Help, A Colony Of Ants Attacked My Enterprise Rental Car And Ruined My Vacation!

Steven was enjoying his drive down the California coast in his Enterprise rental car when he noticed a few ants marching across his dashboard. Before long, he “saw a large ant colony coming out of the inside of the car door.”

Three days later, Steven finally returned the traveling ant colony to Enterprise, which promised to issue a full credit. That was two months ago. Steven is still waiting for the credit.

He cc’d us on his Executive Email Carpet Bomb:

On 6/3/08 I rented a car from Enterprise at the San Jose Ca. Airport Office (Rental Agreement No. D 604659). We drove south to Carmel Ca. and noticed a few ants crawling on the dash board. By the time we arrived at our first destination we saw a large ant colony coming out of the inside of the car door. We were unsuccessful in removing the ants and could not locate any nearby Enterprise offices. On the third day we dropped the car off at the San Luis Obisbo Airport and I informed them of our problem. We were assured that we would receive a call from the manager of Enterprise at the San Jose Airport within 2 days and he would address our problem. No call came! We finally were able to reach Customer Service on 6/12/08 who assured us once again that we would receive a call from the manager at San Jose within 48 hours. No call came! On 6/14/08 I talked with “Kyle” in the San Jose office who assured me that in several days I would receive a credit and their accounting department would handle it. No credit came!

On 6/27/08 I reached the San Jose office once again. The individual I talked to went back and forth with the manager while I was on the line. I was assured that a full credit ($163.37) would be issued by July 1. No credit came!

Not only did the ant nest create a terrible rental experience, but it also created a dangerous driving situation. I had been impressed with the friendly Enterprise service in the past and have always chosen your company when traveling. I would like to think that this is an isolated case of very poor service and repeated broken promises. For that reason I have held off with my complaints to the Better Business Bureau, and I have not yet disputed the charge with my VISA Credit Card Company.

I would like to think that you will handle the problem and do the right thing. I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future regarding the full refund that was promised to me by your representatives when I brought this issue to their attention.

I have included on this e-mail local Orlando consumer advocates from the Orlando Sentinel and Local Six News, as well as the immensely popular The Blog.



Sorry Steven, but the ants have overtaken Enterprise’s accounting department. The ants won’t issue a credit because, quite frankly, they don’t understand your problem. “Who doesn’t like ants,” goes the old ant-saying. Pleading your case to them will get you nowhere.

Instead, call your credit card company, which, hopefully, has not been overrun by ants. Chargeback the fees and consider the matter closed.

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