Aquadots, The Infamous "GHB-Laced Toys," Are Back With A New Name, "Pixos"!

Reader Maya noticed that those GHB-laced toys (distributed in North America by Spin Master) that were recalled last year are back, and they’ve got a brand new name. Pixos!

Maya asks:

Remember last year the aqua dot toys that had GHB drugs on them? well they returned with a different name, Pixos. The same commercial is being shown on Disney Channel but with the different name. I checked their web site but it does not say anything about the ghb. Are these toys safe now?

Well, Maya, if by “safe” you mean, “Did the company stop outsourcing their products to manufacturers who think nothing of sneaking a powerful chemical that turns into a recreational drug when swallowed into a children’s toy?” Well, it’s hard to say.

The Australian company responsible for the toy, Moose Enterprises, says they’ve switched factories and changed the name of the toy in order to “protect” consumers from the recalled product.

“Moose’s primary focus will continue to be the safety and welfare of children,” a spokesperson said.

“By rebranding and re-educating consumers on the differences, we can protect consumers from the recalled product.”

I guess it’s just up to you to decide whether or not you believe him.

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