8 Ways To Get Free Gas This Summer

Very few of us, if any, can say they haven’t felt the strain associated with record high gasoline prices. To help ease some of the pain at the pump, Wisebread has put together a list of 8 promotions that that offer free gas or some money you can put toward gas. The promotions, inside…

8. State and local carpooling programs
New Jersey’s Carpooling Makes Sense Program will give $100 to new carpools committing to 24 days over 2 months. San Mateo, California is offering $60 for standard carpools and $80 for hybrid or clean-air certified carpools per member. Check to see if your area is offering any incentives.

7. Callaway Golf Clubs
With purchase of certain drivers, Callaway is offering $50-$100 in American Express Fill It Up Cards. Check their website for details.

6. Choice Hotels
Hotels such as Comfort Inn, Clarion and Sleep Inn will give you a $50 gas card with 3 separate stays until August 14th if you register for their points program. Details are available at their website.

5. Hotels.com
Hotels.com is offering a $50 gas card with a 3-night booking before July 6th. Use code GAS50. More details at their website.

4. State Tourism Boards
Many places across the country such as Traverse City, Michigan and Aspen, Colorado as well as certain areas in Florida are offering $25 to $50 for guests that book stays at their hospitality businesses. Check your travel board or destination location for more offers.

3. Hasbro
Hasbro is offering a $10 gas card with the purchase of 3 participating board games until July 31. See their website for details.

2. Toyota
Toyota is offering a $50 gas card if you buy tires from a participating dealer until June 30th. Check their website for the list of retailers.

1. Hertz
If you rent a Hertz car through Travelocity it comes with a free tank of gas before June 30th. Check out Travelocity’s offer for details.

9 Summer Offers That Will Give You Gas
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  1. Vlet says:

    9. Don’t drive; get a bike.

  2. I want free gas without having to spend any money to begin with (minus the carpool idea, which is good).

  3. spinachdip says:

    Should add that gas is paid for with Zip Car. Something to consider depending on the type of driving you do.

  4. DogStarMan says:

    Seriously. What a bunch of retarded suggestions. The carpool one is great…I wish we had a program like that in Ohio. And the Hasbro Games idea is decent…maybe stock up on some gifts and get some free gas. But every other one makes you spend a bunch of money to get a negligeable amount of “free” gas.

  5. No free gas looking at my local tourist board’s coupons and specials. But there are coupons for almost everything I want to do on my upcoming vacation, so I am glad that I looked.

    Maybe with Summer coming up, there should be a vacation article on deals and such?

  6. MrEvil says:

    How about I put the money I don’t spend on this crap towards gas? I might come out ahead vs taking the bait.

    It’s almost as bad as getting a $300/mo car payment plus cost of insurance in the name of saving gas AND because the new car comes with $XXX free gas. Sure my Crown Vic only gets 20mpg mixed, but it cost me only $1449 and doesn’t require I carry comprehensive coverage on my insurance for five years. THe only way buying a car saves you money is if you can get your new fuel efficient car for the same price as the trade on your gas hog SUV.

  7. rpm773 says:

    2 words: Taco Bell.

  8. DavidCopperballs says:



    1. Drive less
    2. Drive slower
    3. Carpool

    You won’t get free gas, but you’ll FREE UP gas that would have otherwise been used. And that’s the next best thing, and all without having to sleep at a crappy hotel or buy tires at a dealer.

  9. Benny Gesserit says:

    #9 – Eat the Chili’s chips and salsa in the previous article.

    Oh, sorry, wrong gas (but if we COULD run cars on it, oh my heavens the possibilities!)

  10. SacraBos says:

    @Jim (The Canuck One): Yeah, but the seats would be a little uncomfortable…

  11. pbrown says:

    No one wants to pay these ridiculous prices for gas. The high price of gas can either: be happening to you or be happening for you.The choice is yours. Pay for it or Profit from it. Go to http://www.freegasatlast.com/freefuel4u and become a part of EIS AND THE FREE GAS AT LAST PROGRAM. Help alleviate your pain at the pump.

  12. Corydon says:

    Albertson’s in Denver has a promotion going right now…if you buy enough groceries (not sure how much off hand), they’ll give you a coupon for 50 cents off per gallon up to 30 gallons, which is pretty good (and everyone needs to buy groceries anyway).

    The only hitch seems to be that you have to use the coupon within a week of your trip to the store, but if you can time it right, you can do pretty well.

  13. DH405 says:

    @pbrown: Oh wow, thanks for advertising a scam on an anti-scam site. I appreciate your sense of humor. Dick.

  14. freepistol says:

    i think the idea with most of those offers is
    ” hey , if your going on vacation , do it with us and we give you some gas”

    rather than

    “hey instead of not going on vacation, do it anyway and we will compensate your poorley with something you think is great”

  15. JiminyChristmas says:

    I surprised myself with how much better mileage I get by just not driving aggressively.

    If at all possible, don’t go over 60-65mph. Limit hard starts and accelerations. Coast as much as possible; every time you touch the brakes unnecessarily you’re wasting energy. My typical driving is about 60% city streets, 40% highway. I improved my typical gas mileage from 28mpg to 34mpg. That said, I have to be very conscientious to get 34mpg. 32mpg is more common if I don’t pay close attention to how I am driving.

  16. Raziya says:

    If you live in New England, Shaw’s has been doing a promotion with Irving to take money off gas when you shop there, but I am not sure if they are still doing it, as I just quit that god-awful place today.

  17. I’ve been riding a bike, but on the east coast, kroger gives you 10 cents off per gallon for every 100 in groceries. Kroger around here is almost always the cheapest in town (or close) so if you already shop there, that’s just a bonus.

    also, if you don’t know yet: http://www.gasbuddy.com. Save some $. Even better, bike if you can. I’m addicted now.

  18. rmz says:

    Would be riding a bike if I could, but it’d make my commute 2 hours each way in 110-degree heat this summer :(

  19. stinerman says:

    While it’s not free, I decided to sign up for the Chase BP credit card. It’s 10% back on BP gas for the first 60 days and 5% thereafter.

    Since I have 5 BPs within 2 miles of me, it was pretty much a no-brainer.

  20. geoffhazel says:


    Ten cents a gallon used to mean something but with a 17 gal fill-up at 4.00/gal, thats $1.70 off of $68.00. It’s just hard to get excited about that.

  21. lightaugust says:

    @geoffhazel: Yeah, but extrapolate that out to a two car family, 45-50 times a year. Adds up. Hate to be a sucker for the Costco, too, but the 2% back on the membership or the 3% back on their AmEx (not that I’m advocating the credit, but if you do it right), is currently working for me… again it’s only about 1.00$ per fillup, but add it up…

  22. Critcol says:

    @spinachdip: Zipcar FTW!!

    When my car died recently, I went completely Zipcar and I do not regret it. Buying a new car would have been horrifically expensive and now I can choose a random Zipcar to drive whenever I want to tool around town.

    Also, filling up a Mini with $58 worth of premium that’s completely covered by Zipcar is also a nice feeling.

  23. @MrEvil: I just traded in a Grand Prix GTP which required premium, had very sticky tires, was very difficult to not drive aggressively, and was driven ~75% in the city and was getting 15-16 mpg (~20 overall) between the majority of fill-ups for a Cobalt*.

    I got more than expected on the trade, and coupled with GMS discount and cash back, dropped my monthly payment by $200. Doing a BCA, at worst my 4 year term comes out at as a wash had I continued driving the GP over the same 4 years and with reasonable estimates it comes out nearly $2,000 ahead with ~$1000 per year in gas savings alone. So, yeah it can pay off, you’ve just gotta figure out the numbers that makes it work.

    * – I would have preferred a Versa, Yaris, or Corolla but they’re out of my price range at the moment, and I’m a college student working near full-time during the school year so minimizing cash flow was a major concern (while having a car that I didn’t have to dump money into with maintenance, been there done that not doing it again). I also looked at slightly used Civics and the like, and couldn’t find one cheap enough to work at a dealership I trusted to not fuck me over. I did my due diligence, so spare me the sanctimonious comments.

  24. cheera says:

    @geoffhazel: Thats why I’m so thankful that my parents spend a LOT of money on groceries per month. Ours evens out to about 50 cents off a gallon, and the Kroger gas station is maybe 3 minutes away from my workplace. I usually end up with the bulk of the gallons and they use my car when they need to go on longer trips with less people. Its a good trade off considering they’ve got a Jeep and a Suburban.

  25. TheConsumer says:

    What happened to the old-fashioned siphon trick! :D