Chili's Chips, Now With Savory Chip-Warmer Knob

As if to prove that their chips are served warm, Chili’s is now serving their chips complete with the temperature control knob from the chip warmer. Reader Jared describes his chips with a twist, inside…

From Jared’s blog,

Since today was Katie’s last day at Levelland ISD she wanted to go out for a quick dinner and drinks. We went to Chilis because she had a few coupons for free chips and salsa. Well, we were both munching on the chips and we picked one up and lo and behold what do we find? This “volume” knob, or at least what I thought was a volume knob.

Once our waiter came back we pointed it out to him not wanting them to have to forgo listening to music in the back. Their manager pointed out that it was one of the temperature control knobs for the the chip warmer.

I guess it was ok since we didn’t pay for the chips anyways.

We imagine that Chili’s knob-chips would taste great with their funky chunky sour cream. Ask your server for details.


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  1. ViperBorg says:


  2. B says:

    That’s why when you go to Chilis, you should always order the Sizzlin’ Fajitas.

  3. KlausKinsky says:

    Yeah, but does it go to 11 or just 10?

  4. NoStyle says:

    Chip technology at it’s finest.

  5. HIV 2 Elway says:

    People actually eat at Chilis?

  6. @HIV 2 Elway: My thoughts exactly!

  7. PinkBox says:

    At least you’re not likely to pick that up and eat it, thinking it is a chip.

  8. jaredbares says:

    My fiance thought I was ridiculous for taking a picture of a bowl of chips but I just thought it was funny. The look on the waiters face when I showed it to him was priceless.

  9. Friends don’t let friends eat at chain restaurants.

  10. skizmal says:

    Cripes! We went to Chili’s last week in St. Peters, MO. We were met by slimey floors and an inattentive waiter. They forgot to put chicken on my daughteres chicken nachos and came back 20 minutes later (after everyone else was done) with a new plate of nachos. Problem with the new plate though… For an unwanted bonus, baked into the cheese and laying right on top in plain view was a price tag. Yum.

  11. spinachdip says:

    I hate it when the knobs are undercooked.

  12. @KlausKinsky: Yeah, but does it go to 11 or just 10?

    I have nothing to add.

  13. Reader Jared describes his chips with a twist

    That was awful, guys.

  14. dualityshift says:

    Thank goodness this franchise infestation hasn’t reached North of the 47th.

  15. loueloui says:

    If the chips get cold can you turn the knob and heat them back up? Kinda like the Staples Easy Button.

  16. Propaniac says:

    Oh, quit complaining. After all, you were there for dinner, not breakfast–you’re saying you couldn’t eat a knob at night?

  17. MountainCop says:

    Chili’s – now with extra crunch!

  18. timmus says:

    I stopped going to Applebees and Chilis last year after various experiences with marginal food quality and slovenly service. The tough, factory-formed hamburger patty in my Applebees Cowboy Burger was the last straw. They’re truly the Waffle Houses of casual dining.

  19. jusooho says:

    @Propaniac: That joke is not in good taste.

  20. martyz says:

    @Propaniac: Most excellent Pilkington reference.

  21. Tonto99 says:

    Years ago I went to Chili’s and the fries came with dried ketchup on them already. We complained to the waiter, thought we received a new basket, but when we got near the bottom, the same fries with the ketchup were still there. I have yet to go back to a Chili’s.

  22. basket548 says:

    OMG guys, a place was written about on Consumerist!!! I remember one time I went there and this thing happened and NOW I NEVER EAT FOOD AGAIN!! Anyone else who does is a corporate shill.

    Seriously, non-issue. I’d much rather have one or two quality posts a day about seriously underhanded or illegal consumer issues rather than a string of clear accidents / minor mistakes made by various everyday places.

  23. evslin says:

    @Tonto99: Gross

  24. jaredbares says:

    I wasn’t mad or felt slighted. I just thought it was funny.

  25. UESC says:

    @skizmal: are you talking about the Chili’s near mid river’s mall?

    I’ve been going there for years, and neither myself or my girlfriend have had any problems like that!

  26. lpranal says:

    I would still MUCH rather eat that knob than eat with that guy from the TGIFriday’s commercials from the food network.

  27. basket548 says:

    Truth. If I ever walked into a Friday’s and saw that guy there, I would turn right around.

  28. @HIV 2 Elway: Well, you know how it is, you’re sitting at a railroad crossing debating with your friends what to do until the train car carrying the huge chili logo passes by, and you had your mind made up for you. Then you all go, and laugh around the table enjoying the picture perfect food served by an attentive server.

  29. amyschiff says:

    @timmus: /agree

    I think that the marketing is the only reason Applebee’s is so popular. It’s made to seem like a friendly, fun place to eat. People totally buy into it and pay too much for food that is pretty bland just because it seems like the hip thing to do.

  30. amyschiff says:

    @lpranal: hah yeah I call him “le douche” He is like an over-the-top SoCal Swinger wannabe or somethin

  31. BAF says:

    What’s the big deal here? A minor mistake, seems like it was rectified.

    @lpranal: What guy? The guy who made the new food for it or whatever in that contest?

  32. stopNgoBeau says:

    So, is Chili’s actually providing a warmer knob in each bowl of chips? Or is the title and lead in sentence to this article just a method of over exaggeration, or yellow journalism, intended to shock and dismay readers?

    If bloggers want to be treated like journalists, they should at least attempt to hide their blatant bias.

    YES, I KNOW this is a consumer oriented site, but this kind of stuff happens once in a blue moon. I’ve even had a blot in my bread before at a restuarant, but you don’t see it on this site, do you?

  33. rmz says:

    How dare they eat at Chili’s and not at their local family-owned independent gourmet hole-in-the-wall traditional no-preservatives cage-free organic bar and grill.

  34. Kat@Work says:

    @stopNgoBeau: Yes, smartass, each bowl of chips actually comes with a warmer knob.

    And you know what else? This site comes with HUMOR, unlike your comment. Geez.

  35. tc4b says:

    @basket548 and stopNgoBeau:

    Maybe you guys can launch an EECB at demanding your $0 back.

  36. mortgeek says:

    this isn’t that bad. i do not understand why people freak out about things like this. mistakes happen. i worked at a chilis and had to clean the damn chip machine every night i worked…it is not a well made machine. i just wish people had some freakin insight in to why you should not expect this immaculate service when you are eating at a place like chilis

  37. Mike8813 says:

    I would gladly navigate through knob-laden bowls of chips to stuff my face with their chili-queso dip. They’d have to do MUCH worse than that to keep me away…

  38. Morton Fox says:

    It’s like the prize in your breakfast cereal.

  39. tc4b says:


    Who freaked out? The OP sounded pretty chill about it to me.

  40. basket548 says:

    Haha, point. Clearly I don’t have enough to do at work right now. I just really liked Consumerist when it first popped up, and I want it to go back to the ways of old…I think that too many sensationalist articles pulls in the Digg crowd and promotes comments like my fake one rather than intelligent discussion.

  41. Noris says:

    Why do people even write these pieces, and why does the Consumerist post them?

    Can an editor explain the idea behind posting these articles? With tens of millions of meals served every day, there’s a small chance something like this may happen. How is this helping “fight for consumer rights?”

    Next consumerist headline: “Knobs no longer in your chips thanks to Consumerist.”

    Seriously. The OP may be “chill” about it, but they still spent an hour of their life writing this piece and taking a picture, and some Consumerist editor thought it front-page worthy. If this is the garbage taken in, imagine what the editors throw out?

  42. failurate says:

    All these chains serve the exact same food. Gotta love that Sysco flavor.

  43. failurate says:

    And it’s not even just the chains. Most of the locally owned diners here have crappy Sysco menus too.

  44. skizmal says:

    @UESC: Yep. Thats the one. I spared the fact that we were also served some apps with slimey, brown wilted lettuce. You pretty much can tell that the meal wasn’t going to be very good when you walk by the kitchen on the way to the restroom and notice how filthy it is. We’ll never go back again.

  45. meeroom says:

    @Noris: Another one speaking for everyone about what should be on consumerist. Obviously, with 3000 views, people have time to waste and are enjoying these silly posts. People like me who are bored at work today and would have to cold-call and annoy people like you if the Consumerist wasn’t there to distract them.

  46. tc4b says:


    How does this protect consumer rights? Well, let’s see, it’s possible the manager at this Chili’s will berate his staff for being so careless, and maybe consumers will be slightly less likely to find foreign objects in their crappy Chili’s food. seems to do serious stuff and lighthearted stuff. I like both, personally. Maybe you can find a different site where everyone’s a miserable bastard like you. Best of luck!:)

  47. SJActress says:

    Coupons for free chips and salsa?!


    You have just blown my mind. I always thought chips and salsa were free at restaurants.

  48. stopNgoBeau says:

    @Kat@Work: I’m so glad you’re up to speed on your ability to detect sarcasam.

    Just so you know, that was more sarcasam.

  49. Rippleeffect says:

    I gave up on McDonald’s (should have long ago). Several years ago I ordered a double quarter pounder, and it came with a free half bloodied plastic bag corner. My guess is that it was from the sealed meat bag.

    Worst part was, I took a bite and had it in my mouth before I realized what it was. Took a couple of chews and about lost it.

    Was running late for class so I didn’t bring it back to them. In hindsight, I wish I had.

  50. joellevand says:

    @KlausKinsky: LOL

    It’s not fair. My chips only ever come with chips and salsa, never fancy extras like this! I’m calling corporate!

  51. joellevand says:

    @SJActress: I always thought that too, but I guess Don Pablo’s is the only chain that does that?

  52. PølάrβǽЯ says:

    @stopNgoBeau: “So, is Chili’s actually providing a warmer knob in each bowl of chips? Or is the title and lead in sentence to this article just a method of over exaggeration, or yellow journalism, intended to shock and dismay readers?”

    No, the title is sarcastic, something that happens a lot around here because the rest of us have a sense of humor. If you don’t like it, don’t visit the site.

  53. Noris says:

    @aaron8301: The whole “love it or leave it” issue would’ve been a great argument against civil rights, slavery, worker’s rights, immigration, etc…

    Good job. So smart.

  54. emis says:

    When does your $8.2M law suit go to court? :^)