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Gas Prices Spiking Nationwide After Hurricane Harvey

As it was predicted, so it has come to pass: Days after the country’s largest fuel system temporarily shut down its main lines in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, gas prices around the country are shooting upwards. [More]


Main Fuel Pipeline Temporarily Closes, What’s Going To Happen To Gas Prices?

Hurricane Harvey’s impact on fuel prices nationally might be more costly than first anticipated: The country’s largest fuel system, the Colonial Pipeline, shut down its main fuel lines. [More]

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Colonial Pipeline Explosion And Fire Kills Worker, May Cause Gas Supply Issues

Hey, remember just just over a month ago when the Colonial fuel pipeline shut down, cutting gas supplies to the Southeast and leading to shortages at gas stations? The same pipeline, which is the nation’s biggest and brings gasoline from Houston to New Jersey with many stops along the way, will be shut down again after a fire that killed one worker and hospitalized five. [More]


Gas Shortages Due To Colonial Pipeline Break Begin In Southeastern US

The company that runs the Colonial Pipleine that stretches from Houston to NYC has announced that it doesn’t have a projected date when it will be repaired. That’s bad news for people in areas where gas prices are climbing and pumps are beginning to run out: southern states including Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia now report shortages, but they could come soon to an East Coast gas station near you. [More]

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Ruptured Gas Pipeline In Alabama May Mean East Coast Fuel Shortages

A spill of gasoline from the Colonial Pipeline in Alabama could mean higher gas prices and even shortages on the East Coast, since the line brings fuel north from refineries in Houston all the way up to New York Harbor. The governors of Alabama and Georgia have declared states of emergency as the pipeline’s repair was delayed, and it may not be back online until next week. [More]