McDonald's Refuses To Give You Sausage With Your McGriddle Happy Meal

Apparently, if you want a Sausage McGriddle Happy Meal, you’re not necessary going to get it from McDonald’s. Reader Alex says his girlfriend ordered the sausage and pancake treat for her 3 year old son, but when they got the sandwich it wasn’t actually a sandwich at all — just two small pancake-bun-things and no meat. When they went inside to ask for the meat, the manager wouldn’t budge. No sausage on the McGriddle Happy Meal! Is this normal?

Alex writes:

This morning, my girlfriend made a quick run through her local Marysville, CA, McDonald’s drive-thru to get a McGriddle Happy Meal for her three-year old. When pulling away from the restaurant, she heard a cry from the back seat. Her son’s McGriddle, it appeared, was missing its sausage patty. Annoyed that yet another drive-thru order was bungled, she went into the restaurant to retrieve the missing meat. When she told the manager of the meat-less McGriddle, the manager replied that the McGriddles in the Happy Meals do not come with sausage, just two syrupy buns wrapped in paper. Seriously. Despite charging regular McGriddle prices, their kids’ McGriddles arrive sans meat. SANS MEAT! So, my gf complained obviously, but this manager wouldn’t budge, not even for the sake of the most base customer service, not even in the face of common sense, not even with a wailing three-year old in her store. She flat-out refused to hand over a a slice of meat that probably cost McD’s pennies to pump out of their patty making plant.

I get that shoddy service at mammoth chains like McDs is pretty much the norm, but I’m absolutely perplexed as to why this store would turn logic on its head by packing two buns into a wrapper and call it a McGriddle, then refuse a customer’s reasonable request for a tiny slab of cheap-ass meat.

We looked at McDonald’s website to try to find a meatless McGriddle meal — but couldn’t find nutritional information for such a thing. We asked Alex for some more info:

I believe the McGriddle Happy Meals are only available at certain locations. For example, the closest McDonald’s to me in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, has had the meals since the McGriddles were introduced in 2003. (Comes with the usual: choice of drink, toy, hashbrowns, and sausage-enhanced sandwich.) However, the Gorman, CA, McDonald’s doesn’t carry them at all.

The Marysville location does indeed carry the item on their menu. On the drive-thru menu, it notes the meal comes with “two griddle cakes,” but I can’t imagine anyone assuming that the sandwich they were purchasing for their kids would solely consist of two syrup-drenched “cakes” without a slice of meat. It’s tons misleading, and mind-bogglingly stupid to even make this a Happy Meal-exclusive menu item [and while the sausage McGriddles are a quick find on, the nutritional info. for these “cakes” only appears as part of the sausage mcgriddle sandwich. Here’s the description from the site: “McGriddles® breakfast sandwiches provide an innovative way for customers to eat warm golden griddle cakes (with the sweet taste of maple syrup baked right in), and different combinations of savory sausage, crispy bacon, fluffy eggs and melted cheese in a convenient sandwich.”]

Seriously, who orders a McGriddle without expecting meat?

Yeah, why wouldn’t you just order Hotcakes?

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