Regal Cinema In Boise, Idaho Is Awesome, Even When You've Clearly Screwed Up

Dave did something really stupid last weekend (no offense Dave), and bought two tickets to see “Iron Man” on the wrong day. He didn’t realize his mistake until Saturday, when he thought he was going to go see the movie. We would have never even bothered to call Regal to beg for ticket leniency, but Dave tried it anyway—and the theater actually exchanged the expired tickets for two new ones.

Here’s Dave’s story.

I just wanted to take the time to commend Regal Cinemas in Boise, ID. On Friday 2 May 08 I bought 2 tickets to see Iron Man on Saturday 3 May 08.
The next morning I was getting ready to go and see the movie and I happened to check my email and received one from Fandango asking me if I had liked the movie that I had not yet seen. I was somewhat confused so I checked my receipt and I then noticed that I had accidentally bought tickets to the Friday show.
Thinking I was now pretty much out the $15.50 for the two tickets, I decided to call the theater to see if anything could be done. When I called the theater the person I spoke to just told me to bring the copy of the receipt for the Friday showing and they would give me two tickets to the Saturday showing.
When I arrived, the individual I spoke to on the phone wasn’t there and another individual came out to see me and upon explaining the situation the manager went back and got me two tickets for the Saturday showing.

Nice going there, Regal.

(Photo: tvol)

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