What Would You Do For Free Gas?

Reuters has a wrap-up of some of the wackier gas-related stories of recent weeks, including the Nevada Brothel’s free-gas-card offer, a church that’s holding a weekly $50 gas card drawing during mass, and an Orlando father who pledged to name his baby after local radio hosts in order to collect a $100 gas card. There’s also some gas thieves in Mesquite, Texas, who are siphoning from church vehicles, but that’s not so much a “wacky stunt” as a type of criminal “preemptive charity.” (“”All he had to do was come and ask us and we would have bought him a tank of gas,” said the pastor of one church.)

This makes us think that Fox is missing out on an awesome summer reality series, where contestants must engage in increasingly stupid/humiliating activities to earn gas points. They could call it “Running on Empty,” and each week the loser has to pedal off on a bicycle.

“Nevada Brothel Offers $50 Gas Voucher To Customers”
“Can Prayer Lower Gas Prices? These People Think So”

“Sex, blood and baby names: U.S. mad for free gas” [Reuters]
(Photo of street performer: mamamusings)

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