Chili's Chips, Now With Savory Chip-Warmer Knob

As if to prove that their chips are served warm, Chili’s is now serving their chips complete with the temperature control knob from the chip warmer. Reader Jared describes his chips with a twist, inside…

From Jared’s blog,

Since today was Katie’s last day at Levelland ISD she wanted to go out for a quick dinner and drinks. We went to Chilis because she had a few coupons for free chips and salsa. Well, we were both munching on the chips and we picked one up and lo and behold what do we find? This “volume” knob, or at least what I thought was a volume knob.

Once our waiter came back we pointed it out to him not wanting them to have to forgo listening to music in the back. Their manager pointed out that it was one of the temperature control knobs for the the chip warmer.

I guess it was ok since we didn’t pay for the chips anyways.

We imagine that Chili’s knob-chips would taste great with their funky chunky sour cream. Ask your server for details.

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