Act's Large Bottle Of Mouthwash May Say 2x, But It's Really Half The Strength

Act mouthwash may look like it comes in two sizes, but according to Mouseprint, the large and small bottles are actually entirely different products. The labeling looks largely the same until you get to the active ingredient. The small bottle contains .05% of sodium fluoride while the large bottle contains .02%. Hit the jump for Act’s sneaky explanation.

Now who would ever expect that a different size bottle would have a different strength of the active ingredient? In fact, if you look at the larger bottle, there is a “2x” on it. Without reading carefully, one might assume that “2x” means twice the strength or twice the size, but certainly never half the potency. A closer examination reveals that is says “2x a day”. Okay, so you can use the product twice daily.

As it turns out, the company says the smaller bottle is a once a day product, and the larger one is a twice a day product. Apparently you get the equivalent amount of fluoride using the diluted version two times a day.

Who in their reasonable mind would expect a larger bottle to contain anything other than more product? Act is reaping undeserved profit while consumers think they are getting protection that just isn’t provided.

We guess Act and Listerine share the same rotten marketing team.

Act Fluoride: Twice the Size, Half the Strength [Mouseprint]
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