Our Nightmare Is Over: Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Frosting Is Back In Stores

Image courtesy of (One of the more dignified selfies on Facebook)

(Betty Crocker)

(Betty Crocker)

If you’re a food company and there’s a Facebook group where more than 16,000 people ask you to bring back a discontinued product, you should probably pay attention. Betty Crocker’s rainbow chip frosting disappeared from stores last year, and we heard from heartbroken and chip-less readers. Now the frosting is back on store shelves, and they have been vindicated.

Rainbow chips vs. rainbow sprinkles might seem like a minor distinction, but the flavor and texture is very different, and the chips version looks much cooler.

“General Mills/Betty Crocker have discontinued Rainbow Chip Frosting and are trying to substitute some Rainbow Sprinkle inferior frosting to consumers,” Kristi wrote to us back in February of 2014, with sprinkle scorn leaking out between her words.

“Even if you don’t bake, I bet if you ask anyone you know –– what is their favorite store bought, canned icing/frosting for cakes? –– the rainbow chip icing would be in the top two,” Beth wrote to us last fall.

Activism from these readers and from many, many other fans of the product finally paid off: it’s back in stores. Technically, its return was announced back in May, but it’s finally appearing in stores. The company even honored the creator of the biggest Change.org petition about the frosting with a do-over of his birthday party because he had to suffer without Rainbow Chip frosting. We are not making any of this up.

In what’s sure to be a fascinating case study for marketing students someday, members are showing their status as frosting-owners and showing their support by… posting selfies where they hold frosting cans, or just pictures of the cans as evidence.

Congratulations, Rainbow Chip fans. Enjoy your colorful treats, and savor your victory.

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