What Would You Do For Free Gas?

Reuters has a wrap-up of some of the wackier gas-related stories of recent weeks, including the Nevada Brothel’s free-gas-card offer, a church that’s holding a weekly $50 gas card drawing during mass, and an Orlando father who pledged to name his baby after local radio hosts in order to collect a $100 gas card. There’s also some gas thieves in Mesquite, Texas, who are siphoning from church vehicles, but that’s not so much a “wacky stunt” as a type of criminal “preemptive charity.” (“”All he had to do was come and ask us and we would have bought him a tank of gas,” said the pastor of one church.)

This makes us think that Fox is missing out on an awesome summer reality series, where contestants must engage in increasingly stupid/humiliating activities to earn gas points. They could call it “Running on Empty,” and each week the loser has to pedal off on a bicycle.

“Nevada Brothel Offers $50 Gas Voucher To Customers”
“Can Prayer Lower Gas Prices? These People Think So”

“Sex, blood and baby names: U.S. mad for free gas” [Reuters]
(Photo of street performer: mamamusings)


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  1. howie_in_az says:

    I’d watch a show that Fox broadcasts if it means ending up with three or four free tanks of 91 octane or higher.

    I’d only watch it once, though.

  2. harvey_birdman_attorney_at_law says:

    I’d watch it, but only after DVR’ing it and skipping the commercials.

  3. snoop-blog says:

    I sell people crappy insurance for $10 gas card for every policy I sell. And I’m not even in the insurance biz, However I do sell cars.

  4. Bladefist says:

    @howie_in_az: Considering Fox has House, Family Guy, simpsons, king of the hill, prison break, 24, and the terminator, I would say fox pwns in prime time TV.

    I understand gas prices are way up, and for some budgets, I’m sure its hard. But $4 is hardly enough to make me do anything wacko.

  5. lalaland13 says:

    That church is gonna get a lot of calls now about that free gas thing…wonder if it’s one of those, “Free gas, as long as we get to tell you how to get another trip for free-to heaven!”

  6. Skiffer says:

    Eat a Klondike Bar??

  7. snoop-blog says:

    @Skiffer: Win!

  8. RBecho says:

    @lalaland13: Several churches do this kind of small scale donation for persons in need. I know the church I am a member of does it. They don’t advertise it, but many churches are all about helping people out, and for some people, that’s gas to get to work.

  9. jamesdenver says:

    “and each week the loser has to pedal off on a bicycle.”

    I know it wasn’t meant that way – but I certainly don’t feel like a loser when I bike commute 9 miles each way to work and back, and can do all my errands in my neighborhood via bike.

    My household has three bikes equipped for utility cycling – (i.e. lots or racks and storage,) and the car only comes out for weekend road trips to the mountains and camping. Or visiting those in the far off suburbs.

    I set up my life years ago to not be dependent on a car, and I certainly don’t feel like a loser now when I hear, see, and read constant bitching about gas prices.

    james [www.futuregringo.com]

  10. Last week, I ordered some car speakers from Crutchfield, and they had an offer: If I bought $100 of stuff and paid with eBillme, I’d get a $20 gas card. My total for the speakers was 99.98, so I added a $1.49 VHS cassette to the order.

    And that’s exactly how much I’ll do for free gas. Anything that involves moving away from the computer and the air conditioner is too much work for me.

    (The speakers were delivered yesterday. Crap! Now I actually have to go outside and install them!)

  11. snoop-blog says:

    So is no one on here praying for free gas? That’s what I’ve been doing. I know there are people who pray for lower gas prices, and I’m like why stop there? Why not go for totally free gas? God has that kind of power right?

  12. Puck says:


    Why not wish or hope for it? What’s the difference?


    Would you even go so low to watch their comedy channel, Fox “News”?

  13. trogam says:

    Live within your means people and four dollar a gallon gas wouldn’t be such a big deal…and if people drive less thats fine! Most people shouldn’t be driving anyways!

  14. @snoop-blog: Nope, I’m not hoping for free gas…then again, I’m an environmentalist. I’d rather see the gas prices be high, not so gas companies can make more profit but so people stop driving when they don’t need to. Yes, I know, I’m the exception to the rule.

  15. VikingP77 says:

    Wow so lost dignity over $4 gas. Pathetic all of these schemes…especially the kid with the name. For the rest of my life this is my name because my daddy wanted a $100 gas card.

  16. Bladefist says:

    @ceilingFANBOY: You care more about the envirnoment then American families trying to make it? Forget cars. What about the airlines, and the trucking industry? The oil in plastic and rubber? I would look at your life again, and everything you interact with, before making such a claim. You have a very dangerous opinion.

    @Puck: Don’t hate monger. This Article has nothing to do with Fox news. I know, God forbid another side of the argument gets their own channel.

    I know I am not perfect, but why do we have to make political attacks in what is obviously just a fun blog post? You guys, seriously?

  17. axiomatic says:


  18. ilovemom says:

    @jamesdenver: I don’t mean to go off on a tangent here, but this type of thing pisses me off also. Why is it so often portrayed as shameful or comical to ride a bike? I think there was a TV ad a while ago where the guy couldn’t afford to drive and was forced to ride his bike for some reason. I laugh at you suckers in your cars in rush hour traffic while riding my bike a sunny day(or even a rainy day, sitting in traffic is the tenth circle of hell). Maybe they should push their cars away instead, I think that’s much more shameful.

  19. Puck says:


    The other side? Are you another one of those idiots who thinks the media is liberal?

    And if you weren’t paying attention, he mentioned Fox in his original post, so it’s not like it came out of nowhere. It seems you’re the one trying to inject politics in this, not us.

  20. jamesdenver says:


    Yup I agree. People buy $3,000 bikes and DRIVE them to trails, but a guy biking to the supermarket or to his job is seen as pathetic, poor, or DUI victim by some.

    Thankfully that’s changing around my area. We have tons more people this year on bikes, scooters, and mopeds – which also increase visibility and awareness in the eyes of motorists. (I guess one benefit of high gas prices.)

    I’m not anti-car, but unless its raining buckets or I’m buying drywall at Home Depot I think its silly and illogical NOT to just bike places that are 2-7 miles.

  21. ilovemom says:

    @jamesdenver: I should’ve said that I have a car and drive it plenty (several hundred miles/month), but I also ride a bike when it makes sense.

  22. MyPetFly says:

    >>including the Nevada Brothel’s free-gas-card offer

    Yep, I’d get myself laid for free gas. :)


    As much as it hurts the pocketbook, I agree with you.

  23. howie_in_az says:

    @Puck: That’d mandate a lifetime of free gas. Also I’d probably have to be drunk or some other form of unsober.

    @Bladefist: Only one of those shows is halfway decent.

  24. MercuryPDX says:

    @MyPetFly: >>including the Nevada Brothel’s free-gas-card offer

    Yep, I’d get myself laid for free gas. :)

    at the brothel in Beatty, Nevada, 130 miles northwest of Las Vegas

    I think the gas card was more of an incentive for people to drive out to “middle of nowhere” Nevada to visit the brothel. 260 miles is a full tank of gas for me.

  25. henrygates says:

    @ceilingFANBOY: I am also the exception to the rule. I want high gas prices, but I also hope for free gas for myself. Free gas plus less people on my highways.

  26. balthisar says:

    @jamesdenver: It’s only “being a loser” if you don’t want to ride a bike, but can’t do something better (“better” meaning using something that you’d rather use to get around). I love my bike for recreation and short jaunts, but man, I’d feel like a total loser if I didn’t have another option available when it suited me.

    Actually, I feel like a total loser when on certain trails on my bike and I have to dismount to walk it up hills ;-)

  27. MyPetFly says:


    I know, just kidding. Actually, I have plenty of gas and still can’t get laid. Maybe that’s the problem…

  28. Parapraxis says:

    are you michael bluth?

  29. Yurei says:

    I’d love to have the option to bike to work like my boyfriend does (or at the very least, take public transit). It’s simply not possible. I could probably bike 9 miles one way to work eventually most of the year round except in the worst winter months, but for one problem- there’s an 8 lane major stretch of highway that I have to traverse for the first 3 or so miles of the trip. And it’s very much illegal to walk/bike/ride a horse/scooter etc on the side of major highways in my state. D: Plus the whole getting run over chance and all. Crossing the exit ramps would be sheer SUICIDE x_X

    Now as for public transit, it barely exists. no subways in the state at all or street cars. A couple of the larger cities have buses. But since I work in the next town over, the bus does not come to where I work, and it does not run after 8 o’ clock at night when I get out of work. Personally, i’m hoping to eventually have a more local job eventually.

  30. jamesdenver says:


    No but I think it would be really fun to have a “staircar” :)

  31. Tmoney02 says:

    @Yurei: Do you live in MI? Because that sure sounds like the home of Motor city, or at least the vast majority of it.

  32. hipersons says:

    buy a bike.

  33. coren says:

    @Bladefist: And CBS has CSI. Three of them! Plus I didn’t think Terminator was a ratings winner, and look at all that reality crap Fox airs – it makes VH1’s reality shows look classy

  34. mac-phisto says:

    @Bladefist: the thing is, we’re missing a MASSIVE opportunity here – this is a chance to invest in conservation & reap the benefits for years to come. creating new fuel sources, making buildings “greener”, developing generation solutions on a small scale all creates jobs & saves money at the same time.

    the gas prices are hurting me, but what hurts me more is that our government is spending more time investing in the past than in the future. oil companies are using their solidified base to gain access to millions of acres of government property on their terms instead of ours, we’re whoring our state department all over the world to beg for a little more oil instead of resolving real stability issues & our politicians are acting more like crybabies than leaders. take some freakin initiative already.

  35. Yurei says:

    @Tmoney02: Nope, I live up in NH. We’re such a small state compared to many others, and so sprawled out that getting anywhere is nearly impossible without owning a car.

  36. Bladefist says:

    @mac-phisto: Going green does not save money. As soon as its cheaper then our current practices, capitalism will do its thing an we’ll all be using the alternative energies. I’m sure you’re aware I think global warming is false. And further, global warming caused by humans is laughable. However, if those who believe in it come up w/ some alternagive ideas that doesnt change our life styles, and are cheaper/same, then it doesn’t matter if global warming exists or not, we’ll adopt it.

    But you have these bone heads who live w/ their parents and ride their bike to their McJob all spamming the internet about dropping everything we are doing and going green. Do these people forget what our current economy looks like? People are hurting now. The current alternative ideas cost more. Raise gas so we get off it. WHAT? You want people to not be able to afford to go to work? Farms to shut down? Trucks that ship our food to shut down? A hamburger goes up 3$ ? It’s so absurd, I think these people have brain damage. Just because they have the ability to go green, doesn’t mean millions others can. You’ll see this in the general election, how America feels.

  37. OsiUmenyiora says:

    They’re are plenty of examples of “going green” saving money and they’re increasing every day. Cars are a good example. A few years ago a Prius might not be worth the extra investment over a comparable car, but these days it pays off in 2-3 years and the rest is gravy, which is why there’s a six-month waiting list to buy a Prius. There are lots of other examples, like water-saving low-flow toilets and showerheads paying for themselves in a matter of months.