McDonald's Refuses To Give You Sausage With Your McGriddle Happy Meal

Apparently, if you want a Sausage McGriddle Happy Meal, you’re not necessary going to get it from McDonald’s. Reader Alex says his girlfriend ordered the sausage and pancake treat for her 3 year old son, but when they got the sandwich it wasn’t actually a sandwich at all — just two small pancake-bun-things and no meat. When they went inside to ask for the meat, the manager wouldn’t budge. No sausage on the McGriddle Happy Meal! Is this normal?

Alex writes:

This morning, my girlfriend made a quick run through her local Marysville, CA, McDonald’s drive-thru to get a McGriddle Happy Meal for her three-year old. When pulling away from the restaurant, she heard a cry from the back seat. Her son’s McGriddle, it appeared, was missing its sausage patty. Annoyed that yet another drive-thru order was bungled, she went into the restaurant to retrieve the missing meat. When she told the manager of the meat-less McGriddle, the manager replied that the McGriddles in the Happy Meals do not come with sausage, just two syrupy buns wrapped in paper. Seriously. Despite charging regular McGriddle prices, their kids’ McGriddles arrive sans meat. SANS MEAT! So, my gf complained obviously, but this manager wouldn’t budge, not even for the sake of the most base customer service, not even in the face of common sense, not even with a wailing three-year old in her store. She flat-out refused to hand over a a slice of meat that probably cost McD’s pennies to pump out of their patty making plant.

I get that shoddy service at mammoth chains like McDs is pretty much the norm, but I’m absolutely perplexed as to why this store would turn logic on its head by packing two buns into a wrapper and call it a McGriddle, then refuse a customer’s reasonable request for a tiny slab of cheap-ass meat.

We looked at McDonald’s website to try to find a meatless McGriddle meal — but couldn’t find nutritional information for such a thing. We asked Alex for some more info:

I believe the McGriddle Happy Meals are only available at certain locations. For example, the closest McDonald’s to me in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, has had the meals since the McGriddles were introduced in 2003. (Comes with the usual: choice of drink, toy, hashbrowns, and sausage-enhanced sandwich.) However, the Gorman, CA, McDonald’s doesn’t carry them at all.

The Marysville location does indeed carry the item on their menu. On the drive-thru menu, it notes the meal comes with “two griddle cakes,” but I can’t imagine anyone assuming that the sandwich they were purchasing for their kids would solely consist of two syrup-drenched “cakes” without a slice of meat. It’s tons misleading, and mind-bogglingly stupid to even make this a Happy Meal-exclusive menu item [and while the sausage McGriddles are a quick find on, the nutritional info. for these “cakes” only appears as part of the sausage mcgriddle sandwich. Here’s the description from the site: “McGriddles® breakfast sandwiches provide an innovative way for customers to eat warm golden griddle cakes (with the sweet taste of maple syrup baked right in), and different combinations of savory sausage, crispy bacon, fluffy eggs and melted cheese in a convenient sandwich.”]

Seriously, who orders a McGriddle without expecting meat?

Yeah, why wouldn’t you just order Hotcakes?


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  1. MuzzyChad says:

    and we’re feeding three year olds McGriddles because…..

  2. mookiemookie says:

    *Insert obligitory “Why are you feeding your kids McDonalds anyways” comment here*

  3. Not to sound like an ass, but he should’ve read the whole thing on the menu. I always do because of exact situations like that. I’ve never had to order a kids mcgriddle for anyone, so i’ve never looked at that part of the menu, but if it’s in really small font then mcdonald’s should do their part in making it more clear to the customer that it doesn’t contain meat.

    An example of this is that at our store somone wanted to rent guitar hero for the xbox 360, on the case of the game it says “Game software only” in pretty bold and big font. A person rented it, came back later saying “Wasn’t there supposed to be a guitar with this?” and I pointed out to them that it clearly says “Game software only” on the game box. I of course gave him a store credit to use on something else he wanted. Same would go for the games that we’re all checked-out of, the bottom of it has a pretty large sticker that says “Display box only” when all of the games are checked out and of course many customers still don’t read it for some reason.

  4. purplesun says:

    Not having the sausage in there probably at least delayed the impending heart attacks, diabetes, and obesity her child will suffer from. She should be thanking McDonalds for caring about her child’s health, to some extent.

    With that out of the way: They should have just given her the dang meat. As I’ve learned in the years I’ve worked in customer service, very rarely is it worth arguing that much over anything.

  5. Audiyoda says:

    Just watch Morgan Spurlock’s movie Super Size Me – you won’t worry about McDonald’s poor customer service ever again.

  6. chrisexv6 says:


    “Ive even stopped eating McGriddles because they seem like heart attacks in a paper wrapper. Why give a 3 yr old a heart attack now? Cant wait until they are in their 30s?”

  7. Ringl says:

    Yeah! I only feed my kids 3 course breakfasts from the finest eatery in town. My kitchen!

  8. Angryrider says:

    Why has he even buying McDonald’s for breakfast anyway? Children grow pretty fast, and the D ain’ going to help him.

  9. privatejoker75 says:

    offtopic: why would you feed your three year old anything from mcdonalds?

  10. UnicornMaster says:

    True, it’s not a McGriddle without a sausage patty, otherwise it’s just a couple hotcakes. But who feeds their 3 year old a 600 calorie breakfast with some 30 grams of fat? Yeah I went to the McDonald’s website to check out the nutritional info too. I think they did your kid a favor.

  11. says:

    “I get that shoddy service at mammoth chains like McDs is pretty much the norm”

    probably not…our minds like the exaggerate things. But I understand the complaint…otherwise you’re paying $4 for pancakes. Maybe they don’t give them meat because it’s not safe for children’s young and vulnerable digestive systems.

  12. sysak says:

    Individual Mcdonald’s stores can make up their own happy meal combinations and put in whatever they want. They can also pick and choose what items they carry in their stores. i.e veggie burgers, soups, etc..

  13. AaronZ says:

    Getting past the whole “don’t feed your kid micky-d’s food” and “insert sausage” jokes…

    How can something be considered a sandwich if there’s nothing in the middle.
    Two slices of bread is not a “ham sandwich minus the ham” it’s two pieces of bread.
    A “Mcgriddle sandwich without the meat is not a sandwich at all. That alone is a misleading description.

  14. chiggers says:

    These “griddle cakes” included in the happy meal are a car-friendly alternative to the mess that is Hotcakes + Butter + syrup floating in a Styrofoam tray.

    However, If the McDonald’s location are indeed calling this a “McGriddle Happy Meal”, that is misleading, because what you are getting are in fact, not McGriddles! The McDonald’s in question could also call these “syrup cake happy meals” or “sugar bread happy meals”.

    But seriously, get out of bed a bit earlier and fix your kid a proper, wholesome breakfast.

  15. apotheosis says:

    I can only nod silently in agreement. I thank you for reminding me of that moment of revelation when Saint Spurlock lifted the blinders from my eyes, and revealed to me the dark hidden truth that eating McD’s three times a day, every day, might be bad for your body.

    Thank you, Morgan Spurlock. Thank you for tackling the really hard questions, the things no one else dares to mention, like the dubious health value of fast foods eaten to completely unrealistic excess. You, sir, are Nobel material.

  16. @DeanOfAllTrades: Agreed. There’s tons more things to eat for breakfast that are better than McDonalds. Dirt, for instance.

  17. wonderkind says:

    @The Marionette:

    I like how the customer didn’t realize his confusion until after he got home in your example.

  18. Sure, the “why are you feeding that to your child” comments are obligatory, and necessary.
    Feeding that s*** to children should be considered child abuse.

  19. raisitup says:

    OP’s last sentence corrected:

    “Seriously, who orders a McGriddle…?

  20. Juggernaut says:

    I think we need a picture of the GF before rendering any kind of accusations regarding her parenting skills!

  21. Gopher bond says:

    Who eats McDonalds for breakfast?

    I mean besides the millions upon millions of people.

    No one on the internet eats fast food or chain restaurants or shops at Wal-Mart. It’s a wonder how these places are still in business.

  22. laserjobs says:

    Feeding your kid a corn fed turd would have had more nutrition.

  23. jkeaston says:

    Yeah, which is worse, mcdonalds customer service or your parenting?

    A sausage burger sandwiched inbetween to pancakes [covered in syrup]?

    Why do you just punch the 3 year old in the stomach and feed him/her a handful of dirt in the parking lot.

  24. apotheosis says:

    The power of the internet is making everyone incredibly healthy. Except for the pasty complexions, carpal tunnel, ionizing radiation from CRTs, asthma from dust mites and mold spores from the air ducts, bacteriological warfare projects slowly evolving in break room fridge tupperware, deadly mercury leaching out of the fluorescent lights, and the dread plague of office-chair ass.

    Apparently there’s no such thing as moderation for some people, it’s either all or nothing.

  25. plasticredtophat says:

    Hehehe. I just love reading the comments about her feeding her kid that crap.. but I mean who has never brought there kids to mcdonalds?? We go there like every few months, and only for Ice Cream.. Eating out usually isn’t in our budget.

  26. Motherfirefly says:

    I had that happen to me once. Except they somehow managed to give me two cheeseburgers without the patties, it had cheese and ketchup…but no patties.

    I went up to the counter with a very indignant face and holding out my buns in a “please sir may I have some more” fashion managed to procure said patties, and some free apple pies.

  27. Youthier says:

    Okay, why does everyone have to gang up on this woman? I can remember being a kid and having to accompany my mom and brother to his many doctors’ apppointments and tests due to severe asthma. Sometimes, my mom would promise us McDonald’s or donuts or whatever after an early morning allergy test.

    Just because the kid ate McDonald’s doesn’t mean his mother is ABUSING him. Holy hell. Are their healthier things to eat? Sure. Maybe this kid eats them the other 29 days of the month.

    @AaronZ: Agreed. Alex admits that the description is on the menu board but still… that’s intentionally misleading.

  28. katylostherart says:

    franchises can make up their own rules within a set of limitations and they don’t have to post notices they can just tell you at the counter when you ask. ingredients and items also vary by regions in most if not all fast food chains. it depends how far they spread.

    and i AM gonna throw in the obligatory “wtf mcd’s” comment. who gets that for a 3 year old? that thing has over 400 calories in it without the other stuff in the meal and is pure sugar. that one meal is half the caloric needs for that kid for the day. if you want convenience you’d be better off going to dunkin donuts and getting the kid an english muffin with a little butter on it. that’s got about 200 calories WITH the butter and 95% less sugar and fat content when dry.

  29. mike says:

    @testsicles: Of course, if it’s on the internet, it must be true.

  30. Saboth says:

    My bacon, egg, cheese bagel came without the bacon, or bagel the other day. Actually it came with a sausage, egg, cheese and mcmuffin (yes, another bungled order).

  31. Black Bellamy says:

    I picture more than half of the people above grabbing their ankles, letting out a loud fart, and inhaling what they believe is the smell of roses.

  32. apotheosis says:

    English muffins are tough and chewy. Bagels are tough, chewy, and kosher. Ergo, English muffins are basically just bagels for sinners.

    Walk on the wild side.

  33. dragonfire81 says:

    That must have been a bum Mcdonald’s. I once got an undercooked cheeseburger, told the on duty manager about it, and was promptly given a hot, cooked replacement, no questions asked.

  34. jblake1 says:

    A question for cheese lovers “Why would you want cheese on pancakes?” ie: McGriddles? I hate cheese and especially the thought of cheese on pancakes… yuck

  35. freepistol says:

    does everyone assume this woman just feeds her kid mcdonalds every day, packing his little body full of fat and calories.

    cant anyone just assume that maybe, she was in a hurry and this was the best option she had (albiet a pretty shitty one)

    bad food is bad for you, but if you deprive yourself of little indulgences you become a junkfood craving fool and oneday begin to binge and then you really are in trouble. one mcdonalds meal doesnt make an abusive parent, chill out people.

  36. VikingP77 says:

    Jeez what a bunch of asshats above! I ate McDonald’s when I was 3-4 years old…granted it was only like 2 times a year since I was in the middle of no-where AK. I think its funny that even with Morgan Spurlock’s movie being out there I still see people lined up a the McDonald’s like nobodies business. @Black Bellamy: Awesome you made me spit out my coffee!!!!! Seriously though if my sister and I need to go that route we go to Burgerville…McDonald’s just upsets our tummies too much!

  37. apotheosis says:


    cant anyone just assume that maybe, she was in a hurry and this was the best option she had (albiet a pretty shitty one)

    Nope, too late, SRS has already been notified. If she didn’t have time to prepare her kid a big bowl of Kashi in skim milk every morning like a REAL parent, she should’ve had her tubes tied in the first place.

  38. girly says:

    @apotheosis: yup, I’m an all-or-nothing type. Sometimes to my benefit, sometimes to my detriment.

  39. Farquar says:

    @mookiemookie: @purplesun: @Audiyoda: @chrisexv6: @Angryrider: @privatejoker75: @DeanOfAllTrades: @chiggers: @silencedotcom: @suburbancowboy: @raisitup: @laserjobs: @katylostherart:

    At what point did the point of this website get lost on all of you. The website is Consumerist. The point is to give a little bit of ammo to consumers against companies that, by and large, take advantage of us. It is not a health food website and just because McD’s serves unhealthy crap, that doesn’t mean we should let them off the hook for their stupidity. The judgment and overwhelming smug does not encourage people to come here and voice their complaints with companies like McD’s.. Companies that deserve the pimp-slap as much as any other.

    As Black Bellamy mentions above.. your shit stinks as much as the next guy.

  40. katylostherart says:

    @freepistol: actually that’s why i also threw in a convenience factor comment. there were other healthier, similarly cheap and convenient alternatives to mcdonalds. grocery stores even have self service lanes and she could’ve gotten the kid some fruit for $2. if she stopped at a gas station she could’ve gotten even cheaper and still better nutritional content.

    and if they had the time to argue with the manager how rushed were they really? i also love the wailing three year old bit too. so tantrum over a sausage patty?

  41. azzy says:

    Yep, I’ve ordered “Two McGriddles” before and received the two cakes. McGriddles are too hard to order correctly. Oh well, shouldn’t be eating that anyway.

  42. onesong says:

    @VikingP77: i’m with you, this “NO MCDONALD’S EVER, EVARRRR” crap is obnoxious. look, i ate mickey d’s as a kid. granted, it was always a special treat and only happened maybe once or twice a year, but give me a break. unless you are feeding (or are prepared to feed) your kids nothing but organic, unprocessed foods, shut up. an occasional poptart is just as bad as mcdonald’s.

    that said, if that location is giving mcgriddle cakes away as part of the mcgriddle meal, then that’s what they’re selling, although the manager certainly should have made the exception once.

  43. katylostherart says:

    @Farquar: isn’t the point also getting quality for your money? if you’re going to spend it there are BETTER equally cheap and convenient things to give the kid. so nutrition does come into play as being an informed consumer when the consuming is buying FOOD.

  44. Pro-Pain says:

    McDonalds upsets my stomach almost everytime, as does all fast food now really. Let’s face it, it’s all pretty gross and full of salt, sugar, and fat. Say goodbye to shitty eating and hello to living healthy and longer. It’s cool now anyway…

  45. girly says:

    If they called it a “sausage mcgriddle happy meal” or a “mcgriddle sandwich happy meal” they are being deceptive because a sandwich is supposed to have something inside it

    to some people it seems mcgriddle = sandwich

    but perhaps to mcdonald’s it’s just the mottled pancakes that are the ‘mcgriddle’

  46. Gopher bond says:

    @apotheosis: I had people asking me if I saw the part when Spurlock put hamburgers in the glass jars and they all rotted but the fries didn’t. People were amazed at that “Experiment”.

    I don’t get it, what exactly was so “amazing” about that experiment? Are french fries supposed to rot like a hamburger? I would think that french fries simply dry out quick and then just sort of mummify.

  47. richcreamerybutter says:

    I too was treated to McD as a kid occasionally (especially on a car vacation), but that was 30 years ago. I’m sure it wasn’t the healthiest thing back then, but it’s probably 10 times worse at this point.

    Add to that they seem to consider starch and starch a reasonable breakfast for kids…how about just lining up the children in front of each plant and fattening them quickly by massaging all kinds of starch down their throats in the style of foie gras ducks? At least they could poison them more efficiently.

  48. Me - now with more humidity says:

    It’s easy to tell who here doesn’t have kids. Holier-than-thou asshats.

  49. richcreamerybutter says:

    Just to clarify, I’m not against breakfast treats. Learn to cook/bake them yourselves and they will not only be tasty but your kids might even benefit from a little nutrition.

  50. Apoch says:

    Welcome to Consumerist: We Blame the Company so you can balme the Consumer!

  51. CPC24 says:

    I just love that people believe anything because it’s in a “documentary”. His movie was totally ruined at the end when the doctors told him he was healthy, but he “felt bad”. How scientific is that?

  52. richcreamerybutter says:

    @Me: today’s “Just wait ’till you have kids” FTW!

  53. Farquar says:

    People are going to eat McDonalds regardless of the collective self-righteousness of the group here. So what would you rather? People come here to fire some shots over the golden arches, or people just accept the shitty service because they know if they come here to air their grievances they will only be labeled a bad parent by a bunch of people who clearly have never sinned.

    The woman, arguably, received bad service, but lets go ahead and ignore that (the whole point of consumerist) so that we can point out what a shitty job she’s done to this point raising her 3 year old.

  54. Craig says:


    (Actually, I could have posted that even if they had included the sausage patty.)

  55. Pro-Pain says:

    @Me: Agreed. Some people are just douchebags.

  56. Lambasted says:

    Well I am glad we’ve got the Food Police on high alert here today. I feel safer knowing the eating habits of our youth are well protected in their hands.

    Do they fight the evil Junkie with swords? NO!
    Do they fight the dastardly Junkie with guns? NO!
    Do they fight the menacing Junkie with spears? NO!

    With what then does the Food Police fight?

    The Food Police fights killer Junkies with highhanded, good-for-you-but-nobody-asked-you, judgmental, supplanted nutritional guidance. Whew! That is a McDonald’s-sized mouthful to say.

    Caring not about the nutritional content of the meal, if a normal McGriddle has sausage, then if McD’s advertises the Happy Meal with a McGriddle then it too should come with sausage, albeit in a smaller size. If I order a hamburger Happy Meal I expect by definition that the sandwich will have a patty inside.

    It doesn’t appear that the Happy Meal McGriddle is a McGriddle at all–according to the McD’s description of what a Sausage McGriddle is. McD’s should call it something else if they don’t want to include sausage in the Sausage McGriddle Happy Meal. That is unless they are purposely trying to trick consumers.

  57. Aesteval says:

    My question is was it a McGriddle meal or a Sausage McGriddle meal? Cause one implies meat while the other does not.

    Not that I would know as I never pay any mind to the “kids” menu on
    the rare occassions that I find myself going to McDonald’s. Though in
    the cases in which I am there, typically it is to get breakfast and
    typically it is for a Sausage McGriddle or two.

  58. chocogray says:

    yes this is normal, each individual owner/operator makes a decision about which kids meals they want to offer for the breakfast period. Some MCD’s don’t have any breakfast kid meals, they vary from location to location and it is not uncommon to see the kids McGriddle meals served without meat (the thing most children avoid anyway). but the disturbing thing about this post is that it encompasses all that is wrong with this country, we think we know and are right about everything! And on the rare occasion when we are wrong and have concluded that we should be right we become pseudo activist. I love this site but I’m beginning to think for all the wrong reasons. Not everything in this world warrants a protest, if we all took this same time to write our senators or congressmen about something important maybe we could solve things much bigger than “the great mcgriddle debacle.”

  59. girly says:

    @CPC24: well i could see him still being healthy but ‘feeling bad’ because wasn’t he pretty fit at the start? I think there was enough room for him to be ‘normal’ but not as fit as he once was

    but it’s not rocket science that if you go from a healthier lifestyle to a less healthy one you will ‘feel bad’

    now a person who usually eats all of their mails from the higher calorie chain restaurants (outback, tgi fridays, ihop, etc) might actually feel better after a month of mcdonalds

  60. girly says:

    mails? meals

  61. VikingP77 says:

    @CPC24: uuummmm when did the docs tell him he was healthy? He wasn’t healthy he was overweight. And your body can tell you when things aren’t right even when the docs can’t.

  62. 00exmachina says:

    @richcreamerybutter: Hrmm, nothing but starch. Well I guess cereal is ok then because with the milk added it’s starch and fat.

  63. apotheosis says:

    Uneaten mails are wasted fiber.

  64. girly says:

    @richcreamerybutter: an all starch breakfast in the context of a balanced diet or just occasionally isn’t bad — i used to have a slice of white bread dunked in a cup of cocoa for breakfast sometimes when I was a kid

    the scary thing to me about mcdonalds is the amount of stuff the ‘do’ to the food

    I do eat there sometimes, though

  65. katylostherart says:

    @Farquar: actually the first part of my first comment was about the fact that different stores of all chains carry different items. and that in franchises the owners make up their own rules within certain specs. posting nutritional info, including ingredients, has not been something mcdonalds or any other fast food chain does regularly on the menu anyway until recently because of legal suggestions.

    it may be misleading, but it was not false advertising. it even quotes “comes with ‘two griddle cakes'” as the notation on the menu. and then the guy says, “I can’t imagine anyone assuming that the sandwich they were purchasing for their kids would solely consist of two syrup-drenched “cakes” without a slice of meat”. so he assumed wrong, or his girlfriend assumed wrong. and the manager didn’t want to give away something that wasn’t paid for because it was noted on the menu that it comes with “two griddle cakes” with no mention of sausage.

    even if it says “mcgriddle”, which is the misleading part, the sandwich’s apparent name according to the mcdonald’s website info is “sausage mcgriddle”. if no sausage was mentioned that is not a failure on mcdonald’s part. that is a failure on the part of the poster’s girlfriend who didn’t first notice the lack of “sausage” in the sandwich name and then the notation that said “two griddle cakes”.

    and i didn’t question her entire repertoire of parenting skills, but i am questioning this one action. because really, “wtf mcd’s” is a perfectly valid response to giving any 3 year old mcdonald’s. kids learn their eating habits from their parents. and at toddler age really, everything the kid eats is controlled by you.

    so a) the restaurant did not lie, and the gf was mislead by her own assumptions and not necessarily the wording of the restaurant, b) she then requested a free (payment offered isn’t mentioned) sausage patty since it was not listed as part of the deal, c) the manager said no you can’t have it for FREE because you misinterpreted a note on the menu or ignored it.

    best way to fight shitty service is correct them once and then not give them your patronage ever again or if you’re kind, if they ever screw up again. what are the chances that will happen? i’m not saying accept shitty service, i’m saying throug her own failure to read posted information at the menu she assumed the wrong outcome and then asked for a freebie.

    and again informed shoppers should try to get the best deal for their money, mcdonalds isn’t it.

  66. wallapuctus says:

    You know what, they did her kid a favor. Those McGriddles are probably the kid’s entire daily caloric requirement, or more.

    Unless her goal is an obese toddler, maybe she should consider skipping the McGriddles.

  67. Anonymous says:

    This doesn’t really surprise me. Their burgers haven’t had meat in years from what I can tell.

  68. renilyn says:

    Having lived in the Marysville, CA area a few years back… I would recommend not eating in that town at all (well besides the Silver Dollar if its still around).

  69. malvones says:

    is that a speed racer toy? I want it.

  70. chocogray says:

    I love how everyone hear knows everything! you guys wanna be real consumerist? We spend $10 billion a month on the war, where is our value in that. next time you feel like writing Mcdonald’s or any other place over $3 bucks, pause and compose a letter to your senator or congressman about the war or oil prices instead! Ohhhhh Mcdonald’s makes my stomach hurt all the time, so does taco bell, jack in the box, lays potato chips, hostess cupcakes, homemade cupcakes, too much beer, and over eating at the 4th of July cookout. the point is you guys run to write a message to slam mcdonalds when you get crappy service and food poisoning at the same frequency in lower profile locations. My mom’s cooking couldn’t possibly have anything to do with my diabetes type 400 could it?

  71. darkryd says:

    Dont eat that crap anyways.


    Get the kid an apple and some oatmeal.

  72. Farquar says:


    It’s a blog, not a thesis.

  73. j-yo says:

    Wow, I love the fact that we have so many judegemental parenting and nutritional experts here. Hey, I would rather poke nails through my eyeballs than feed my kids a breakfast from McCrappy’s, but the point of this is that the Marysville McDonald’s was misleading in its displays and offered zero-customer service. To me, if you call something a “sandwich,” there better be something inside the “sandwich.”

  74. katylostherart says:

    @Farquar: then it woulda been 26 pages with footnotes :)

  75. motojen says:

    So the kid had McD’s for breakfast. BFD. Lets not assume that he eats there 3 times a day every day okay? Some of you people need to pull your heads out.

    The fact remains that the manager was a complete asshat. The menu was misleading and the 2 cent patty made up of filler with a small percentage of mystery meat wouldn’t have broke the bank. What kind of dick refuses to give a shitty little sausage patty to a crying child?

  76. girly says:

    @j-yo: I agree, a sandwich has to sandwich something to be a sandwich. The question is did they call it one, show a picture of one for the item, or somehow imply it was one?

  77. The_Legend says:

    Jeez, to all the “perfect parents” out there (ya probably don’t have kids anyway) and the nutritionists…I took my kids there and still eat there. So what? Get off the OP’s @ss. They got screwed. The Mickey D’s up the street from me has a dick for a manager too. Maybe not as bad as some of the posters out here.

  78. HOP says:

    why do they call that crap a “happy meal”?????? people will be killing their kids feeding them that stuff….she shoulda considered herself lucky that the kid didn’t get the sausage…..

  79. HeartBurnKid says:


    Quarrantine the thread before it spreads!

  80. boss_lady says:

    @HOP: You’re a couple of hours late with that comment.

  81. Gopher bond says:

    @HeartBurnKid: OMG, why do you pollute your mind with such sophmoric “entertainment” as South Park. You should only watch NOVA and read books instead, like me.

  82. @Farquar: My point wasn’t that I’m better than anyone else for any reason. I simply didn’t agree with the choice to buy McDonald’s breakfast – especially a McGriddle sandwich for a 3 year old.

    However, I do agree with the original point of the article, which I forgot to mention in my first comment. If it’s listed as a sandwich and comes without any meat or anything inside, then it’s not.

  83. ConsumerAdvocacy1010 says:

    @ Mostly Everyone

    You f*cking idiots. The point is not that McDonald’s is unhealthy, it is that the menu item is rather misleading. So many of you are like politicians and outsourced customer service….you hear a keyword like “McDonald’s” and you start the rants.

    Learn to READ and commment accordingly. People like you that always spout the obligatory Walmart/Bank of America/McDonald’s sucks EVERYTIME chance that you get are becoming really annoying. So f*cking shut it, okay? Thanks.

  84. ConsumerAdvocacy1010 says:

    @ConsumerAdvocacy1010: argh, Consumerist needs an edit post function.

  85. hatrack says:

    FFS! Eating at MacDonald’s once in a while isn’t going to harm most people. To all the holier than thou types here: maybe we can follow you around for a few days and critique the way you live your life.

  86. Mom2Talavera says:

    @laserjobs: No feeding your child a turd between to pieces of toasted cardboard would have been more nutritious!

    @chrisexv6: technically most diet/lifestyle related diseases that manifest in adulthood start developing in childhood.

  87. humphrmi says:

    @hatrack: Here here!

  88. coren says:

    @The Marionette:”He” wasn’t there. Not to sound like an ass, but you should have read the article =P

    @katylostherart: Well, clearly they didn’t tell her when she ordered a sausage mcgriddle happy meal – otherwise why would she be surprised when there was no sausage in said happy meal?

  89. geoffhazel says:

    McGriddles….MMMMMMMMMM…. love ’em.

    One of the best things that ever came out of a McDonalds.

  90. I_can_still_pitch says:

    The name is misleading; it should be changed. It’s that simple. Duh.

    Also, the level of mean-spirited, highly judgmental commentary on this site is astounding. If the poster writes a long-winded explanation of how he never usually takes his kid to McD’s, this was an exception, blah, blah, he is slammed for not getting to the point. If he tries to be concise, then the whole thread is how he is a bad parent. I come here occasionally for info on companies I deal with, or products I may want to purchase. I see the same people, over a period of years, making the same comments. I don’t get it, don’t you “regulars” have jobs? And if so, why aren’t you doing them? I have had several issues that I would like to have submitted for advice/discussion, but it is not worth the personal attacks. That, along with the constantly contradictory advice presented as facts has really diminished this site.

    Just my 2 cents – so flame away.

  91. What a bunch of whiners. All you people bitching that the kid ate McDonalds, you’ve never eaten there? Your parents didn’t take you as a treat now & then? Do you kids only eat organic home grown hormone free foods? Then shut up. If you’re going to complain about that you might as well complain when a kid gets a lollipop at the bank. It doesn’t happen every day, but is that once a week going to rot their teeth? Nope.

    And people bringing up the calories…jesus. When I was a kid I didn’t count calories because I PLAYED OUTSIDE instead of sitting around watching TV and playing video games. Obesity is just as much a product of laziness as it is fatty food.

  92. hatrack says:

    Good points. If someone posts asking about patronizing a particular business then sure people should give their opinions. Automatically going off about how almost every large business in existence is “the worst ever” or criticizing people just for being a customer really is a pain.

    As for my last post I guess it should actually read McDonald’s. Oops! Guess that shows I’m not a hack. Can’t even get their name right.

  93. katylostherart says:

    @coren: the post did not say menu had the words “sausage” only that it had “mcgriddle” and that a notation on the menu said “contains two griddle cakes”. if the poster failed to give all the information fine, but read it. it doesn’t say sausage mcgriddle anywhere, it just says they didn’t get sausage when they ordered a mcgriddle and that it even says what it contains.

  94. jonworld says:

    Maybe there was an outbreak of raw sausage patties and McDonalds had to discard all their sausage patties until further notice, just like BW3. (:

  95. Osi says:

    The local McDonalds (valley) here in Juneau, AK pulled the same scam. They changed the contents of the meal sometime last winter and told nobody. They did this quietly, same name for the meal, same price, less meal.

    In other words, it’s bait and switch and a easy court case.

  96. evslin says:

    @jonworld: I knew it! Curse you, FDA!

  97. UnicornMaster says:

    Consumerist: A person who is dedicated to protecting and promoting the welfare and rights of consumers
    Consumer: Economics. A person or organization that uses a commodity or service.
    Economics: Economics is generally understood to concern behavior that, given the scarcity of means, arises to achieve certain ends.


  98. Farquar says:


    26? pshaw! I mock your embarrassingly brief thesis.

  99. Breach says:


    Second, Ill never understand why people have such high expectations for a place filled with minimum wage dont-give-a -rats-ass employees. If you want quality food, make it yourself.

  100. Mrs.C says:

    We live in Carrollton, TX and the McD’s here dont even sell breakfast happy meals:( boooo!!.. I bet all you ppl talking crap about McD’s are sitting there in your desk munching on some Big Macs hahahaha!!!

  101. girly says:

    I think that we might find that it was not labeled as a sandwich or with sausage, but that the other mcdonalds that offer the breakfast happy meal include those things, as the OP mentioned.

    So my guess is the confusion was from the divergence of offerings at various mcdonalds.

    Anyone know enough about mcdonalds to know if these types of divergences are common?

    I mean what if one mcdonalds decided a big mac only has one patty with tartar sauce on it–even if they labeled on their menu you’d still get confused customers.

  102. Farquar says:

    How were these commentors even approved?

    Ben, tighten up the credentials to get in here.

    Someone needs to work the door.

  103. girly says:

    It is interesting how people seem to not only try to look at the company’s side of things (reasonable) but go so far as to side with the company and give them liberties they don’t even deserve.
    Being reasonable and trying to see both sides is great, but advocating for the ‘big guy’ hardly seems necessary. Especially to err on their side, or indulge them where not necessary and detrimental to the customer.

    That being said I could see the customer not being immediately rewarded something, but I also think it was in the managers discretion to make some amends or at least try to figure out what caused the misunderstanding.

  104. newspapersaredead says:

    @testsicles: I would go back and watch that clip again. The french fries from the local diner DID decompose and were thrown out because they were so disgusting while the McDonalds french fries continued to look like they just came out of the deep fryer.

  105. Gopher bond says:

    @newspapersaredead: so what? Some food rots, some doesn’t. So the burgers rot but the fries don’t and that means they’re both bad? I don’t get it. How does the rate at which food rots have anything to do with it?? I don’t understand. I can put almonds in a jar and they ain’t gonna do anything. Does that mean they’re bad? Same thing with skittles. WTF is the point?

  106. HeartBurnKid says:

    @newspapersaredead: So… what you’re saying is that McDonald’s is more sanitary than local eateries? Because that’s what I get from that data, if anything. Less contamination = less bacteria = less rotting.

  107. Hogan1 says:

    When the menu board only mentions 2 griddle cakes, and you expect more, how is this McDonald’s fault? And besides…Breakfast at McDonald’s is like asking for a heart attack.

    “The Marysville location does indeed carry the item on their menu. On the drive-thru menu, it notes the meal comes with “two griddle cakes,””

  108. girly says:

    @Hogan1: I asked earlier do McDonalds require consistent menuing? Because it seems that most everywhere you go a lunchtime happy meal is the same,but as the OP found out, breakfast happy meals are not the same everywhere.

    Yes, it looks like it said so on the menu, but it would be a bit misleading if the breakfast happy meal is different depending on where you go, but almost everything else is the same.

    Also it’s still unclear if the name of the meal involves sandwich or sausage, because that too would be misleading

  109. Coles_Law says:

    As a former (thankfully) McDonald’s employee, the breakfast happy meal varies depending on where you are. At my McD’s, our Happy Meal was “Happy Hotcakes”-2 hotcakes, a hash brown, and a drink-plus toy, of course. We didn’t have a McGriddles happy meal, but comparing to our pancakes meal, it probably wasn’t supposed to have sausage. That being said, and not having seen the menu to judge possible confusion, the manager should have made with the sausage-he cost the company more mony with 30 seconds of his time, not to mention lost business.

  110. Coles_Law says:

    To clarify, by hotcakes I mean pancakes, not McGriddles.

  111. portus says:

    That’s McBullshit.

  112. Sunshine69 says:

    why are you eating at McDonald’s in the first place? Everything there tastes like shit and is terrible for you.

  113. Smashville says:

    Jesus, to all of you “Why are you eating at McDonald’s” people. Shut the fuck up. It’s not your fucking job to armchair parent someone’s kid you don’t know. Good lord, kids are entitled to a treat every once in a while, even if it’s bad for them.

  114. Smashville says:

    And obviously, by the fact that she didn’t know it didn’t come with sausage, means that he doesn’t eat it every day.

  115. LogicalOne says:

    @jblake1: I’m with you on this one.

  116. LogicalOne says:

    From what I know about three year olds, most of them would pull the sausage off the sandwich and not eat it anyway.

  117. coren says:

    @katylostherart: My point wasn’t what the menu did or didn’t say. The point was, she apparently ordered a Sausage McGriddle (Not a bacon/egg/cheese Mcgriddle or Sausage/egg/cheese Mcgriddle). If such a thing isn’t possible/doesn’t exist (and since when does McDonalds not do special orders? ) then they need to be saying something.

  118. kenboy says:

    @Farquar: Seriously, it’s time for some commenter executions here.

  119. mythago says:

    What AlisonAshleigh said. Despite what you read on Reddit, not all three-year-olds are obese. Some of them have rather high activity levels and won’t eat if you don’t make them. Some of them can USE those extra protein and fat calories. Oh, and eating at McDonald’s once in a while is not going to kill you if you have an otherwise healthy diet.

    I assume none of the non-parents whining about “waaa you fed your kid fast food once!!111omfg!” themselves only eat organic, free-range healthy food that they harvested and prepared themselves. If not, STFU.

  120. iMike says:

    Didn’t read all the comments, but hope someone has already pointed out that feeding one’s child this garbage is child abuse.

  121. TheCutUp says:

    And I’m sure everyone here, sitting on their computer, typing out how McDonalds is so horrible for everyone, never eats there. How ridiculous.

    @Mrs.C: You rock! =)

  122. spryte says:

    @iMike: If you and the 500 other people HAD taken the damn time to read the comments, you’d see that yes, you all have ranted about how AWFUL this mother is for letting her kid eat McDonald’s for, as far as you know, the second time in his life or something. Like you actually thought for a second you were the first one.

    By the way, FUCK anyone who says that giving your kid an occasional fast food meal is CHILD ABUSE. Some people have actually suffered REAL abuse – you know, with hitting and kicking and punching and burning and all that – and for you to flippantly use that term to refer to something as benign as a frigging McDonald’s Happy Meal is disgusting and inappropriate. Seriously, try actually thinking before typing this ridiculous shit out. Take one moment to consider that what you’re saying might be complete crap.

    And what if this woman had taken the kid to a sit-down restaurant and ordered him pancakes and sausage? Would you all be flipping out about that too? What if she’d cooked him that meal at home? Yes, I know fast food has a lot of added salt, fat, etc, but there really isn’t a huge difference between the actual food there and the same food at another restaurant.

    I never eat fast food. No really – NEVER. I’m a vegetarian, for one thing. I live in a city with tons of food options and can’t imagine being in a situation where fast food was the only option. Even if it was, I’m fine to skip a meal. I think it’s awful that some people practically live off it and I wish young people would be more into the idea of a salad or some soup or a kick-ass falafel. That all being said, I don’t think someone is the damn devil because they eat it once in a while. I don’t think I’m better than a person who does eat it sometimes. And I sure don’t need to stroke myself by being arrogant and disdainful of a stranger’s parenting skills based on one little story on a blog about a fucking fast food meal.

    Really. Get your priorities in order. I highly doubt your life is so pristine that you have any right to be on such a high horse.

  123. I dunno about the original poster, but one time an office friend played a prank on me and took a breakfast sandwich out of my McDonalds bag without me seeing. I got upset, thinking that they had gipped me. Went back to the location, and without even questioning me, the manager was on it, grabbing another one and placing it in my bag. I was technically in the wrong (since they did in fact give me a sandwich!) but the manager treated it as a genuine screw up. That’s awesome.

  124. photoartist says:

    I used to work for McDonalds as a kid in high school in 1980. Beleive it or not, there was a time when they actually strove for absolute customer satisfaction. Each McDonalds in the chain spent thousands of dollars on customer service training for all their employees.

    That was a thousand lifetimes ago. Today they spend absolutely nothing on customer service training. Instead they spend millions on manipulative ads that simply create the illusion of good customer service.

    If you as a customer experience crappy service, McDonalds wants you to feel that it must be your own fault. After all, how could a loving company like the golden arches ever resort to manipulative advertising?

    They also spend millions on marketing targeted primarily at children. Most 4 & 5 year olds recognize the McDonalds arching ‘M’ logo above any other symbol of our culture, including the American flag or the Christian cross.

    I pity any parent who attempts to drive past a McDonalds with a young child in the car, without the child wailing to go there. I know. I’ve experienced this firsthand. Still, hopefully this parent learned a good lesson that he can pass on to his little snowflake. The lesson is simple:


  125. parrotuya says:

    You are Mcdespicable to feed your child food from McDonald’s. You are going to turn your McChild into a McFatass. You are a McLoser and you should be McWaterboarded! McASAP!

  126. Gopher bond says:

    yeah yeah, fast food is the devil, we get it. willy hears ya, willy don’t care.

  127. TheNerd says:

    Wow. Bad customer service.

    I had a good service experience yesterday: when I asked for $3 cash back, the employee told me “we’re not supposed to, but if you don’t tell my manager, I’ll do it for you”. Obviously, my lips are sealed, but I found myself thinking just how simple good customer service is. Why do people continually mess it up?

  128. darundal says:

    I had a friend who worked at McDonalds about a year ago, and he told me that stuff like this (the no meat part) happen all the time, at least at the McDonalds he used to work at.

  129. TimeandTide says:

    I’m the OP. It was my gf that got robbed of her delicious sausage patty at the Marysville McDonald’s.

    I’ve been a reader of Consumerist for a while now and was eager to submit a story of my own (albeit a minor one when compared to, you know, more weighty stuff like Wal-Mart receipt checker thugs and bolts/bugs/fingertips in soup).

    I’m a little (italics!) alarmed by the many “child abuser!” posts, especially since my gf and I are slowly weening our kids off their three-Happy-Meals-a-day diet and finally introducing them to vegetables and, um, fruit? (Doused in salt and smothered in Velveeta, of course.) We’re trying!

    I’m kidding. McDonald’s is a rare treat for both our boys so the couple of times a month (they’ll live!) we do make detours through the drive-thru we expect our kids to emerge from the tunnel happy with their meat-packed, calorie-laden sandwich and cheap plastic toy. A small “reward” for enduring our hellish L.A. area commutes. Had I known that my email about my gf’s silly ordeal would be prompt someone to equate buying McGriddles to waterboarding, I would have prefaced the entire thing with “WE STEAM BROCCOLI FOR OUR BOYS SIX NIGHTS A WEEK” and posted pics of our kids competing in the 5-and-under Iron Tot Triathalon.

    Thanks to those who got the point of the post.

  130. God lord the whiners around here. It’s a McGriddle’s Happy Meal. No mention of meat. In fact, it specifically says it includes to McGriddles. And McGriddles are not sandwiches. They are griddle cakes with syrup baked right in.

    The OP was wrong, period.

  131. pauljunk says:

    You buy pure poison for your child and you complain because they didn’t put enough poison in it? Stay classy.

  132. haha, i grew up in yuba city. doesn’t surpise me that marysville would do this. i’ve even been to that mcdeezy’s before. not exactly high-class service, but the fishtank is nice.

  133. MissKissLock says:

    What an annoying thread- firstly, the dude was just relating the story, he wasn’t even there. He didn’t have any say in the frickin’ McGriddle.

    It doesn’t matter if she ordered a crack patty between two heroin filled syringes- if you pay for something, the reasonable explanation is… I don’t know… you’ll get it?

    If they started advertising “burgers” but there was no meat because “hamburger” wasn’t specified, it would be the same thing.

  134. ShizaMinelli says:

    I love how people are making assumptions not knowing what kind of a parent she is. Who DIDN’T have some McDonald’s once in a while as a child, seriously?