AT&T May Limit Unlimited Data Plans To 5GB Per Month, Remove Text Messaging

IntoMobile writes that an “agent/employee discussion forum at HowardForums has revealed the possibility of new data plans for AT&T.” The new plans would be slightly cheaper, but do away with included text messages and impose a “soft cap” of 5GB per month data usage on the so-called “unlimited” MediaMax packages, and users who go over that will be urged (?) to sign up for a more expensive plan. Urged? Soft cap? How does that work in a business situation? Unlimited is unlimited, right?

Unlimited PDA data plans will be lowered to $30, with unlimited MediaNET access going for just $15 per month. However, text messages will no longer be bundled with data plans. An extra $5 gets you 200 SMS text messages per month, $15 gets you 1,500 text messages, $20 gets you unlimited individual texts, and $30 gives your family plan unlimited text messaging.

“AT&T May Limit Unlimited Data Plans To 5GB Per Month

Forum posting on HowardForums
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