Opting Out Of Junk Mail Now Free

Opting out from the junk mailings will no longer have the onerous cost of $1; the Direct Marketing Association is now offering to not bother you, free of charge! It will, however, require entering a credit card number for identity verification purposes. How nice, we’re no longer being assessed a fee to regain the privacy that was taken away from us. DMA has also added a way to opt-out of the mailings of just certain stores, in case there’s places you like getting promotional material in the mail from.

Here’s where to go to stop the deluge.
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  1. ribex says:

    Hmm, can you use a one-time-use credit card number?

  2. Buran says:

    @ribex: That was going to be my suggestion. Give it a limit of 1 cent.

  3. forgottenpassword says:

    You know what I want? To opt out of the local junkmailings that my post office FORCES me to take when i rent a PO box.

    I guess that’s how the USPO makes all its money…. off of junk mail.

    Be wary of those one-use credit card numbers. IF you sign up for some service that charges on a monthly basis…. it will STILL end up on your regular credit card # …. happened to me with citibank.

  4. Landru says:

    I’m not giving them my credit card number. Do they do some sort of transaction on the card or do they just write it down and post it on the internet?

  5. pattymc says:

    I would rather give them a dollar than my credit card number. And that change in procedure would seemingly leave people sans credit cards with no recourse.

  6. Buran says:

    @forgottenpassword: That’s the whole point, though — it’s just an “alias” to your real card number that expires after a set amount of time/charges, not a wholly separate account.

  7. char says:

    the real meat of what I want out of is the credit card apps, that makes up 98% of my junk mail. For those you don’t need a CC number, but there is OPTIONAL birthday/SSN fields. No way am I giving my SSN, but I can still opt out.

    Here’s where you go to opt out of the pre screened offers, [www.optoutprescreen.com]

  8. chiieddy says:

    Seriously, I can opt out of credit offerings without giving a credit card #, why not junk mail. Thanks for nothing.

  9. MyCokesBiggerThanYours says:

    Credit Cards are not id. In fact, there is absolutely nothing about them that proves the identity of the card user.

  10. sasper says:

    Damn. Just paid the $1 last week to try and stop the junk mail. Oh well!

  11. MercuryPDX says:

    Unfortunately, this will not stop my #1 Mailbox clogger – The weekly “Free Supplement” Newspaper and its bajillion inserts of coupons.

    I’ve actually lost legitimate mail in its innards.

  12. Pfluffy says:

    My postal carrier tells me that there is no way I can filter the massive stupid circulars and coupons for stuff I’ll never need. The carrier and post master tell me that folks pay the PO and the carriers X amount of money per mail box to distribute GARBAGE. We cannot decide who has access to our mailing address.

    Mail delivered to the wrong address or mail from stalkers, etc. can be returned. My postal carrier told me to “Just write REFUSED on the envelope, and mail it back.” The mail is either returned to sender or is sent to the dead letter office.

    For catalogs, I spend forever calling the stores who mail me big, honking catalogs and ask to be removed from their mailing list. It takes a couple of months to be removed, but eventually the mail stops.

    And one helpful site that helps keep me sane so I’m not on the phone all of my life, [www.catalogchoice.org] will do the dirty work for me.

    Requiring a credit card to opt out of junk mail is STUPID. Just in general a bad, creepy, sleezy deal. No thanks. I’m a real grown up and manage nicely without giving my credit card # or every personal detail to idiots, thank you.

  13. krunk4ever says:

    @ribex: exactly what i was going to suggest. use a otu (one-time use) credit card with maybe $1 balance and an expiration date of 2 months (minimum I believe).

  14. krunk4ever says:

    @forgottenpassword: There are 2 different types of otu credit cards, one that supports recurring payments, while the other doesn’t.

  15. ghettoimp says:

    Well, I just went through their thing. You have to go through several screens asking if you want to change your mind. They even argue that you should keep receiving junk mail because it will be good for the environment (if everyone just eliminates two trips to the mall per year by ordering from catalogs instead, think of the gas we’ll save??) Oh well, maybe it’ll do some good.

  16. FLConsumer says:

    I actually don’t mind the catalogs, as I only seem to get those from companies I actually do business with and send useful catalogs…

    ….but I DO mind the loose-leaf crap which gets thrown in there that easily overwhelms my mailbox and takes forever to sort through, as this stuff is all oversized, making it all-too-easy for legitimate mail to get hidden within it. I’d love to get rid of that stuff.

  17. trollkiller says:

    DO NOT USE A CREDIT CARD The only reason I can see that they would want a CC is to gather more information about you. Information that can be used for the “pre-screened” mailings.

    Just pay the buck and be done with it.

  18. AD8BC says:

    If you opt out of junk mail will it remove you from the lists of catalogs that you actually have asked for?

  19. goodkitty says:

    The DMA’s logo should be a snake hanging out in an apple tree.

  20. I wish you could just stick it back in an outgoing mail box. You know, “Return to Sender”.

    I think that we should get the appropriate permits, take a month’s worth of junkmail to the nearest post office and set it all on fire.

  21. czarandy says:

    How does mail “take away your privacy”? What, does the junk mail videotape you at home or something?

  22. Gigadafud says:

    I am really freaking tired of all the crap that shows up in our mailbox at home. I have been really considering signing up for sometimes like this:


    Its not like my wife and I are in debt or anything. I swear to god we get like 4 victoria secret catalogs a week. They are by far The Worst I have seen in terms of junk/advertising mail.

  23. blckbrd100 says:

    This is only my experience but I signed up to STOP receiving mailers and I’ve actually seen a HUGE INCREASE in the crap I get. Now I get catalogs from companies I’ve NEVER ordered from. The best way is to directly contact the sender and ask them to stop sending things and not to sell or give your information to anybody else.

    It seems that going through the sign just let’s them know you are live person who is checking the mail. Of course they can get away with it because how I can I prove they are up to no good????

  24. dirk1965 says:

    Give them a credit card number… MY ASS I WILL!!!

  25. sanjdimes says:

    Hey guys,

    I work at GreenDimes. The DMA just a piece of the junk mail puzzle. We get rid of junk mail and unwanted catalogs, and have over 75,000 happy members.