Comcast Skips 3 Appointments, Hangs Up On You 6 Times, Makes You Want To Cry

Reader Stephanie wants to cry because of Comcast:

I HATE dealing with tech support. This time, I bit the bullet because my internet connection wasn’t working.

UPDATE: Stephanie’s problem has been fixed.

I don’t want to do that without letting people know what a terrible experience . I thought Qwest was bad…but I think I have officially seen a new “worst” in customer service.

Since the tech was expected yesterday, Comcast has:

  • missed three “scheduled” appointments, including one occasion when the tech claimed to have shown up when he hadn’t.

  • altered the date/time of one of those “appointments” without notifying me
  • hung up on me half a dozen times (“dropped” call) every time I ask to speak to a supervisor
  • put me on hold for over fifteen minutes each time, only to drop the call after that
  • promised me compensation they haven’t put on my bill.

I can’t believe they even exist as a company, they have been so operationally incompetent. There doesn’t seem to be any way to get real answers because their phone support doesn’t appear to take case notes, and I’ve had two supposed “supervisors” make promises that they have not documented. I’m at a loss…. I want to cry. I just want to check my email. It shouldn’t be this hard.


No, Stephanie. It shouldn’t be this hard. And yet it is. We recommend posting your experience on the internet as Comcast has become very PR-conscious for some reason. Oh wait, you just did!

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  1. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot says:

    Yet another reason why I believe Comcast will win the Worst Company contest.

  2. renilyn says:

    I recommend an EECB. After allllllllll of the trouble that I had with Comcast (hell my husband worked for them and we couldn’t get things done), I finally launched an EECB. Though some of the emails bounced back, they did reply rather quickly and after they worked in my area, all of my connectivity issues are gone!

    Try it, you may like it :)

  3. Lancer24 says:

    Thank you. Comcast is the Worst!

  4. MataHari says:

    Does Comcast have different call centers based in specific geographic regions? Every time I have called for service in the last 2 years, from Seattle, the person that answered seemed to be local (chit-chatted about local weather while waiting for stuff to happen, etc). And I’ve had issues twice on weekends when they had to send a tech on a Sunday and both times, the same guy showed up and was super friendly and helpful. I wonder if this is a regional difference somehow or if I am just extremely lucky with the techs so far.

  5. swags says:

    @MataHari: I have nothing to support this, but my guess is that some franchise agreements require that cable operators maintain local call centers.

  6. plustax says:

    @MataHari: It definately is a regional issue where I am at (Los Angeles). Time Warner bought out Adelphia and the only thing that changed was the decals on the truck. Everyone who was with Aldephia was now with Time-Warner. I’m sure the areas Comcast conquers goes through the same carrier those people had previously. At least until they start finding the redundant cost centers and start to consolidate.

  7. SuffolkHouse says:

    Where is he? Hello?

    I’m looking for the corporate-nazi who tells these people it is their fault.

    I’m still looking.

  8. SkokieGuy says:

    Based on hearing variations of the same story over and over, (missed appointments, promises not kept, the consumer being lied to – simply change the company name), perhaps its time for us consumers to arm ourselves with telephone recording devices?

    This is the simple amunition needed to to make a court case ironclad and to get disinterested CSR’s to actually fufill their promises.

    Can the lawyers weigh in? If I’ve already rec’d a warning that the call may be recorded (meaning I give consent by the act of not hanging up) and the CSR gives consent, since it’s their system notiying me of possible recording, it a further warning required?

  9. dragonfire81 says:

    And I thought Sprint had the worst customer service, we may have a new winner.

  10. Veeber says:

    @SkokieGuy: Maybe this site is helpful

  11. amoeba says:

    @Neecy: AMEN!

    That’s why I left Comcast 2 months ago, for their sloppy service and poor customer service. I couldn’t even access my own website. Where I live I have two choices Comcast and Qwest. This time, I went back to Qwest.

  12. khiltd says:

    Only 6? They stood me up 9 times before I cancelled.

  13. SkokieGuy says:

    @Chris Vee: Thanks Chris! My state, Illinois is a two-party consent state (both parties must give consent). But the link doesn’t answer my original questions, isn’t ‘default’ consent given by the existence of the “…..calls may be recorded…..” statement that is part of virtually every customer service experience?

    Hmmm, maybe actively informing the CSR that he / she is being recorded is a better tactic anyhow as it’s less likely a customer will be intentionally screwed when the CSR knows the consumer will have taped documentation of every word they speak.

  14. Bungus Aurelius says:

    Had pretty much the exact same experience as Stephanie the last time I moved. Don’t have much to add beyond that, other than that when dealing with Comcast you expect most of those things to happen, but it’s when they retroactively revise your appointment time in their system after it’s already been missed that really sets you off and can cause you to shout one or two expletives at the phone rep.

  15. a_mama says:

    So how do I record conversation’s? What equipment do I need?

  16. ideagirl says:

    @SuffolkHouse: He’s coming in



  17. IphtashuFitz says:

    I wish I could switch from Comcast to another provider (FiOS?) but my condo complex is only wired for Comcrap…

  18. awolcfh5150 says:

    You should put all that in an email and send it to: I did when I had an issue and I got called immediately. They didn’t give me the answer I was looking for but the rep I spoke with helped me more than any of those other knuckleheads. Good Luck!

  19. geoffhazel says:

    Similar story: had an appointment to get cable hooked up. Was in the back yard working on a project. Came around the front of the house and saw door hang-tag “sorry we missed you”. Called them up. Said “hey, come on back, you just missed me”. No can do. Uhh, you’re going to get to your next appt early, just come see me after that. Uhh, no can do. Must reschedule. All they had to do was drop off the converter box, the wire was already run. They refused to help.
    So (since this was for cable TV) we went over to Sears and bought a Dish Network system and have never regretted it.
    I hate Comcast too! (can you tell?)

  20. Buran says:

    She needs to sign up for Twitter and complain there:

    Comcast Trawling Blogs And Twitter For Customer Complaints

  21. @plustax: Adelphia was awesome. We had the exact same trouble with Time Warner as the OP had with Comcast – to the letter! It was so bad we switched to DirecTV and have never looked back.

  22. humphrmi says:

    @distractedbyshinyobjects: LOL Yeah, I heard Adelphia had great service, too bad about the little matter of the family owners embezzling billions of dollars (that was Adelphia, right?) I guess you have to take the bad with the good. ;-)

  23. stinerman says:

    As previously stated, Comcast is not subject to market forces since they usually have either a statutory or natural monopoly over cable television and/or internet service in areas they service.

  24. caedostella says:

    I couldn’t agree more about how horrible Comcast is. They supply cable tv to our entire apartment complex (paid for by the landlord. Hoorah for college apartments), but it took 3 1/2 hours of phone and internet time to try and get them to set up an APPOINTMENT for high speed internet. First, I tried calling Comcast, only to be told by the lovely rep that there was a better deal online. When my brother tried to get online for me, they told him my address didn’t exist. Call #2. They tell me to try online again. Same problem. Call #3. Same thing. Finally, the 4th time I call, I get an actual helpful representative. The guy spent 40 minutes on the phone (20 of which I was on hold, but that’s ok) talking to his supervisor and even trying to talk to an online rep to see exactly what I was talking about. He got me an appointment for the end of that week (when everyone I knew was waiting 2 weeks minimum) and got me the discounted online rate.

  25. Lambasted says:

    I have Comcast now and will be happy to rid myself of them once I move. If you think their cable service is bad, try using their digital phone service. My phone used to go out every month and now still does occasionally. I think I lived on the phone with Comcast customer service who never could fix the problem.

    Comcast is so bad it has become a worst than a joke–because quite frankly, it’s not funny anymore.

  26. ComcastAnon says:

    I don’t mean to be a wet blanket here, but just a couple pieces of information.

    – There are many occasions where a “missed appointment” is neither the technician’s, nor the customer’s fault. I can’t say either is the case here of course.

    – The “dropped call” while you were on hold was really a dropped call. By the nature of the phone system that Comcast uses in the majority of their call centers, you cannot hang up on a Customer who is on hold(unless that customer is speaking on a Comcast Digital Voice service, in which case they can reset the EMTA to disconnect the call).

    Nice to know we have someone out there who is actually working for the people who truly pay his salary, the consumer.

  27. skepticalpeach says:

    I lived in MN and Comcast was horrible. We switched to Qwest, and it worked for almost a year before it just stopped working. They wouldn’t fix it for a month. Now I live in IL. Once again we tried Comcast, but it only worked for 36 hours. After that it just quit. Apparently if you hook up any game systems to your gateway it makes the internet turn off. You have to pay an arm and a leg to plug in your systems. They never actually told us this, we found out from someone else who has Comcast. We called them all the time, you’d think someone would have mentioned that.
    Then we decided to turn off our service. My husband met the tech outside and threw our supplies at him. He called later to verify we were canceling. Later we got a bill because no one had been told that we wanted to cancel our service. They have NO idea what they are doing. We go with AT&T now. It’s worked fine so far.

  28. at least they have great commercials. well, the slowski’s are great anyway.

  29. slowenuff says:

    Your Comcast service is dependant on where you live. Northwest being the best. They have a call center based in beaverton or.