Oprah Giving Away Women & Money!

Now you don’t have to dress up in corporate casual-wear and spend half the day screaming in a studio audience to get something free from Oprah, because for the next day she’s giving away digital versions of Suze Orman’s new book “Women & Money” on her website, from now until 8/7c February 14th. Downloads are available in English and Spanish versions, PDF only.

So what can you expect from the book? Here’s the meat of Publishers Weekly’s review on Amazon:

Though her explanation of the “8 qualities of a wealthy woman” (harmony, balance, courage, etc.) is more inspirational than practical, she also presents a concrete five-month “save yourself plan” for financial repair, starting with setting aside checking and savings accounts, fixing one’s credit rating, saving for retirement, setting up a will and purchasing home insurance. This encouraging guide will not intimidate women who are foundering financially.

(Thanks to Kristin!)

“Suicide, Lies, Debt: A Suburban Nightmare” [Oprah.com]

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