Get 100 Gallons Of Heating Oil For Free

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wants to give you 100 gallons of free heating oil to help survive the cold cruel capitalist winter. The hogshead of liquid warmth is available to anyone enduring a financial hardship who fills out a handy online form.

Eligibility is determined with two questions: First, do you live in one of these 16 states?

Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, Alaska, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana.

Second, do you need the oil? Need is relative, but if you have a family and make less than $40,000, you probably qualify. Citizens Energy, which administers the program, evaluates each application on a case-by-case basis and issues eligible applicants a voucher redeemable for 100 gallons of CITGO heating oil.

It’s almost sweet of our communist friends to shove the inequalities and harsh realities of capitalism in our faces with a program that actually helps people pay for an increasingly unwieldy cost of living expense.

For more information, call Citizens Energy at: (877) 563-4645, or fill out their online application.


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  1. raychie says:


  2. chili_dog says:

    Here’s a thought. Cancel cable, quit eating out and live within your means.

    • Anonymous says:

      @chili_dog: Are you kidding me? what the hec is wrong with you? do you really think that way? that peaople who need help with heating there homes are living on the high hog. you only make you your self sound stupid! YOU know what? what goes around comes around and some day you may find youself needind a little extra help with something, aid to go to school, whatever and you remember your little comment, when they help you out of your spot, you dum ass

  3. headon says:

    Chavez should be boiled in that free oil.

  4. taney71 says:

    Chili_DOg: I agree 100% with you. I know life happens but a ton of these people get themselves in this situation by not budgeting, working, or whatever. I was able to work, go to college, and live on my own without any help. Am I now paying off loans? Yes, but I’m also in a job a love and only hard work and planning got me here.

    Not some communist dictator who suppresses free speech, opposing opinions, and basically jails anyone he wants.

  5. Parting says:

    Idiot, he should sell it and invest money in his citizens. They need it more than USA’s citizens, most of which should learn to budget.

    @taney71: ”Not some communist dictator who suppresses free speech, opposing opinions, and basically jails anyone he wants.” Yep, Bush uses Patriot Act all the time. Damn, he’s a capitalist. But description suits him well, too.

    Now tell me what the difference. Both suck.

  6. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Wait, it’s illegal to even buy anything from Cuba, but it’s okay to take charity from Venezuelan dictators? This is just bizarre.

    @chili_dog: Point well taken.

  7. DrGirlfriend says:

    This isn’t about helping people. He doesn’t care *why* there are Americans who can’t afford heating oil. All he knows is that there are people who can’t, and that immediately means the US fails its citizens. This is his way of showing us capitalist pigs how his system is better than our system.

  8. Tank says:

    @chili_dog: fuck you, i heat with oil, don’t have cable, cook at home, and just got smacked with a bill that was $263 dollars more than my average bill. for 6 weeks of oil (hopefully). i bet a nickel your gas bill wasn’t that high. i don’t need your lectures.

  9. DrGirlfriend says:

    @dwayne_dibbly: Cuba doesn’t provide the US with oil. The day that Cuba has something we want, the embargo will be declared a relic of the past and US dollars will once again flow freely – communist regime or not.

  10. KogeLiz says:


    Hey, did you pay for your own oil? and how much was it back then?
    My bill is $325 every 4-5 weeks.
    My rent is $625, commuting is $89, medication and doctor co-pays are approx $70 a month, plus food shopping, utilities, etc.

    How about realizing not everyone lives in the same city and state you lived in? And that oil has increased to a ridiculous amounts?

  11. humphrmi says:

    @drgirlfriend: It hasn’t helped us get better cigars.

  12. bohemian says:

    Hmm. Struggling to pay heating bills or living in Venezuela. I’ll take struggling to pay heating bills thanks. That doesn’t mean that I am not totally bitter about our huge electric and gas bills to keep from freezing. My solution beyond insulating more, wearing three layers of polarfleece and wool socks is to move somewhere with a more moderate range of hot & cold over the year. Now that is on my short list of things to do.

  13. humphrmi says:

    It’s great that Hugo Chavez is giving the poor some relief, since he is part of the reason why oil is so expensive today. His chest-pounding about cutting oil supplies to the U.S. if he didn’t win his stupid referendum to make him a more powerful dictator helped drive up the cost of oil.

  14. ShortBus says:

    Just curious… what’s the value of 100 gallons of heating oil?

  15. Tank says:

    @ShortBus: $3.57 a gallon here, so $357.

  16. KogeLiz says:

    same here.
    put at 63 degrees for about 4 hours… and then down to 58 at night… lasts about 4-5 weeks at my place.

  17. forgottenpassword says:

    Shouldnt they be using the money gained from selling that oil to someone else to help their OWN people?

  18. DallasDMD says:

    @humphrmi: Yeah, lets go invade Venezuela to liberate their people (and oil supplies).

  19. balthisar says:

    (1) Geothermal (ground source exchange) will pay for itself quickly if you pay that much for oil.
    (2) Chavez isn’t the the reason petroleum costs so much, but its costing so much is what keeps that limp dick in power.
    (3) Let’s all apply for his free oil. Even if we don’t need it or can’t use it. Maybe an oil company will give us a kickback or something this the coupon without a purchase. The idea being, of course, to cost this son of a bitch as much as we can. There’s a possibility that he’ll brag that x number of Americans needed it, but so what. If everyone can steal $357 from this dick, let’s do it. If it makes you feel better for stealing from him, give the $357 to some other Latin American charity.

  20. weave says:

    @chili_dog: Bwahhaha… so says the guy that lives in the middle of the desert.

  21. balthisar says:

    @forgottenpassword: Actually, they do. As much as I hate the jerk, he really is helping the poorest of his people. His problem is they way that he goes about it, in that he hurts the people that aren’t the poorest of his people. He’s only able to do this, of course, because of the price of oil. Helping the poor poor people isn’t justification for his antidemocratic behaviour.

    @DallasDMD: You know, we do want their oil; it’s stupid to deny it. By we, I mean the whole world. And the thing is, we don’t want to steal it; we want to make them suckers rich by paying them for the oil. Which is what we’re doing now. Except them suckers is Chavez.

  22. lauralillith says:


    He’s a *socialist* *president*. As in, he got elected. By the people of Venezuela.

    Also, it’s no-where near Cuba – I don’t know why people are getting the two countries confused. Don’t you do geography in the US?

    Oh wait, never mind…

  23. humphrmi says:


    Yeah, lets go invade Venezuela to liberate their people (and oil supplies).

    Not sure what you mean by that comment, I said Chavez is a dictator and contributes to rising prices of oil with his stupid proclamations. Calling Chavez a dictator != saying we should invade Venezuela.

    Frankly I think besides suppressing free speech and trying to power-grab his position for the rest of his life, he’s a first-class dufus… he doesn’t have the diplomatic skills of a shit-covered rat. He’d have to get three promotions to get to be an asshole. But that doesn’t mean I think we should invade Venezuela.

  24. CuriousO says:

    This is funny how people bitch about free oil. If you are too good to take it then don’t. Hugo Chavez might be an evil dictator but at least he is doing something our Government is not…. helping AMERICANS. The Government will first help out IRAQ and their citizens before they give us a break. Yeah yeah I am sure Chavez is doing it to be a smart ass but, if it benefits the people that can’t afford it or have a hard time, why the hell not? Me I live in sunny SW Florida so this doesn’t affect me, but if it was available to me… you’re damn right I will take the free oil.

  25. Oregon says:

    38% of his country is living below the poverty standard
    He has 9% unemployment rate. No health care except in the cities. 23% infant mortality rate..
    The lists goes on and on. He should trade oil to Cuba for Medical Doctors.

  26. Parting says:

    @humphrmi: USA cannot afford to invade anything.

    Iraq and Afghanistan are costing an arm and a leg.
    National debt is going up, up, up.

    Maybe the government should take BUDGET course.

  27. CuriousO says:

    Oh and for the people that say Chavez is the cause for high OIL prices…Why would he sell the OIL at a fraction of the cost of what the Arabs do? That wouldn’t make any sense. If he can get as much as the Saudis Why not? We’re the dumb ones driving the BIG SUVs to go to work.

  28. XTC46 says:

    I read this and thought “who the hell needs heating oil?” then I remembered I live in hawaii and some places get really cold. Not sure what is worse…ultra high cost of living but not having to be freezing some times, or being freezing sometimes and then paying an extra 300 a month a few months of the year.

  29. XTC46 says:

    @CuriousO: Its not fair to say everyone is dumb for driving a SUV. I need one ofr work, i haul equipment around all day and a car would be too small. I cant get a truck becasue its electronics and if it rains it would ruin it. Sure, there are some people who drive huge cars and SUVs for no reason other than becasue they have the right and the means to do so, but there are far worse things.

  30. humphrmi says:

    @CuriousO: The price of oil is market driven, and Chavez drives up the cost of oil by fabricating plans by the U.S. to invade Venezuela and then pronouncing that he’ll cut oil supplies as a “counter attack”, which drives the markets crazy and pushes up the price of oil worldwide.

    For a communist, he’s very good at manipulating capitalist markets.

  31. Parting says:

    @humphrmi: Like Bush has any diplomatic skills… Chavez is showing off. His main goal is to boost his popularity in its own country. It’s a way to show people, that grass is not necessary greener in US. He’s corrupt. But so is US political arena. Only it’s not as obvious, because US politicians are a bit better at keeping their faces.

    The state of moral in politics forbids any judgment on ”should we invade another country?”. One corrupted guy does not have the right to decide to invade any other corrupted guy’s country. Especially when lives are at stake.

    We should go back to ancient Greece’s way of voting for war, if you vote for it, you have to go to it. Mandatory.

  32. Parting says:

    p.s. Maybe I’m a language nazi, but situation in Venezuela cannot be called communism. Wrong definition.

  33. CuriousO says:


    Yes you are right. If you need to drive an SUV for work or because you live in the mountains and have more than four kids than definitely or work related. I meant it for those people that have one kid and have a five mile trip to work. Those are the people that I always hear complaining about gas. The people that do not NEED to drive an SUV.

  34. CuriousO says:

    What’s corrupt called in this country?

    Answer- a Lobbyist


  35. homerjay says:

    @chili_dog: On the surface your comment would be valid. But when you really look at what is happening with oil prices and who it affects, it changes things.

    I can afford the fact that my heating costs have doubled in the last three years. I can just make changes in other areas of my life. The old lady that lives across the street is one deep freeze away from ending up on Joe Kennedy’s commercials.

    Your right, there are some lazy bastards that want everything for free. And then there’s the ones where three years is an instant and who were blindsided by the sudden overwhelming increase in one of the things that keep them alive in the winter.

  36. homerjay says:

    @homerjay: and before the word nazi’s pound me with their petty hammers, I am aware of my spelling and grammar mistakes. :)

  37. Cat5Stevens says:

    Even the worst political situation in the United States is nowhere NEAR the situation in Venezuela.
    Now if W decided to try and keep himself in power the way Hugo has, then maybe the pro-Chavez folks in here would have a valid point.
    Bottom line, this guy is a corrupt scumbag who is buying votes in the election of public opinion. Take the oil, if you really need it, but don’t buy into his socialist garbage.

  38. bohemian says:

    @chouchou: Maybe it is time for our gubmint to start cutting the cable, dining out and pedicures out if it’s budget. We waste so much money on corporate welfare, pointless programs and wars.

  39. fairweather says:


    I agree with you, except that Chavez isn’t “helping” the poor–that is a bit misleading–he’s really just looking for the cheapest route to a vote.

    By guaranteeing token services to those of modest means, he’s able to effectively buy their votes. This is further regrettable, when you consider that a majority of the people in his country are in this position and he has no plans to change that.

  40. bohemian says:

    @CuriousO: We readjusted our driving routine as some day to day situations changed. We found a way to keep our SUV in the driveway almost all the time and our gas budget suddenly went down. The only reason we don’t ditch it is because we don’t have the money right now to add to what we could sell the SUV for to buy even a decent used car. The thing is worthless now, nobody wants them. But changing makes a big difference. I just want to throw things at the soccer moms driving around in an oversized mega SUV with only them in the vehicle. If you have that much money you could buy a smaller car, they just don’t care.

  41. zolielo says:

    No different that selling out your info for a free silicon wrist bracelet, keychain, or whatnot. Personally I do not use heating oil.

  42. cmdr.sass says:

    Notice how only New Hampshire among all those Northeastern states is excluded? I guess they’d rather freeze to death than accept commie oil.

    Live Free or Die indeed.

  43. darkclawsofchaos says:

    hmmm…. free is free, like a free buffet at a big lecture, take the food if you wanna, but you don’t need to care about the message. Sure, you are helping a “corrupt president” in some way, but he is helping you survive and he is not demanding you to do anything in exchange. Sure theres the dignity thing, but when you are freezing and you are in a hole all alone, you probably have no dignity to begin with

  44. Landru says:

    I imagine that if you were to accept the offer of the free oil, the DHS would be camping on your front lawn, your phones and internet tapped and you would end up on all the do-not-fly lists.

  45. ShadowFalls says:

    I live in Florida. Though I do not feel the hearing oil pains you do, I heat my house using electricity. Given I don’t have to turn it on all that often within a year, I feel the costs of using A/C for a better part of it.

    For those of you who say “turn on a fan” or something like that, you obviously show your ignorance as you don’t know what it is like to deal with humidity. So in short, everyone is hurt by rising costs at some point in the year though.

    When I was living n Pennsylvania, we didn’t just turn on the heat all the time. If you got cold, throw on a blanket. Want to feel warmer, make some hot cocoa. Unless you are elderly, heat is really a luxury just the same, it just makes you feel more comfortable.

    To outset some of the costs though, we did have a kerosene heater which worked fairly well. To make good use of the heat, we would heat up soup or hot water for tea or hot cocoa. When you have less to work with, you tend to improvise.

  46. chili_dog says:

    @Tank: Lets see here. My Average Electric bill from May-Oct is $248 (per month). Out here in the desert we don;t use a furnace just a heat pump, so in Nov-Mar my electric averages $165.

    No lectures here just a simple fact that many people don;t budget they just buy the new Blue Ray and plasma then cry to high heaven for a free handout.
    @Weave: I;m gonna send you some astroglide so you can get into that Fit.

  47. Red_Eye says:

    @chili_dog: Chili, you are aware a heat pump wont necessarily work in all situations right? Thats why most have an auxiliary strip or emergency strip to actually create heat. Of course that strip raises the energy consumption to the point that its not cost effective any longer.

    On your average insulated slighty 5 year old house a heat pump wont manage 18deg outside and keep you toasty warm inside without some supplimental form of heating. Even here in west central Georgia, if its in the teens for several nights the heat pump runs non stop if you dont supplement it.

  48. whydidnt says:

    @CuriousO: Except the US government already spending close to 100 Billion, yes with a B on Social service, housing and urban development every year. To say the Government is not helping its citizen’s just isn’t true.

    You may argue that you think they should help even more, the reality is if they spent EVERY penny of the military budget on social programs most liberals would still say it wasn’t enough. Of course we’d be praying to Allah on a daily basis as well, since the government wouldn’t be able to execute one of it’s primary reasons for being – protecting it’s citizens. A military force IS provided for in our constitution. Welfare is not even mentioned.

  49. says:

    to quote the king of spain

    just imagine is one of his people said that to him…he’d kill them. coward.

  50. KogeLiz says:

    I wish I could just “throw on a blanket” … but uhmm… that doesn’t make much of a difference.
    In Boston, the houses are old, drafty and have large windows… and most higher ceilings.
    Even with sealing the windows and such, it is really cold.
    Space heaters usually blow fuses because of the ancient electrical wiring.

    It is EXTREMELY uncomfortable for me to be in my house during most of the winter even when wearing 4 layers of clothing, a hat and mittens.

    When I move from here, i will not be renting from a place with oil, thats for sure.

  51. DojiStar says:

    Citizens Energy, a nonprofit in Massachusetts uses donated Venezuelan oil and gives it for free to low income households. These are people who have trouble paying for food even without the added expense of high oil costs. They have no cell phones, or cable, and some don’t even have cars.

    Why is it wrong to accept free home heating oil from Venezuelan but OK to go to the gas station at Citgo and buy Venezuelan gas for your car.

    Talk about an ass backwards mentality.

    It’s free.
    It helps low income families.
    Nothing wrong with that.

  52. RenardRouge says:

    I don’t and won’t go to Citgo for that very reason.

    I’m in Ohio and I use a space heater in the room I’m in, and leave the doors shut when I leave a room. My central air is set at 60 degrees and it comes on periodically, but overall I try to keep my electric bill low.

    I’m glad I don’t have a wife! Then my heat would be on all the time…”It’s freezing in here!” Sound familiar?

  53. backbroken says:

    It must be really difficult to decide that one’s own principles outweigh others’ basic needs.

  54. crescentia says:

    I don’t see a problem with this at all. If the US government is unable to help its own citizens in their time of need then what is wrong with somebody else coming in and filling it? If I lived in one of those states I sure as hell would take the offer.

  55. iamme99 says:

    Ha ha, I like it. You know that this is Chavez’s way of giving the finger to Bush and knowing that there is absolutely nothing that Bush can do about it.

    I don’t require heating oil in California but do use electric heat in our “winter” when it can get downright cold (35-45F at night). Oh well. :)

    Saw this in the NY Times today:

    Spells of extreme cold kill over 27,000 Americans each year, or about 700 people each very cold day. Heat waves may receive more publicity, but it turns out that cold periods – days with an average temperature below 30 degrees -have more significant and longer-lasting effects on human mortality. More people die in cold periods than in homicides.

    Extreme cold brings cardiovascular stress as human bodies struggle to adjust to the temperature; many of the deaths in these periods come through heart attacks. Heat waves tend to kill people who were already weakened and would have died soon anyway; cold periods bring additional people to the verge of death.

    When retired people move to a warmer state, their life expectancy rises dramatically. In fact, 8 to 15 percent of the increase in American life expectancy over the last 30 years comes from people moving to warmer climates, according to research done by two economics professors, Olivier Deschenes at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Enrico Moretti, at the University of California, Berkeley.


  56. Jean Naimard says:

    Er, Chavez is not communist, but socialist.

  57. mr_jrdn says:

    Chavez is crazy, there’s no question about that. But you have to admire his devotion to helping the poor people in his country, and other countries as well.

    I’m just surprised that the American government is allowing Chavez to give oil to American citizens. Usually the USA doesn’t like hand outs from Latin America, like when they denied aid from Cuba in the aftermath of Katrina.

  58. Parting says:

    @whydidnt: Actually the main ”reason” of fanaticism rise in Muslim regions is CAUSED by US sloppy invasions. Too many ”accidents” involving collateral damages. Often grieving family members start hating those who killed their relatives. Also, it’s easier to recruit teenagers for terrorism from families that were affected by ”collateral” damages from US army. Army troops tend to lose quickly the respect of people they are supposed to ”save” when they get bombarded by US. (even allies, like UK/Canada already were bombarded BY MISTAKE by US troops).

    And military force is supposed to protect its citizens, not go fight oil wars for Halliburton. In cases of flood, tornadoes and other natural disaster, US troops will do a lot better by helping rescue efforts locally.

    And China is becoming a new military power….

  59. Parting says:

    @Landru: Unless you invite Chavez to your home for a visit, I doubt anyone will care :)

  60. winexprt says:

    Funny how short the memory span of most americans is: already forgotten that Bushie sold you on the “Liberation” of Iraq on the empty promise (more like outright LIE) that it would result in lower gas prices for americans??

    Remember? Of course you don’t…

    Remind me, how much has the price of oil/gas JUMPED here in the “Land Of The Free” since our Smirking Chimp Lied US into invading a country that time has proven posed absolutely NO threat to US??

    Guess bushie lied about that too…

    And to all the brainwashed robots who are seemingly mind-melded to FoxNews, NEWSFLASH: Chavez was ELECTED. Overwhelmingly. By a far larger margin then our “Idiot-In-Chief” was. Hardly a “Dictator” (many could easily claim that about bush). But don’t let actual FACTS get in the way of good ol’ american jingoistic propaganda, right.

  61. chili_dog says:

    @Red_Eye: Yea, but in Phoenix it’s rarely cold enough to ever have that as a problem. In the last 20 years I’ve been here, never an issue.

  62. chili_dog says:

    @winexprt: Remember how most of the Dems voted in favor of the invasion?!?!? Nah didn;t think so.

  63. winexprt says:

    @chili_dog: Remind me, did I ever claim there was a REAL difference between the two wings (War-a-crat & War-a-publician) of the same party?

    If you actually still believe in the false paradigm that is the whole Us & Them, Democrat Vs. Republicans, I truly pity you.

  64. whiskey says:

    @drgirlfriend: That is true… This is maybe how the US copes with things like the kind of stuff that happens in Pakistan perhaps.

    Say, Ethanol isn’t made with Sugar Canes?

  65. EtherealStrife says:

    I’d take the oil in a heartbeat if I qualified. These 50-55 degree winter nights are brutal.

    @winexprt: No no chili dog is saying you don’t remember because that never occurred. :) (cough)

  66. CumaeanSibyl says:

    @chili_dog: Yes, in Phoenix. Come live in the Midwest or the Northeast and then tell us how it’s our fault that heating costs have skyrocketed over the past few years.

  67. AdminX says:


    The solution to all your oil heating problems.

  68. Pank says:

    I find it extremely funny that some people here call Hugo Chavez a dictator, while people in Venezuela have a much more democratic system compared to the US.
    They even had a referendum (was it two years ago?), where the people of Venezuela could vote if Chavez should remain president. In the USA a war criminal like Bush, whose murderous policy against the people of Afghanistan, Iraq and others is comparable to the atrocities of Stalin, isn’t even challenged, let alone sent to The Hague to stand trial for his crimes.

  69. iamme99 says:


    Please move to California. We desperately need people to buy some houses here. Bonus: No heating oil required. And the earthquakes are really infrequent :)

  70. southernboy1 says:

    Listen I know it is about him shoving it all in our face but if our government cannot help our own people especially with the economy the way it is now,I say take the oil and use it if you need it regardless.We already support China totally so what difference would this be.It is not about them but about your family.If you need it take it.Look out for number one.

  71. keet says:

    Hearing people complain of “It got down to 30 degrees” sort of makes me snicker.

    Yes, I live in Alaska, though one of the larger cities. There’s been some debate, even among the villages about whether or not to accept this oil from Chavez.

    But the fact remains, when you’re paying upwards of $7.50+ per gallon of oil, you start to appreciate how important 100 gallons of free oil can be, especially for the elders in villages who are paying more per month for oil than rent.

    Sure, sure, “Why don’t they move somewhere else?” The short answer is, I don’t know (and honest, probably wouldn’t even try to ask or answer that question). These people can trace generations of their family that have lived in the same village/area.

    So, if Chavez wants to pump $5.3 million to the Alaska Native corporations to purchase the oil (cheaper than shipping the oil from Venezuela) for those that qualify, I say let him.

  72. avantartist says:

    I’m dumbfounded so many people not having paid a major heating bill [in the last couple of years] have so much to say over this.

    I rented a place and one winter my heat bill peaked at $650 for one month, the highest we ever set the temperature in the house was 64 degrees. I would go to bed wearing a sweat suit, knit cap, wool socks, and a scarf… and was still cold.

    I’d rater take free oil from a bad person than give a bad person money for oil.

  73. SexCpotatoes says:

    @whydidnt: So, “welfare is not mentioned in the constitution” how about the Declaration of Independence “LIFE, liberty and pursuit of happiness” Without welfare many people would die, therefor welfare is part of the government’s ‘social contract’ for lack of a better term, with us, its people. I would destroy you in a debate about “welfare,” (what about Social Security, that is WELFARE too, everybody gets it once they reach a certain age, if they are citizens and contributed, etc.) that’s not the issue here, free heating oil is the topic.

    Probably the reason the heating oil is not offered in certain states is that CITGO doesn’t operate in those states. I rememeber them pulling out of Ohio because it wasn’t profitable or some such reason. At the time, they were eliminating their distribution/company operations in 9 states.

    If I needed it, I would definitely go for it. Help is help, as far as I’m concerned. Does that make Chavez a saint? No, but it definitely provokes an important debate.

    If Bush or Congress really wanted to, they could count those donations of $357+ of heating oil as income, and have the IRS go after all those who received it for tax evasion/fraud.

    Anywho, more to the point does home heating oil have any other uses? like making homemade flamethrowers or anything?

  74. AndyFromTucson says:

    If this is how Venezuela decides to spend its money, its a free world and more power to them.

    If Venezuela giving free heating oil to the poor of the United States makes the US government look bad in some people’s eyes for not doing the same, then thats just one consequence of our government’s choices about which citizens to help and which citizens to not help. Choices have consequences, and one consequence of choosing to let the poor fend for themselves is that your political opponents can use that fact against you with people who are sympathetic to the poor.

    As far as people choosing to take advantage of this program: if someone is giving something away, and taking it would help you, I am not going to judge you for freely taking what someone else has chosen to freely offer.

  75. AndyFromTucson says:

    By the way, living in the Northeast is a choice, as is living in a poorly insulated house, as is living in a large hard-to-heat house, as is heating every room in the house instead of just one common room, etc. They may be the best choices for some people, all things considered, but they are still choices and no one with a high heating bill is a victim.

  76. BugMeNot2 says:

    Living in the Northeast is not always a “choice” for the low income. Blue collar jobs don’t exactly pay for “relocation” or transfer bonuses to other cities. Many low income people have been living in the NE for generations, they can’t just pick up and leave when they live paycheck to paycheck. Bundling up and keeping the thermostat does not solve anything. How do you get the temp to 58 degrees inside when it’s 0 degrees outside? It takes oil and lots of it!

    When you’re struggling to pay for food, why would you go out and buy insulated windows and fiber. Lot of people on this program are elderly, and I’m sure they’re not “eating out” all the time and using an expensive cable or cell phone plan. $200 billion on the war in Iraq, and we can’t even spend a little on our own citizens. Chavez is succeeding in making us look like idiots.

  77. bradnh says:

    Somewhat off-topic (but right on point compared to some of the stuff posted here): Can anyone tell me why heating oil is MORE expensive than gasoline? Isn’t gasoline basically a more refined version of heating oil?

  78. nysports says:

    Don’t give into this guy. Citgo is evil. Evil Evil Evil. I know it’s a hard decision to turn away oil when you don’t have much money, but praying on the week is how dictators gain power and do bad bad things. Evil.

  79. bradnh says:

    Also, noticed that my beloved state of New Hampshire is conspicuously absent from the list of other freezing, sensible, participating Northeast states. I wonder if our state government was too “proud” (stupid) to take charity from that evil commie? Live Free or Die!

  80. nech says:

    bugmenot: “$200 billion on the war in Iraq, and we can’t even spend a little on our own citizens. Chavez is succeeding in making us look like idiots.”

    Chavez has offered support for Katrina victms wich i the usa ignored.

    Hey, why not make Chavez the next American President? Maybe he woud give you also free-education and health care, that sure no other lobbyed american candidate will do.

  81. BigCommieNat says:

    I’ll start off by pointing out the obvious… I am FAR from unbiased. Let me also state that I’m not a communist in the ‘Lenin and Marx’ school, but in the anti-Limbaugh school of communism. If Rush says it’s bad, I usually think it’s good.

    So, I’m pretty damned shocked by the replies I saw here. Really, alot shocked. Consumerist readers ALREADY know that what Comcast, Ford, AT&T, and GE put in a press release is often omissive to the point of outright lying. We KNOW that AT&T has greater access to the press, and 50,000 consumers will NEVER get the same news coverage as one AT&T PR rep. We know this… and we keep trying anyway. The consumerist does it’s best to provide us with the other side of consumer rights… the side you’ll never find in the wall street journal.

    So… why would a state department press release be ANY different?

    I don’t Like Chavez, I don’t dislike him either. I don’t know him… and neither does anyone here. What your opinions are based on, is American media reports… which as I previously stated, are usually a good representation of one side of the argument.

    I’d love to hear what the general Canadian opinion is on Chavez… they buy a considerable amount of oil from him as well. Or the British or anyone.

    As for the free oil in America… take it. Why are they sending it here… PR? yes. Goodwill? yes. A slight at Bush? yes. is it still free oil? oh yes.

    Are you a traitor if you take the oil?
    Are you out of your mind? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHERE THE OTHER OIL COMES FROM? Where does the funding for terror groups come from? I’m not going to draw conclusions for you… but please… the next time anyone says Chavez’s oil is less good… please look at the situations in Africa and the middle east… actually read something about it… then think for yourself. Having oil in a poor country is a curse… look at Guinea … look at Nigeria… and tell me honestly that Venezuela is worse.

    Thanks consumerist… thanks for always watching out for us.

  82. legerdemain says:

    @xtc46: Split the difference. I donned shorts and a t-shirt before enjoying a twenty-five mile bicycle ride yesterday. Near the halfway point, I paused to enjoy the warm sun and light breeze while dangling my feet off on the lake front. Gas is well under $3.00/gal here, and we have a low overall cost of living.

    Yes, the living is mighty fine in Louisiana.

  83. ry_ry says:

    @lauralillith: The person who said this was referring to the embargo on Cuban goods due to the non-democratic government, and the double standard we have of accepting oil from terrorist/socialist countries without a second though. Reading > you

    As someone mentioned before, who said his elections were “legal”? Someone already mentioned that he helped out the poor to buy cheap votes. All he needs to do is woo the poor and he has a majority.

    Think about this: What if there was a new “independant” candidate out there for office. He was promising lower oil costs across the board, with the help of a certain country.

    Now imagine you accepted this oil, and a little while later there was a knock on the door. Someone was now offering you another 100 gallons for free. You accept and you’re amazed.

    Later, there is another knock on your door. A person would like to talk to you about this candidate who wants to lower oil prices, and also wants to know your opinion on the free oil you’ve gotten…

    As an aside…do you all remember the commercials when they started promoting this last winter? The one lady was like “God bless Hugo Chavez for helping us out” or something like that. I almost puked. Avoid Shitgo (and their gas makes my car run like crap too) :)

  84. ironchef says:

    take it.
    His loss is your gain.

  85. InspectorxGadget says:

    @Jean Naimard: @balthisar:

    Given his recent course of action with regard to the media and various nationalization attempts, stating that he’s a socialist rather than a communist is a distinction without a difference.

  86. Suasponte says:

    Yeh, what an outrage that socialistic stuff is in that Country. Imagine! Venezuelans having a significantly better standard of life because of the distribution among them of some of the profits gleaned from the sales of oil. This is the same huge supply of oil that Bush and the oil gang covet.

    A short time ago, Chavez was removed from office by the thugs of that oil-smeared crowd. The coup ended within three days after the people came out into the streets en masse in a rage and demanded the return of Chavez to office. He was returned quickly.

    These Venezueleans just don’t get it, do they? Why wouldn’t they want to see the international oil giants come in and make a killing on the production of Venezuelan oil, while making the top Venezuelans comfortable in return for keeping the “rabble” quiet and forcing them pick grit with the chickens, fully satisfied that they aren’t a socialist tyranny but enjoy the freedom to struggle for existence.

    There needs to be in the USA an increasingly strong campaign against this evil guy Chavez and any successor to him who refuse the oil grab. So, come on all you deluded out there across the USA. Raise your voices in support of Bush and Company, and perhaps urge him to attack Venezuela. BP, Chevron, Hess, and Shell will love you for it.

  87. Suasponte says:

    A socialist and a communist: distinctions without a difference is a phrase appearing here among these posts.

    This is a great example of the kind of ignorance in too many quarters of this Country that has given us the Bush crowd to endure for eight long years.

  88. watwat45678 says:

    This program (Joe 4 Oil is what the page links to) is meant for people like the one in the video- those who CANNOT AFFORD to heat their homes. Anyone who tries to take advantage of this who can afford heating oil (and there will be some) is a despicable piece of shit. This is meant for people who have to choose between heat and food, or are heating there home with their oven, not for cheap assholes who see it as a way to get something for free.

  89. superdewa says:

    No cable and we eat out at a moderate restaurant once a year for our anniversary. We scrimp and save to pay back school loans and our mortgage.

    We live in upstate NY and keep our oil heat in the mid 50s to keep our water pipes from freezing — higher when the temperature goes below about 15 degrees farenheit. We use lots of layers and a few electric space heaters to keep our bodies from freezing. We had an energy auditor in last year and put in several thousands of dollars to insulate our old house better. Oil is still barely affordable, since the cost has doubled in the past couple of years. That’s a lot of money. We’re managing. Many of my neighbors aren’t.

    Some people either must live where it’s a lot warmer and just don’t get it or just be really flipping insensitive to think that it’s all just a matter of budgeting.

    Yes, there’s people who can turn down their heat several degrees and budget better. But most of us are having a rough time.

  90. DrGirlfriend says:

    If Venezuela giving free heating oil to the poor of the United States makes the US government look bad in some people’s eyes for not doing the same, then thats just one consequence of our government’s choices about which citizens to help and which citizens to not help.

    On the backs of Venezuela’s own citizens, who could certainly use a government that uses its considerable oil revenue wisely. Showing up the US is apparently more important, though.

  91. bryanarchy says:

    The simple fact is that governments use people as pawns in their stupid PR games for power. In this case, poor Americans are benefiting at the expense of Venezuelan citizens. In other cases, Cuba sends doctors everywhere and cuban people struggle for medical attention.

    The American government uses the embargo/blockade to convince to wear down Cuba’s resolve by hurting the citizens, much like it did in Iraq.

    It sucks that the people always pay the price for the government’s political actions. How many people are poor or starving or even dead because of this? No matter if it’s Chavez, Bush, Castro, Hussein, they never feel the pain they inflict.

  92. chili_dog says:

    @CumaeanSibyl: I never said it was the end users fault for increasing costs. I’m disgusted myself over this issue, here SRP is boosting prices 9.6% in June. But it still doesn’t change the fact that our nation needs to get a grip and fix this problem. And expecting Chavez to send us all free oil is not a solution. Here’s my thoughts:
    Increase drilling in the US. Build more Nuclear plants. Open up offshore drilling.
    But then again the do nothing congress and ineffectual executive leadership won.t

  93. TCB2006 says:

    Chavez’s “charity” is a blatant publicity stunt. As many have noted, if he were a true humanitarian he would start by focusing on his own citizens. The only thing more despicable that Hugo is that huckster Joe Kennedy.

    To the folks complaining about their high oil prices, 1) you chose to rent or buy an apartment or house heated by oil and 2) if you are having that much trouble making ends meet, maybe perusing Websites via a high speed internet connection isn’t the best use of your time or cash…

    Again, as many have already noted, (i.e. Chili_Dog)it’s all about priorities…

  94. KogeLiz says:


    well, hey, if you can buy me a car right now – i will move back to Florida.

    Also, apparently everyone is missing the point: this program is for LOW INCOME families or the elderly.

  95. samurailynn says:

    In case no one else noticed – all of the states that are mentioned are states with cold weather in the winter. I’m not talking about the chilly 50-60 degree nights that some of you are complaining about (Phoenix!). Even in Oregon where the weather isn’t too extreme it gets down to 35 degrees most nights. And yes, my family is having a hard time with heating costs this winter because we moved into an older and underinsulated house. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to heat it. Oh well, lesson learned and we will invest in some insulation throughout the next year. However, I know there are people a lot less well off than we are, and I don’t mind that they may receive some free heating oil to hopefully keep them a little warmer this winter.

  96. danheskett says:

    To the folks complaining about their high oil prices, 1) you chose to rent or buy an apartment or house heated by oil and 2) if you are having that much trouble making ends meet, maybe perusing Websites via a high speed internet connection isn’t the best use of your time or cash…

    This is profoundly ignorant, of course. I have several relatives, including elderly grandparents, who are relying on family members to subsidize their heating costs simply because it is physically impossible to maintain a livable temperature at the current cost of fuel.

    The actual source of fuel – your point #1 – is irrelevant. Whether it is oil, kerosine, natural gas, propane, electric, or some combination of these options it is a simple fact that the cost of heating your home has far outstripped inflation and the non-existant real wage growth of the last decade.

    Your comment is also ignorant in that, the cost of a PC, high-speed internet access, the electricty to use it, and the energy spent browsing is tiny. A $500 PC, $20/month DSL package, and $20 a month in electricity will not buy you a tank full of home heating fuel. That same tank of 225 gallons can easily be expended heating a home to low-grade hypothermia levels for just 5 days during a cold snap.

    I agree that it is about priorities, however. This nation has lacked priorities and leadership regarding energy use for decades, and now, there is no one in the country who will be untouched by the lack of priority given to energy issues.

    Fuel prices will continue to rise, and the pain will not be just felt by those making under $40,000 a year. The pain is being felt across the entire economy, and it will only get worse. As more and more of our GDP is exported in exchange for energy the buying power of the remaining money will continue to fall as prices skyrocket.

    Ignorance is what got us here in the first place. Why not try to break the cycle before it’s too late?

  97. danheskett says:


    So it’s okay to buy oil from evil dictators all over the world, but not take it for free?

    Your position is not supported by logic.

    In fact, you can make a better case for the fact that taking this oil is a moral imperative, than against it:

    1. Dictators are bad. They do evil things.
    2. Dictators are able to do more bad things the more money they have. Dictators with no money are not able to do as much bad things as they could with lots of money.
    3. Therefore, giving Dictators money is bad.
    4. Buying oil from dictators is bad. It trades something they have (oil), for money, which can be used to do more bad things.
    5. However, taking oil from dictators deprives them of money they would have earned selling it to someone else, thereby reducing the amount of money and oil that the dictator has, which reduces the number of bad things the dictator can do.
    6. Therefore, taking oil for free from dictators is good.

    Therefore, you are wrong. It is good to take oil for free from dictators.

    Thought for the day:

    Energy assistance through LIHEAP: $3.18 Billion per year

    War in Iraq: $6.8 Billion per month

  98. f0nd004u says:

    The communist/socialist governments of South America have a good sense of humor:

    When doing research into international medical schools, I discovered a Cuban medical program in which their government accepts something like 30 medical students a year from the US and trains them for free at Havana University for 4 years, under the condition that once they are doctors they go back and practice in a poor or underprivileged community in the United States.

    Castro calls it a humanitarian effort, because not everyone in the US can afford health care.

    And Havana U. is actually a good med school. I was consdering doing it. Med school here costs a couple hundred grand…

  99. ShadowFalls says:


    When you don’t have the money, what better options do you have?

  100. seashellisawesome says:

    When your winter heating costs have gone from $700 to $2100 in 4 years, on top of all the other rising costs it gets very difficult to make up such a dramatic increase no matter how well you budget.

  101. olduvai says:

    None of you know what you’re talking about.

  102. trollkiller says:

    @winexprt: Funny how short the memory span of most americans is: already forgotten that Bushie sold you on the “Liberation” of Iraq on the empty promise (more like outright LIE) that it would result in lower gas prices for americans??

    Remember? Of course you don’t…

    I don’t think you remember that either. Please post a link to a Bush quote stating the invasion would lower oil prices.

    Now what I do remember is a whole bunch of Lefties crying that it was just about oil.

  103. Parting says:

    @danheskett: Ha! Ha! Nice logic :)

  104. Parting says:

    @InspectorxGadget: Socialist/communist there is a difference in word definition. It’s like saying that grey and black are the same color. And I notice that a lot of time Americans label pretty much anyone communist, when they don’t like them. Chavez is a capitalist with a social program to be exact.

    (p.s. Just so you know : a communist does NOT believe in private property, EVERYTHING has to belong to the government. And NOTHING in private hands.)

  105. Parting says:

    @ry_ry: ”As an aside…do you all remember the commercials when they started promoting this last winter? The one lady was like “God bless Hugo Chavez for helping us out” or something like that. I almost puked. :)”

    Election time commercials are crappy and hypocrite. I can say I have the same feeling when I hear a candidate ”bitching” about his competition.

    As for accepting goodies from Chavez, see @danheskett: His comments make most sense.

    (By the way, Venezuela is no more terrorist than USA. More corrupt – yes. Terrorist – no.)

  106. KogeLiz says:


    thats why i dont understand why people are saying “budget better and don’t use energy assistance”

    when we run out of oil and are waiting for it to be delivered, i stay at work longer – and then i go to sleep wearing my hat, mittens, pants and 5 blankets.
    it’s really a fun way to live.

  107. tk427 says:


    That is, without a doubt, the most cold-blooded, selfish comment ever posted on this site.

    This is not a subject where a “blame the victim” attitude is appropriate. The northern states have no shortage of decent, sober, hardworking individuals who would be dead by this time tomorrow if it were not for some kind of assistance.

  108. misstic says:

    High oil prices do squeeze the poor. But oil companies do not control them. Dictators such as Chavez do. Eighty percent of the world’s oil is held by inefficient state oil companies. Venezuela is one of the worst, producing its oil with scab labor since a 2003 strike, and it has also confiscated at least $1 billion in U.S. oil assets since then. Some industry analysts estimate that Chavez adds as much as a third of the cost to world oil prices. No wonder he wants someone else, like Big Oil, blamed.

    Oil companies, in fact, give far more to charity than Kennedy’s $25 million program. In 2006, Chevron gave $90.8 million. British Petroleum gave $106.7 million. Exxon Mobil gave $138.6 million.

    It goes to show that Kennedy’s cheap oil program is a plan to really advance Chavez’s influence in this country. What a scam.

  109. RvLeshrac says:


    Actually, it isn’t always the amount. It is WHERE that money goes, and what PERCENTAGE it is.

    Countries with near-zero economies give far larger percentages of them to help the poor, both in their own countries and in developing nations. Many of them are democratic.

    My favorite thing to hear is people calling the UK and Canada “socialist” states when they have far higher voter turnouts than the US.

  110. RvLeshrac says:


    Bush did not personally say it. The administration did say, many times, that oil revenues in Iraq would pay for the war.

    “Then there was Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz’s prediction last spring that Iraqi oil revenues would pay all the costs of reconstructing the country.”

  111. zorn says:

    To the author: Venezuela is not communist. Do some reading, quit watching Fox News.

    I don’t know too much about Venezuela, but if you watch the documentary ‘The War on Democracy’ where they *actually interview people in Venezuela* it would seem that Chavez was elected Democratically, set up a Constitution and gave people Rights they never had before.

    Ron Paul stated the coup in Venezuela in 2002 (2003?) was reportedly funded by the CIA. I have yet to read anything refuting that Chavez was elected – why are we messing with a country that has a democratically elected president?

    According to the documentary, the poor people of Venezuela marched on the capitol after Chavez was overthrown (it was reported he quit) and demanded his release, and the new govt/people relented.

    Read some Chomsky. Watch the documentaries “Why We Fight” and “The Power of Nightmares” and the one above. These are BBC documentaries or with ‘why we fight’ an award winner at the 2005 Sundance Film festival – NOT some youtube video made by a kid in his basement.

    Then you will see things are not as cut and dry as we think. Hell just read some Chomsky and you will get an entirely different view on the world and US foreign policy…

  112. banmojo says:

    @chili_dog: Hear, hear.

    Hugo is a f4#@ing lying politician POS, much like many we have operating in D.C. today. Power corrupts … and all that jazz. I’d be freaked if I didn’t have my faith. Everything is happening according to a Plan; we may not be able to discern said Plan, but It exists, and luckily for us, we’re not only IN the Plan, we’re It’s starting quarterbacks!! It’s OUR choice if we want to ‘win’ what has already been won for us. Hallelujah!!

  113. synergy says:

    Chavez is not a communist. He’s a socialist. Venezuela is a democratic socialist nation.

  114. banmojo says:

    @danheskett: I actually agree with everything you said. And the fiscal facts sure do fly in the face of the warmongers, don’t they? Thank you for making an eloquent point.

  115. Stlheadake says:

    You know it’s really easy to preach when the sermon doesn’t really have anything to do for you. Picking up and leaving an area isn’t just as simple as renting a U-Haul and packing. So you guys that think that people should just leave are nuts.

    Furthermore, let’s just follow your line of faulty logic and suppose ‘those’ unfortunate folks do decide to leave the North East. Hell from what I understand here, Tuscon sounds like the place to go. So pack up and head there.

    So now Tuscon has to deal with more than illegal immigrants squatting on jobs and homes, now you have LEGAL citezens who need jobs, healthcare, homes, food, and everything else that Tusconites LOVE about cozy home.

    See it’s not that simple! Look beyond you’re freakin nose! I am CERTAIN that at some point everyone has wished they were someplace else. What’s stopping you? Yeah that thing called REALITY!

    I live in the Midwest, and it DOES get cold here. I don’t use heating oil (THANK GOD!), I use natural gas. That isn’t cheap either.

    I like it here, and I choose to stay. Anyone who thinks that just packing up and leaving ‘home’ for Oz seriously needs to grow up.

    What’s even worse, let’s suppose some guy on the street wants to hand you a hundred bucks. Just how many of you ‘better than Chavez’ types would stop to ask him how he MADE that money? N O N E !!

    You’d take that Benjamin and run as fast as your feet would carry you to your nearest Ikea or Electronic store! Why is this any different? If you are cold and you need heat, get you some!

    Screw anyone who says different! Hypocrites!!

  116. -Lawrence- says:

    Hi, i made my acount to participate, Becouse i see a lot of comments abut the comunism,about people going to jail couse they dont like to the president, and a lot of thing that i dont see here in venezuela, i dont even speak english well, but there is some thing you should know, couse the true about venezuela goverment is no what u see in North american TV, there is more that Cnn, Fox news, and local news.

    Im from Caracas, venezuela, born here, i graduated in South floridad high school, and when i turn 18 came back to my contry.

    If in Venezuela there is a comunism regim, well let me say is a beutifull comunism regim, the reason are to many capitalism reason why this cant be a comunism regim in the way they toll us in the united state, i’ll say a few, and a few reallitys u may be dont know, hope this help you look in other place for information about my country

    *here in venezuela is a fact that oil cost less that water, really i fill my tank 40 Lt, whith ONE DOLLAR.

    *Here in venezuela, people vote for Hugo Chavez 14 times, 3 times to get him for president, one for a new constitution, one to know if people what hin to stay, and 9 diferent times, about diversity of state issues that affect all the people, he lost last election about a constitutional reform.

    * yes in venezuela there is a 38% of the country is living below the poverty standard He has 9% unemployment rate, but before chavez, there was a 80% of people living below the poverty standard, and a 35% of unemployment rate (What 40 years of so call “Democracy” leaft for us, democracy that U.S.A aprob)

    *You guys should see our TV, anyone come out every day telling our people :”Chavez is a mad crazy dictator, is killing us” , reporter say WHAT THEY WANT, every day and they are still telling what they want even a lie about anything they want, no one is in jail for; You want to know about Dictators regim, read about chile and argentina 60,70, 80 regims.

    * dont know the term in english, but there was been 3 times that oposition have try to take out power this goverment,in the way to do it, they take out our food, there was no oil, no supermarket, everybody go strike, when i say everybody i say the owner of the supermarket, the owner of gas station, no the workers. one time they even take it out of power, the poor people came out and bring him back in less that a day, the oposition have a option kill 80% that is whith chavez or let him come back..

    *for 40 year U.S.A take OUR oil , paying ONLY 1% in taxes, that is a gift, there is a reason about the 80% of poverty that we have before chavez, and there is the one and only reason why they tell you people that chavez is a “Evil Comunist Dictator, that eat Kid, and kill the people that talk bad about him”.

    *In this country there was 500.000 BRAND NEW CARS in 2007, and I say luxury cars, and no only corrupt new capitalism public employed, i mean everyone!, couse the country is going so fricking well, i mean here is more money that ever, and the e and d extract ( the really really poor people) is geting more money Couse they have WORK, and get money to they house.

    * In 9 Year of Hugo chavez goverment we have no ask for a Loan to the IMF, And no only dont ask for loan, that HE PAY THE 40 years loan that old goberment ask for it, and the Interests acumulated for 40 years, this loan was eating our country. and no only that, that co working whith argentina we buy bonus to argentina, to help that country pay they loan.

    There is so many Stuff that the news dont tell North american people, that for us is Sad, is a reality that you guys dont see, yes we give oil to cuba they pay as they can, whith doctors!!,medicine,visual operations for the poor people, that is no comunism that is no socialism, that is beem Human,there is something here that the goverment call, food security, that is that when private owners want to presure the goverment they take out theyr product out market(THE FOOD, WHAT U EVERY DAY EAT) whith food security they cant do that, that is genocide!!, so the worker go and take the factory, and keep productions to give food out to market.

    there is so many things that the govermet is making rigth, but there is a lot of bad thingd, the corruptions, the innsecurity,and the list goes on, but this cant be call evil comunims, this cant be call evil dictator regim, we are no trowing bomb to other country, we are no telling other people how to rule they country, we have no Guantanamo, we have no irak, afganistan, we have no bush fatal error, hope u can do a “Ctl+Z” couse is no the people that did that, was the George bush goverment…

    yes give free oil is a smart international Politics, a really smart paing in the ass Politics, but you know what?, that family that really need that oil, dont know about evil dictator, international Politics, they only know they need that oil, coming from hell or no, they need to live, they dont need to pay for oil to heat the house maybe they can buy more food for this winter, just maybe?? no one think obout it??; in that way our contry Consciousness feel so friking fine,couse is the way our people is, we give whay they can, no becouse we are socialist, or comunist, is becouse we are A good Country.
    and stil oil will cost us less that water.

  117. EASTKOY says:


  118. misstic says:


    What a nice guy. *eyeroll*

  119. bertrand says:

    @backbroken: best comment on this page

  120. Valhawk says:

    Fine he is a would be dictator. Who just tried to give himself sweeping powers and no term limit. Luckly Venisuelans are starting to see him for what he is a powerhungry asshole who takes on the trappings of scocialism to propel himself to power on the idea that he will change anything.

  121. trollkiller says:

    @RvLeshrac: I do remember the promise that the Iraqis would pay us back for their liberation with revenues made from their oil, but I always understood it to mean that the once the oil was sold on the open market the payback would be government to government.

    I have no idea how that would translate to lower gas prices for the US public. In fact it seems like higher oil prices would better to pay off the debt quicker.

    Face it, if the war was all about oil, gasoline would be at $1.50 a gallon and the vast majority of the American public would be singing the praises of Bush.

  122. comedian says:

    The single biggest asset of most all home heating delivery companies is their customer list.

    This isn’t just a political move, it is a very astute marketing move.

  123. rjhiggins says:

    The smarmy, I’ve-got-mine mentality of people like Chilidog and taney71 makes me sick. There are a lot of elderly people in this country, poor people working two jobs, people on disability, people with cancer and other horrific diseases, people who have been laid off when their jobs were sent to India…

    And all you can say is they should give up the HBO and stop dining out on lobster. I don’t wish it on you, but someday you just might find yourself in one of the situations above. Then maybe you’ll find a little compassion.

  124. mikelotus says:

    @taney71: how would you know there is a “ton” of people? You have any evidence of this or are you just talking out your ass?

    @TCB2006: You are an idiot I am afraid. Most people in the northeast that have this issue live in the same house all their lives and at the time, heating oil was both the only and cheapest choice. Most are elderly and can not afford anything else. Its people like you that are bad for this country. Self-centered, uncaring, self-absorbed, and unloved by most. Remember, everything you say can and will be remembered when they send out your funeral announcement.

    @AndyFromTucson: making stupid comments like this is a choice too, just a bad one.

    @nysports: and if its so evil, why do we buy 70% of their oil?

  125. reagan32 says:

    Looks like this is their site promoting it..


  126. trollkiller says:

    @-lawrence-: I just hope your fellow countrymen will keep Chavez in line by limiting his power. Chavez is working the classical tactics to becoming a full blown dictator.

  127. IrisMR says:

    Heck, it’s free! Gimme some! I’m sure I’ll figure out some way I need that oil!

  128. I actually work for the Department of Public Welfare in a NE state. Many people could use this program. A lot of the ill-informed comments on this post just don’t understand the hard times that people face, especially during winter months in the Northeast.

  129. giggitygoo says:

    So many ridiculous comments here. Chavez is giving away oil to poorer Americans in a lame attempt to embarass Pres. Bush. He doesn’t care about Americans any more than he cares about his own people. He is a power-hungry quasi-dictator (yes he was elected, but he’s consolidating power and eliminating all that oppose him) who despises anyone who is opposed to his gaining power. For all the half-wits who make the insane comparison to our President, (who BTW for all those getting ready to yell “Neocon!!!”, I am not a fan of) you can make that point the next time Pres. Bush tries to amend the Constitution so he can stay in office forever, shuts down the most watched media outlets, and has political opponents arrested. THEN maybe you would have a point that makes some sort of sense. Hating our President is not reason to defend a manical, power-hungry leader like Chavez.

    And high oil prices may be a failure of our government, but its our own failure as well. We had 30 years since the 70s oil crisis, we should have learned our lesson then and took steps to be energy independent – but politicians and their constituents (us!) never demanded it until gas crept past $2.50. Now it’s going to take decades before we can stop importing oil, and we have only ourselves to blame.

  130. S-the-K says:

    If Uncle Hugo were truly egalitarian, he would offer the heating oil to everyone, not just his buddies in a handful of states.

    But anyway, I’ll get me one of those repossessed homes in the NE and get me some cheap heating oil. Then I’ll resell it for a tidy profit. Awesome!

  131. -Lawrence- says:

    TROLLKILLER: yes, we’re, everybody is telling us from 10 years, that hugo chavez is evil and will became a full dictator; if… making a point about respet the free will of 22 million people is “classical tactics to becoming a full blown dictator” well that 22 million people will keep waching his back.

    * we’re 28 million poblation =P, 6 million dont like hugo chavez, and they have they way to let it know to the worl, they are the OWNERS.

  132. usul356 says:

    Wait a minute. If cold causes more deaths and raises your bills more than heat, why are some people trying to stop this so called “global warming”. Seems to me we should promote it even though we can’t do anything to actually cause it.

  133. @drgirlfriend: It’s just like when Castro offered us election observers. :P

  134. @balthisar: “(1) Geothermal (ground source exchange) will pay for itself quickly if you pay that much for oil.”

    That depends. Around here it costs $15,000 to have it put into EXISTING construction, and in many places putting it in is against code. (Something to do with how deep you have to drill in areas that were built before 1950 not being cool.) We looked into it, and the “surveying” costs alone were absurd, because we live in an older place and we’d have to get all this special stuff done before they’d let us drill down — if we could have even gotten the exemption from zoning.

  135. MYarms says:


    It doesn’t matter, Americans are braindead sheep that will believe just about anything Fox news tells them to.

  136. cde says:

    Oh vey.

    One, Venezuela is a Democracy (NOT A REPUBLIC LIKE WE ARE) capitalist country with socialist programs (Just like the US).

    U.S. Welfare = Socialism
    Tax breaks for both poor or rich = Socialism
    Medicare = Socialism
    Farm Subsidies = Socialism.

    Two, all venezulans prosper from the oil. Oil is cheaper then water, so is gas. Anyone who doesn’t either doesn’t have a car or a home with oil heating.

    Three, Compared to Bush, Chavez is a true hero of the people.
    Bush has lied about the reason for war. (WMDs anyone?)
    Since his reelection, Bush has vetoed many big public health bills. This is Consumerist, you can go see which bills, which include removing mercury from child vaccines (Bush wants to give your kid mercury poisoning)
    Look at the debacle that was Katrina, which a bill to provide support to the victims was also vetoed.

    Fourth, where the hell do you people get your news from? Go learn spanish and pick up a paper from anywhere other then a biased american source.

  137. glitterati says:

    Citizen’s Energy has been offering oil to the impoverished for years (at least in Massachusetts). Is the Chavez comment just an editorial remark? I would be surprised to hear that Chavez is actually involved.

  138. Sprouts says:

    No North Dakota? We’re one of the coldest states! It was -40 with wind chill when I woke up this morning!

  139. BigCommieNat says:

    Wow, thoughtful and intense… thanks for the insight

  140. bart430 says:

    I love how everyone here is a expert in world affairs. Hugo Chavez is only doing this to give the USA the big finger. He doesn’t care about us and yes that includes you. He has strong ties to Iran and Cuba, both who hate the US. If you live in the US, this includes you no matter how liberal your point of views are.

    The leaders of Iran, North Korea,Cuba and Venezuela are just using a play from Hitlers playbook, its all Americas fault you live like this. So next time you jump on the ‘blame America first’ bus, look around at who your riding with.

    Venezuela has become a major hub for international crime syndicates including weapons, drugs and humans.

    To all the blame Bush crowd, shut up, he is gone in a year. Move on with your life.

  141. bart430 says:

    The reason the company’s got the oil so cheap is because the American and foreign oil company’s found it, drilled it, and build the infrastructure. Then Chavez kicked out the oil company’s and took over.
    Lets see, he took about 30 Billion worth of oil projects and gives some oil to the poor in the US. Yeah that makes up for it.

  142. MCShortbus says:

    Amen. Yea, I got the appartment that my girlfriend and I could afford. We rent the spare room out to someone else and split the bills. We tried to get on the budget program, but by the time we knew we could get the place, they had stopped the program (Early October). We budget, don’t eat out, don’t have cable and its STILL hard to heat. We scrape by, so I am not going to act on this and take oil from someone more needy.

    I don’t think someone who has to decide between heating the house and eatting is going to give two shits about where that 100 gallons of heating oil comes from. Heating aid in New England has been drying up because more and more people are having trouble making ends meet.

    Its really easy to throw things like “cancel the cable” out as a solution, but there comes a time when there is only so much you can cut out…

  143. MoonCake says:

    i wouldn’t take a hand-out from him on the basis that:
    a) his country needs it more than we do
    b) this is a ploy to get us on his better side
    c) if i need something, i will obtain it myself. if i have to make a couple cut-backs, fine. live and learn.

    @OLDUVAI: agreed.

  144. EtherealStrife says:

    @bart430: Oh hey another world affairs expert. Hypocrisy and reductio ad Hitlerum in one post. Impressive.

    @banmojo: I’m freaked because of your faith. Blind faith and fanaticism like yours is what got us into this mess.

  145. holisticecon says:

    The great thing about capitalism is the fact that you have choices. You can retrofit your home with a wood pellet stove. This is cheaper option in the long run then oil. I suggest people who are indeed suffering from cost of heat to look into wood pellets. The price of the stove is usually around 3k, and the pellets probably costs about 600 dollars for an entire winter, maybe more or less depending on the situation. This is of course assuming you are planning on staying in the Northeast.

  146. WV.Hillbilly says:

    Chavez was ELECTED. Overwhelmingly.

    So were Hitler, Castro, Mugabe and Saddam Hussein.

    And if you’re spending $2100 a winter for oil, maybe you should take that money and change heating systems.

  147. Nerys says:

    Hey Chili Dog
    Here’s a thought. Cancel cable, quit eating out and live within your means.

    Here’s a Though. How bout or government release the largest pool of oil in the world OUR OIL to bring the cost of gasoline (and oil similarly) down to $1.50 a gallon in less than a year.

    Here’s another thought. How about our government support US and use eminent domain and national security interest to strip Chevron off its stangle hold patent on Large Form Factor NIMH packs that they REFUSE to license which is the ONLY thing keeping us all from having ELECTRIC CARS right now at a cost to drive of $1 of electricity per 100 miles of driving.

    How about those thoughts.

    Cable TV costs $14 a month. You think cutting that is really going to make any difference ? thats 4.5 gallons of gas.

    Eating out? you DO realize in many areas its almost CHEAPER to eat out. Have you ever actually factored the cost to cook at home for some foods? HAVE YOU GONE food shopping recently!! What are people supposed to do live off instant noodles?

    Live within our means? OH you men the 9 TRILLION dollar debt our government has.

    The COST of the war in iraq so far if “refunded” would be enough money to feed EVERY SINGLE hungry person on earth for 20+ years.!!!!

    And your concerned with $14 Cable and $1 Cheesburgers.

    PLEASE do some research. Educate yourself as to the REAL problems in out world.

  148. bart430 says:

    Compared to some who posted here, I am an expert. There is a wealth of information out there, but most people choose to ignore it.

  149. bart430 says:

    I think we should drill off our coasts and in Alaska, but start putting our effects in alternative sources of energy. In 10 years we could be off the oil and then OPEC can stuff it.

  150. catwell82 says:

    Don’t you all realize that this is nothing more than a political dick measuring contest? Our government hates their government and vice versa. So whats the easiest thing to do to combat with that? Offer free handouts to those in our country who feel “left out” in this current state of our government. It makes Chavez look better than Bush to those people and his mission is complete. Here’s an idea, hey Dubya, just send Venezuelan residents 100 gallons of freon in the summer to run their air conditioning, there problem solved :).

  151. presecco says:

    The U.S. has had a long history of prioritizing WARFARE over WELFARE. When the military needs funds to kill people — we’re able to find it. Yet, when we need money to help people in this very nation, we just don’t have it. What’s worse, the corporations and the elites have convinced us the poor don’t deserve help.

    We’ve been convinced those that are poor are so because they’re irresponsible, immoral, or ignorant. Even if that were the case, does that mean that as Christians, Americans, or plain humans that we should allow their suffering to continue? Who cares as to how or why they’re poor. Where is our humanity??

  152. -Lawrence- says:

    @giggitygoo: :
    * “He is a power-hungry quasi-dictator (yes he was elected, but he’s consolidating power and eliminating all that oppose him)”
    eliminating all that oppose him?? the politicians that gobern this contry 40 years the one u call “all that oppose him”” , are gone, no one want to see a face of those people, they eliminated by there self.
    the power is gived to him by the people, tell a venezuela guy: “hey, u cant use that ipod, or that shirt, or that shoes” they will kick anyone to hell in seconds, no president or politicians can tell us how to live, HE CHOOSE!
    * thats rigth there is no comparation, your presidet KILL PEOPLE, IRAK, AFGANISTAN, They called colateral damege……
    * “chavez tries to amend the Constitution so he can stay in office forever” yeap he try everyone SAY NO THX…. in a democratic election and he have to deal whith that and shut his mouth

    * “shuts down the most watched media outlets”
    no he no shuts down anything to the most watched media outlets, One terrorist media outlet have end their
    Consetion to public tv, and becouse 50 years
    Background work, have no rigth to a new consetion.

    * “and has political opponents arrested” hey those political participated to trow out the elected goverment, and no all the implicated when jail, they even sing a paper, to eliminated constitution, go made witch hunt over poor chavist people, and no only is a stupity to say arrested, couse last presidential rum, one of the paper sing run in the election, JA,JA. is a fantasy country, were you overtrow a elected president, dont go to jail and can run in a president election.

    i ask, what will happend to anyone who try to kill Bush, or try to overtrow him?
    . THEN maybe you would have a point that makes some sort of sense. Hating our President is not reason to defend a manical, power-hungry leader like Chavez.

    * “We had 30 years since the 70s oil crisis, we should have learned our lesson then and took steps to be energy independent” that sound like… lets go invade one country and have energy independent, why you think irak is for?? but well shit happends no?? some people have to F%*& that way u keep you oil safe in the state, ans other liberated country give that oil for 1% taxes rate….

    P.S. CAN keep argument we have 10 years doing this.

    @bart430: “The reason the company’s got the oil so cheap is because the American and foreign oil company’s found it, drilled it, and build the infrastructure. Then Chavez kicked out the oil company’s and took over.”
    – here there is a company named PDVSA, is our oil company, that company was 50% of all with foreign oil company’s that found it, that drilled it, and build the infrastructure. but they dint pay a Shit for 40 year, they dint give a house to poor people, they dont invest in our contry they just take oil out and venezuela goverment dont say anything, stay without money to help our people, or even build a hospital or house to then, so is our oil no?? you dont Meet Contract point, that say you have to invest in this country, and god help us if we say anything, couse uncle san will be over our ass for live!! the it came hugo chavez…. that way i with u in your point…
    * “Lets see, he took about 30 Billion worth of oil projects and gives some oil to the poor in the US”

    No,no,no “he took” NO, IS our land, is our oil, IS OUR Private property, It is OUR 50% oil Proyect, that will let the amount in 15 billion, plus 40 years in bill for taking out OUR oil almost for free, leaft behind 80% of poor poor people…. I think we pay the our bill, now go home, we keep the work THX!

    and sell cheap oil to all south american countrys, no only give free oil to poor people there…

    sorry about long argument, no my lenguage, and there is so many misunderstod here.

  153. -Lawrence- says:

    OMG is endlees, for the people that say, hittler… Did u read about history?? about concentration camp? about invade other country??, about killing 6 million jews?

    Ummm, Guantanamo… irak, afaganistan to say a few ones..
    i think the hittler one is the one u have in DC.

    And another one say, “THEY HATE THE US, THEY HATE US PEOPLE!!” chill out…. we dont hate the US citizens! that is ridiculs, we hate your international politic. we are so friking good in our caribean contry, working and having fun that we dont need to invade a anyone, or hate, if you came here in peace, u will have peace, no one will tell you anything, and will have the time of your life.

  154. SOhp101 says:

    @headon: Oh, what rationalizes this hatred? Because he hates Bush? Try listening to what his speeches actually state and they’re pretty much right on.

  155. SOhp101 says:

    @misstic: Yeah, because Chevron, Exxon/Mobil, Shell, bp, and all those other companies are so humanitarian in all their efforts. Get your head out of the sand and wake up to corporate greed, especially in the oil industry.

  156. empirefalls says:


    Today there is 100 gallons of oil in my tank(to combine with a 100already) that will help us(family of 4 and 3 cats–2 formerly homeless)make though the rest of the winter here up in Skowhegan,Maine.

    My wife and myself both work fulltime however with the cost of eveything skyrocketing, i turned to Joe Kennedy for help…and got it!

    In order to acquire state of Maine fuel assistance, one must be receiving welfare and/or food stamps to be eligible for fuel assistance. Had we gone to the Maine state agencies that are giving out fuel assistance,we likely would have got thrown out on our asses because we work.

    Joe Kennedy helps people who work for a living too.

    Thanks Joe

  157. rolii says:

    I beg to differ. Most of you do know what you’re talking about. I live in Venezuela and I’m glad to see that the outside world is no longer fooled by Chavez’s charm (if he has any). He is a ruthless dictator no matter how you look at it and after you guys are done discussing how right or wrong it is to take his, check that, OUR oil; then please start thinking about a way to help us get rid of him.

  158. -Lawrence- says:

    @rolii: And you think that other people have to “HELP US Get rid of him” ?? umm so 80% of people that vote for him, is invisible?? I also live here in venezuela, and u should try to rethink you Dictator concep, and i ASK…. when the mayority of the poblation vote for one president is called democracy?? or is only when that person that get voted is what the powerfull people of my country like??? STOP WATH GLOBOVISION, FOX NEWS, AND GO TO THE STREET WATH REALITY, 500.000 BRAND NEW CARS IS A A COMUNISM REGIM???

  159. RvLeshrac says:


    Don’t feel bad about the US not apologizing for your previous regime.

    We’ve never apologized to Brazil for Castelo Branco, either. CIA-trained death squads and all.

  160. -Lawrence- says:

    @RvLeshrac: No i DOn’t feel bad for the US not Apoligizing for all the things they have done here.

    Now, Just dont get Your nose down here, whith the CIA-Dead Squads, ro anything to try to mess Our will here. An apology is useless, Usefull si no try to mess around With south america, And in the mean while, that poor people can use Our FREE OIL!

  161. janni62 says:

    I have applied for this program. More than likely, I will be turned down, as I make what many organizations consider “too much”. I have a full time job, take extra work any time I can and have few frills in my life. What I do have is one child still at home(who has a part timr job), two in college (on loans they will pay back and working part time), and an ex husband in jail for non payment of child support who used to “support” his new family (wife, 2 step sons and 2 new babies) through welfare and the step sons’s social security disability.

    I am currently 2 months behind on my mortgage payments. That will be re-paid when I get my tax return. Between having to pay more than I had expected to get the one car we have running last November and the increase in heating oil prices this year we are struggling big time. Budgeting? Any time I have figrued that out or had a professional do it for me, I am at about a $56 shortfall per month. I spend about $60 a week on food and buy 2 pair of shoes for work per year. Having internet access? Yes, I do pay for that. It is an expense I do chose to pay so my kids can do their schoolwork. They could stay afterschool for a few extra hours and hope there is a computer open. I want them home more than not. Shoot me for being so over-indulgent.

    Maybe I should move from PA. Where the money would come from for us to do that, I have no clue. I have always been reluctant to ask for help. This only the second time in the last 24 years I have done so. Most would rather not have to ask for help. (well there are exceptions like my ex) I would rather not have to ask. I would rather not have to ask a company from outside the US for that help. This is just what I have to do right now. It’s as simple as that.

  162. spamtasticus says:

    Another Example of Chavez giving away his citizens own resources. Example: He gives Nicaragua an entire tanker of crude oil to help the poor people of Nicaragua. The only refinery in Nicaragua is 20% his! Personally. So basically he is gifting the natural resources of Venezuela to himself .Gasoline in nicaragua is over $4 per gallon. you would think that with free petroleum it would be cheaper. With other countries he has “sold” them oil at a “help the poor neighbors” price of about $20 per barrel. The prez of that country then sells it on the market for almost $100 a barrel and pockets some of the proffit while kicking back some to Chavez. This is how you rip off a country while lookike like you are a charitable socialist.

  163. working-hard says:

    So what, You’re looking to deep into everything. People are starving in the U.S.
    People just want the oil to stay warm what ever he does in his own country is his choice. If he wants to make Bush look bad so what. I am poor they are rich it has nothing to do with us unless you are rich too. People are acting like their taking their selling their bodies for oil its free.
    I can almost see who’s rich and who’s not. The rich people bring politics in it the poor people just want to know what time is the delivery so we can go to work because we can’t afford to lose our jobs.