Dish Customers Can Now Track Repair Tech’s Location, ETA

dishgrabIn an effort to add some accountability to install and repair appointments, Dish Network has launched “My Tech,” a new feature of its that allows customers to see where their tech is, when they’ll arrive, and what they look like.

When a Dish customer has a scheduled appointment, they’ll receive two links that day from the satellite service. The first link will provide them an estimated 75-minute window for the tech to arrive, along with a map showing that tech’s location.

An hour before the estimated arrival time, the customer will be able to see the name and photo of the dispatched tech. My Tech also provides a countdown and tracker so you hopefully can get some idea of whether that tech is indeed en route.

“We recognize that people want control of their own time and DISH’s My Tech tool helps them get on with their day without waiting on the TV guy,” explains Dish exec. VP of operations Erik Carlson in a statement. “A minute-by-minute countdown and interactive map allow the customer to track their DISH technician to determine when to leave work or if they have time to run to the store.”

Comcast has been rolling out a similar tool since late 2014, but it looks like Dish has decided to go nationwide all at once with My Tech.

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