Walmart Accidentally Posts Google’s New Mini Speaker, Takes Down Listing

Any hope that Google might have had for keeping the design of its newest web-connected speaker a secret was blown out of the water today by the good folks at Walmart who inadvertently posted the device on for all the world to see, a day in advance of Google’s press event. [More]

With Galaxy Note 8 Nearing Launch, Samsung Focuses On Battery Safety

With Galaxy Note 8 Nearing Launch, Samsung Focuses On Battery Safety

A year after Samsung recalled and eventually discontinued the Galaxy Note 7 after several of the devices’ batteries overheated and exploded or caught fire, the tech company is prepping the release of its next version of the smartphone, the Galaxy Note 8. [More]


4 Things To Know About Idaho’s Non-Compete Law & The State’s Growing Tech Industry

Each year, millions of employees leave their jobs for a better one. But if you live in Idaho, this hallmark of the workforce might not be attainable, as the state now has one of the most strict non-compete laws preventing employees from leaving their current employer for a competitor. [More]

(Ron Dauphin)

Walmart Files Patent For Amazon Dash-Like Device

In yet another example of Walmart’s effort to increase its online presence and best rival Amazon, the big box retailer has filed a patent for an automatic home ordering subscription system similar to Amazon’s “Dash” buttons.  [More]

Mr Seb

Hackers Use College’s Connected Vending Machines To Attack Network

What do you get when you combine Internet of Things devices, an overworked network, and an over abundance of seafood-related domain searches? A university attacked by its own malware-infected connected devices. [More]

Eric Hauser

Samsung Trademarked “Hello” In Europe. But What Does It Mean?

Apple has the iPhone and Siri, Amazon has Echo and Alexa, and Google has Home and Ok Google. Now it appears that it is Samsung’s turn to wade into the connected device and virtual assistant world, as the tech giant recently filed a trademark in Europe for a system dubbed “Hello” that sounds a lot like the already crowded field of digital assistants. [More]

Adam Fagen

Samsung Vice Chair Avoids Arrest In Connection With South Korean Bribery Case

Days after a South Korean special prosecutor investigating a bribery scandal involving the country’s President sought the arrest of Samsung’s vice chairman, a court denied the request, citing a lack of evidence.  [More]


Apple Says iPhone Fires In China Are From “External Factors,” Not The Device

In the wake of Samsung’s massive, confusing recall of Galaxy Note 7 devices that could smoke, catch fire, and explode, consumers around the world are drawing attention to similar issues with other smartphones, including some battery fires with iPhones in China. However, Apple contends that these thermal incidents have nothing to do with the design of its signature phone. [More]

Volvo Launches Concierge Service To Fill Up, Wash Vehicles On Demand

Volvo Launches Concierge Service To Fill Up, Wash Vehicles On Demand

Owning a car means you have to wash it, take it in for needed maintenance, and of course fill it with gas if you want to actually go anywhere. But those pesky chores no longer have to be part of the equation if you own a Volvo.  [More]

New Google Glass Reportedly Comes With Foldable Arms, Larger Content Viewer

New Google Glass Reportedly Comes With Foldable Arms, Larger Content Viewer

Nearly a year after Google stopped selling its Google Glass product, and five months after a patent hinted that the tech company wasn’t quite done with the device, a new version of the hi-tech glasses is apparently on the way.  [More]


Save $360 by turning your iPhone into a Kindle? Less than a month after the debut of its much-anticipated Amazon Kindle2 e-book reader, Amazon opened its formidable e-book library to a much larger potential audience: Apple iPhone and iPod Touch users. [CR]

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Sh*t That Doesn't F*cking Work

This video has swearing, but its newsworthiness demands that we f*cking post it anyway.

Comcast Skips 3 Appointments, Hangs Up On You 6 Times, Makes You Want To Cry

Comcast Skips 3 Appointments, Hangs Up On You 6 Times, Makes You Want To Cry

Reader Stephanie wants to cry because of Comcast:

I HATE dealing with tech support. This time, I bit the bullet because my internet connection wasn’t working.

Dell: Windows Vista Is Third-Party Software

Dell: Windows Vista Is Third-Party Software

03/27/2007 01:18:23PM Agent: “Did you purchase your copy of windows from Dell?”

Dell Upgrades Computer By Installing Vastly Inferior Processor

Dell Upgrades Computer By Installing Vastly Inferior Processor

Over at TGForumz, rdguerrero writes that Dell replaced his computer’s x6800 processor with an extreme edition 955. That sounds about 7.12 times worse.

My dell computer has been giving trouble form the day i got it. finally they replaced the motherboard and processor however instead of replacing my x6800 they gave me a pentium extreme edition 955. the guy from Dell says this is an upgrade i think he id trying to pass off something on me which chip is better.

His hunch is right. One comparison declares, “Even the X6800 Core 2 Extreme which is clocked at just 2.93GHz is able to kill the 955 Extreme Edition processor pretty much all of the time.” Rdguerrero, taking the sage of advice of forum members calling bs, had a nice little chat with Dell.

The service rep has informed me that he has started the Exchange process and i will be informed by e-mail of updates, but should take approximately 19 labor days for the system to arrive.

19 days? Oh, Dell. Is there anything you can’t bumble? — CAREY GREENBERG-BERGER

Confused Consumers: Why Isn’t My HDTV Picture Clear?

Consumer electronics retailers are doing a crappy job of explaining HDTV, so much so that people sometimes return the sets as defective.

Google Tips Irk Firefox Guy

Google Tips Irk Firefox Guy

According to their own web search, Picasa is not the best service for photo sharing. What do you think? After being so loved for so long, has Google finally managed to mess up with “tips”? Does it bother you that they’re shilling their crap? Or is this ok? —MEGHANN MARCO

Cage Match: DVD Beats VCR!

For the first time, more Americans have a DVD player than have a VCR says Nielsen Media Research. People aren’t throwing out the VCR: They’ve lost only 1/10th of their popularity, while DVD players are 6 times more popular than they were 6 years ago.