s Red Mill Organic rolled oats for 99 cents a pound. I scramble two eggs, preferably eggs from a local buying club that come from pastured hens and contain tremendous mounts of Omega 3’s and vitamins. I mix them together. Wall-la! Protein plate + oatmeal for less than a dollar a portion. And it doesn’t support the man (or the people that support the man) unless that man is Bob and his Red Mill(I am beginning to suspect, from the size of his operation, that Bob may be allying himself with the man.).

  52. muffingal says:

    @BytheSea: One of my cats (I have four) loves watermelon. He doesn’t beg for anything but if you are eating watermelon, he will beg. And don’t try to give him the grind; he wants the pink, sweet flesh of the fruit.

    • katylostherart says:

      @muffingal: my cat once ate an entire ham sandwich except the lettuce. that included the pickle and tomato with mustard. he also eats entire rodents though so i guess that doesn’t say much for my sammich making abilities.

      • mac-phisto says:

        @katylostherart: have you ever watched that occur? i had a marty stoufer moment once when i was watching my cat (oliver clothesoff) devour a field mouse – i was so proud!

        that feeling was quickly followed by nausea as the bone-crunching began…:-(*)

        • katylostherart says:

          @mac-phisto: oh no my favorite is when he tears them open and then their guts stick to the pavement and he basically slurps their intestines up and it sticks like spaghetti before snapping up like a rubber band.

  53. gonz says:

    Okay I’m kinda confused. Do they make the oatmeal them selves or are they just reheated thermal pods like in airline food? It would interest me more if it was caffeinated oatmeal that tasted like their coffee.

  54. Trai_Dep says:

    Great. THANKS guys.
    Now I have to worry about making it out of Starbucks alive carrying a cup of Perfect Oatmeal past a milling army of feral cats attacking my nether regions whilst the airborne division leaps at my face.
    I’m sure Cap’t Duvel is tip-tap-typing away on an unguarded Consumerist computer (Aww, lookee: he’s typing!) alerting his confederates as we speak.
    It’s like The Birds, only with retractable claws. And purring.

  55. modenastradale says:

    I’m REALLY pleased that Starbucks has begun offering more nutritious/functional items on its menu. Until recently, I almost never went to Starbucks because I’m not a habitual coffee drinker and Starbucks’s coffee isn’t good enough to lure me. Lately, however, I’ve been much more interested in Starbucks because of its newfound focus on functional food.

    My only gripe is that the Power Protein Plate and the Vivannos aren’t quite good enough (nutritionally) to be marketed as fitness food.

    The Protein Plate only provides 16 grams of protein; nearly half of its 330 calories come from fat. An active person really needs to start his day on a better foundation, so this isn’t a realistic breakfast option. If the Plate included two hard-boiled eggs and a small amount of lean meat, then we could talk. :-)

    Similarly, the Vivannos contain more sugar than protein (28 grams vs. 21 grams for a banana-chocolate Vivanno). I usually ask for mine with extra protein, which helps, but it would be better if Starbucks could make the drink with sugar-free chocolate syrup. Unfortunately, they stopped carrying the sugar-free chocolate.

    All in all, these are very promising developments, but if Starbucks just improved the nutritional profile of these items a bit, they’d make a habitual customer out of me.

  56. cubsd says:

    Maybe Captain Duvel Moneycat can be used anytime the Consumerist gives anything a good rating. “I’m Captain Duvel Moneycat and I approve of this good or service.”
    As far as weird foods cats eat, when I was young we had a cat that ate cantalope.

  57. @meg: lol @ airplane food comment

  58. sophistiKate says:

    I love talking cats s much.

  59. littlemoose says:

    Did Captain Duvel Moneycat taste the other Starbucks breakfast items? I need his opinion!

  60. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    That cat is sooo cute!

    There was something else about Starbucks and oatmeal and a $5 “power-plate” but I was too busy looking at the kitteh.

  61. ProfessionalCritic says:

    I saw this at the ‘bucks this afternoon and was suspicious, because all of their baked goods are stale crappy sugar bombs, but these new choices sound promising. Of course it is cheaper to bring your own but it’s also cheaper to bring your own coffee, so who are we kidding about being all frugal? But I thought when they closed so many stores they were going to refocus on coffee and eliminate some of the food???

    btw love the carbo loading kitteh.

  62. deadgoon says:

    If the oatmeal seems like it is just plain old Quaker instant oats, it’s because that’s exactly what it is. No foolin’.

  63. ChelseaCosta says:


  64. mantari says:

    I’m wondering if Starbucks will appreciate the review or not, but overall, it seemed positive. I’m willing to give the Power Protein Plate a shot.

  65. DePaulBlueDemon says:

    I must admit, this had me LOLing at work:

    “I love this oatmeal more than anything I have ever known. It has opened my eyes and given my life purpose. Never again will I take for granted the miracle of God’s finest creation – the oat. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to lick the floor where someone accidentally dropped some.”

  66. dmuth says:

    I love how the cat appears to be squinting in the second picture.

    That is a cat on a mission.

  67. DePaulBlueDemon says:

    The Power Protein Plate seems like a good value for a decent breakfast on the go. I’ll definitely try this in the coming week.

  68. BiZarRroBALlmeR says:

    But do you have o order this food with those out of hip euro descriptions?
    un œuf à la coque? huhhuh!

  69. BiZarRroBALlmeR says:

    damn it, made a typo! *runs out of room*

  70. jackspat2 says:

    Correction: The Starbucks Perfect Oatmeal is made with hot water, no milk.

  71. Protein Plate needs a better name. It does look delicious though.

  72. Trai_Dep says:

    Ben – you have got to give the Starbucks a couple photos of Captain Duvel Moneycat NOM NOM NOMing out.
    Who knows, maybe they’ll put a second “Contribute to Cap’t Moneycat’s Purrfect Oatmeal Breakfast” change cup next to the register.
    …A (roughage challenged) star is born!

  73. meechybee says:

    My letdown on the oatmeal was directly related to the service I got in trying to order one. No one knew how to make it (add water, duh) and once they figured it out no on knew how much to put in. So, even before I received it, I felt as if it would be mediocre at best. Oh, and the long line of people behind me all hated me. (FYI, normally my local SB is great, but they really dropped the ball on this one.) Some ideas to improve it:

    Organic Oatmeal / Increased Texture — Needs more ooph for the buck, too processed.

    Steamed Milk — Why should I have to add some from the coffee bar container?

    Syrup — This is a long-shot, I know, but Pret has figured this out.

  74. meechybee says:

    Let me know if Captain Nom sires kittens one day — he’s the spitting image of my (now deceased) cat who was our official food taster for 20 years. Adorable.

    I miss him.