This Dollar Store Taunts You With The Past

Can there be any sadder indication of our toilet-water economy than a dollar store that references its own happier, cheaper past? This New York City dollar store has pulled down its old sign, “Everything 99¢ Or Less,” and rebranded.

Sometimes truth in advertising hurts, especially when you can still see the outline of the former sign above the new one.

Update: The new sign may have actually gone up a while back, in which case it’s more an illustration of NYC’s high cost of living than current inflation. Even if that’s the case, you’d think they’d do something about the remnants of that old sign taunting everyone.

Update #2: Another reader, David, sent us a picture he took last summer of the same store. It appears “99¢ Dreams” is in a constant state of naming flux:

We sort of like “OR LESS OR MORE” as a slogan—makes it seem more like a carnival game, somehow.

(Thanks to Larry!)

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