Comcast: 250 GB Cap Coming October 1st?

Broadband Reports is saying that they’ve confirmed through several sources that Comcast is going to be instituting a 250GB cap on their high speed internet.

Sources tell me that Comcast will officially announce that they’re implementing this new system starting October first.

Originally, the source indicated Comcast was considering charging $15 for each 10 GB over the cap customers travel. A press release should drop shortly confirming whether this is still the case. There was also consideration of a new system whereby users who received more than four DMCA letters in a twelve month period potentially faced account suspension. That’s a risky move I would imagine won’t make the final cut.

“The intent appears to be to go after the people who consistently download far more than the typical user without hurting those who may have a really big month infrequently,” says an insider familiar with the project, who prefers to remain anonymous. “As far as I am aware, uploads are not affected, at least not initially.” According to this source, the new system should only impact some 14,000 customers out of Comcast’s 14.1 million users (i.e. the top 0.1%).

The move comes in response to the FCC’s ruling that Comcast’s “network management” techniques were very, very uncool.

What do you think? This “invisible cap” has already been around for awhile, is admitting to it a step in the right direction for Comcast? Or not?

Comcast 250GB Cap Goes Live October 1 [Broadband Reports]