AAA: Gas Could Fall Below $2 Per Gallon Nationwide Just In Time For Christmas

While we’re not sure how Santa Claus will be able to bring this present down the chimney, everyone with a car could be getting something very special this year: AAA says the national average for a gallon of gas could fall below $2 just in time for Christmas.

Pump prices have been falling for 11 days straight around the country, according to a recent report from AAA, bringing today’s national average price to $2.16 per gallon. Prices will likely keep on going down and could hit under $2 for the first time since 2009 by the time you’re plucking presents from under the tree.

Gas is getting cheaper these days as the price of crude oil has remained low compared to years past, resulting in national averages that are down by $0.74 per gallon year-over-year. Price discounts will also likely continue as refinery production in the Midwest recovers, and individual refineries return from scheduled maintenance to continue production.

If you live in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana or Michigan, you may have already experienced discounts due to recent refinery restarts, AAA notices.

Gas prices usually decline during the month of November in any case, as it’s the time of the year when refinery maintenance wraps up.

Some drivers won’t even have to wait for the holidays: 11 states are already hitting under $2 on average, with South Carolina ($1.91), Alabama ($1.92) paying the nation’s lowest averages. It’s still pretty expensive elsewhere, with the highest gas prices in Hawaii ($2.86), California ($2.80), Nevada ($2.67), Washington ($2.52) and Oregon ($2.41).

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