Comcast Skips 3 Appointments, Hangs Up On You 6 Times, Makes You Want To Cry

Reader Stephanie wants to cry because of Comcast:

I HATE dealing with tech support. This time, I bit the bullet because my internet connection wasn’t working.

UPDATE: Stephanie’s problem has been fixed.

I don’t want to do that without letting people know what a terrible experience . I thought Qwest was bad…but I think I have officially seen a new “worst” in customer service.

Since the tech was expected yesterday, Comcast has:

  • missed three “scheduled” appointments, including one occasion when the tech claimed to have shown up when he hadn’t.
  • altered the date/time of one of those “appointments” without notifying me
  • hung up on me half a dozen times (“dropped” call) every time I ask to speak to a supervisor
  • put me on hold for over fifteen minutes each time, only to drop the call after that
  • promised me compensation they haven’t put on my bill.

I can’t believe they even exist as a company, they have been so operationally incompetent. There doesn’t seem to be any way to get real answers because their phone support doesn’t appear to take case notes, and I’ve had two supposed “supervisors” make promises that they have not documented. I’m at a loss…. I want to cry. I just want to check my email. It shouldn’t be this hard.


No, Stephanie. It shouldn’t be this hard. And yet it is. We recommend posting your experience on the internet as Comcast has become very PR-conscious for some reason. Oh wait, you just did!

(Photo:Spidra Webster)

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