Email Tmobile Executive Customer Service is the email address for Tmobile’s team of high-echelon customer service specialists. One of our readers was able to use this email address to get Tmobile to give her a rebate she felt the cellphone company had unfairly denied.

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  1. algormortis says:

    rdotson at t-mobile dot com works
    as does robert dot dotson at t-mobile dot com

    if you prefer the phone, 877-290-6323
    i will warn you stridently that i have no clue where that phone number goes. it could be our usual lovely “Care” in ABQ just using a different greeting.

    i would go with 800-318-9270 and ask for the “executive customer service team.” i know that will get you that group, and they’re worth a try.

    finally, one more thing. pimp that mandatory arbitration if you walk away, as any matter under the cost of arbitration (about $500 but i know this because Tyler knows this) will usually be written off. just demand arbitration over the “etf” and then watch them scramble.

    and as usual, i’m sorry another branch of my company is being so difficult; it’s just not customer-friendly (or int the long term, bottom line friendly, but hey who cares about that?) and it really stinks.

  2. AlisonAshleigh says:

    @algormortis: My service ends 2/1/08, I cancelled and couldn’t get them to drop the ETF. (I’ve had MANY, MANY, MANY huge problems.) Probably not anyone I can call to get out of that, huh?

  3. XTC46 says:

    Perfect timing. I am having some trouble with a billing issue after a phone upgrade and I just wrote to them. I have always had good luck working with t-mobile so i’m hoping they can help me this time :) Thanks.

  4. supesguy says:

    T-Mobile’s phone reps are some of the nicest, most helpful people I’ve ever talked with. Calling them should be all it takes for most legitimate issues.

  5. XTC46 says:

    @supesguy: I agree, their reps are pretty awesome. But my problem would have to be escalated anyway, so I decided to give this email address a shot.

  6. algormortis says:

    @alisonashleigh: over one month, they’re probably going to stick you to it if they know you’re leaving. I would still communicate your experiences to the powers that be, though. If you’re cancelling 12 months shy of the end of the contract, I would talk to exec CS right fast about this and make sure they drop the ETF. But if your contract’s up 2/1…that’s not a case where I’d be optimistic they’ll do much besides apologize a lot.

    As for the tier one reps: Yes, they’re better than any other cell phone company, and I have every faith in about 90% of our reps to handle basic problems with ease. (My division has its own Customer Care department that I can speak similarly well of.) The problem is that their powers are limited; they still need sup approval to cancel without an ETF, are able to offer a limited amount of credit, etc. Companies that do better than us have more empowerment given to Tier 1; that’s my primary complaint.

  7. SportsTV says:

    All I have to say is WOW…

    I sent out this email this afternoon (Sunday)…


    I am writing in regards to the Blackberry Pearl that has been giving me lots of issues.

    My name is Ryan Scott and I have been with T-Mobile since 2003, my mobile number is REMOVED, account # REMOVED.

    I can provide you with any other account verification that you might need but I would rather do that on an as needed basis over the phone.

    Let me explain my issue….

    I am now on my third Blackberry Pearl, all of which have had to be swapped out because I am unable to update the software because I use only Mac computers. I understand that RIM does not provide T-Mobile with the software for Macs to upgrade the software it is very frustrating every 3 months to be sending a phone in, having to save my settings and then set everything back up again.

    While I have not had any software related issues with this third phone there have been some physical issues that have become quite annoying. The shift key makes a constant noise while typing, its as if its squeaking. So for instance when trying to type an email in a quiet environment the squeaking can be clearly heard and is just awful and unprofessional.

    When I did call about this issue I was transfered around a few times and then finally spoke with someone who said the only thing they could do was offer me a Motorola Rizr, with a contract extension, not to mention that would not even closely give me the same email functionality that I have right now. Then the rep went away and came back and said that if I extended my contract for 2 years he would be able to give me the Blackberry 8700g for 99.00. I responded with the fact that I felt like the Blackberry Peal is an inferior device and that I have been provided with lack luster service in resolving this. I suggested a Blackberry Curve, since it is a newer device with newer software that would hopefully resolve my issues. That suggestion was denied with the rep still trying to push the 8700g on me.

    At that point I really felt smacked in the face. No where during this process have I felt like T-Mobile has tried to resolve this issue. I still hold strong that a Blackberry Curve would resolve my issues.

    Unless something else changes from this process I will end up canceling my service with you, paying the ETF on the last year of my contract which is much less then what you would be making from me in the last year of my contract at almost 90.00 a month.

    I appreciate your help and hopefully we can get this resolved.

    Thank you

    A mere 20 mins after that email was sent I got a call from executive support, on a Sunday even!

    While they were not able to offer me a phone to suit my suits and resolve the issue handset-wise they offered to make my contract month to month effective TODAY so that way I can cancel at ANYTIME w/o ETF!

    Now I can spend today looking at where I want to go for my Blackberry needs and either way I’m impressed with the speed of getting something resolved.

    Thanks Consumerist!!!


  8. rwalford79 says:

    Interesting that they would RATHER you leave by offering MONTH TO MONTH, then offer you the phone you feel will keep you a customer

    (saving them 11 months of payments… 99$ subtracted as one month of the remaining 12)

    It goes to show that they take great pride in NOT offering their customers a discount, to continue contract service. I mean Id have paid $50 with NO CONTRACT EXTENTION for the new phone I was asking…They must not care to keep thier customers.

  9. jewely1781 says:

    This is for those that are tired of getting stuck with charges that don’t belong to them. I noticed my T-Mobile bill going up in price each month, so today, being tired of paying more than what I signed on for, I started to do some research on our bills. Apparently T-Mobile raised the price of our text messaging WITHOUT informing us. We have kept every single piece of paper T-Mobile has sent to us over the last two years…we use one of the phones for business so we had to keep any and all documentation for expense reports and taxes. We never received any “insert”. On top of this, for the last year of our service, we have had dropped calls, static on the lines, no service, etc. We have called many times to get the technical problems resolved-even went as far as purchasing new phones (at full cost) for both lines and replacing sim cards-and still-the service is below par. As far as the texting goes-I did my research and then looked at our plan online…I signed in, clicked on “Plans”, went to the bottom of the window and clicked on “See Other Included Services”, went to the bottom of the next screen and clicked on “More Information About Services”, On the next page…First paragraph under the heading “ALL PLANS” If you read the first couple of lines-you will see that T-Mobile themselves say that text messages are only supposed to be 5 cents a text. This is for ALL PLANS-Not just for mine. Yet they are charging everyone more! As far as I am concerned-this is deplorable-and earns them MILLIONS of dollars a month!!!!! A month-not a year or more. Think on it-every one of their customers is paying more than what they say they actually are charging. I called T-mobile and explained that we were very unhappy with the service and now we find out that our Text cost went up. I spoke to a lady and explained what I found on their website and started to ask why they were charging me more than they themselves state the charge is supposed to be. And here I have been paying more for TWO YEARS!!! She said this was a tax, I said no it isn’t-read the paragraph. She put me on hold for a few minutes. When she came back, I asked what would they do for me since I have been paying more than required for 2 years. She didn’t know-so I asked for a supervisor. It took a few minutes-but I got one. . She came back and actually thanked me for finding the “typo”. She couldn’t believe that no one had found it before. She even confirmed the “typo” with her supervisor and then their business department. When I did get the supervisor, she was very defensive. I wasn’t-I was actually pretty nice. I explain everything again, and I ask her-what was T-Mobile going to do for me since I have been paying over their own rates for the last two years. She states that she has documentation that we received the insert explaining about the Text rate change. She stated that I HAD to have received the insert. I told her I was more than willing to send her every paper I had for the last two years, it isn’t here. Unless I signed it and gave it back (which if I had received it and they had asked me to at the time-I probably would have), she cannot say I received it. I am not a dishonest person-I would take a lie detector test to prove we never received it. She refused to give any-she only offered me a rate of .10 cents for our texts for the last month, but as of right now-I am officially notified that my rate of texts from here on out would be 15 cents per text. I couldn’t believe she said that-I repeated “So you are saying, as of right now-you are officially notifying me?” She said yes. If that is the case-I should be able to cancel my contract because I am just now officially informed of my text rate change, and since we are still having service problems after trying everything they suggested, we no longer want to keep the service. We especially don’t feel that we should have to pay even more for services that we are not happy with. She said no-and I said-but you stated yourself that people had 30 days from the time of discovery to cancel their contracts without an ETF if they did not approve of the rate change, and you just “OFFICIALLY” let me know of my rate change. She started to get a little more rude now and told me she could not waive the ETF. I explained that this didn’t make sense, from what she herself said in the beginning of the conversation. We keep going round in circles repeating the same points of view. I asked to speak to her supervisor. She told me they weren’t there but she would have them call me. I have “print screened” the page with the 5 cent text rate-with the date of 2-6-2008, so they can’t say it didn’t exist. If 5 cents per text was on their site and I saw it-they should honor it, and have it retro-active for the last 2 years. I just feel that they are cheating everyone, and they aren’t even letting anyone know about it. We shall see what happens.

  10. jewely1781 says:

    The following was an article I found (title and one paragraph)…

    T-Mobile USA, A CareerTV Close-up

    Headquartered in Factoria, Bellevue, Washington, T-Mobile USA is currently the fourth-largest wireless carrier in the U.S. market with approximately 27 million customers as of August 2007. In addition to mobile phone service, T-Mobile also operates WiFi hotspots in the United States and Europe. In the USA alone, it operates over 8,000 (as of December 22, 2006) T-Mobile HotSpot locations for Internet access – including such locations as airports, airline clubs, Starbucks coffeehouses, Kinko’s, Borders Books and Music, Hyatt and Red Roof Inn Hotels.

    Let’s say Half belong to messaging plans….and this is a very rough calculation…

    This leaves 14,000,000 people (I’m rounding up because some go over their allotted text plans). If just 1 text is sent on each of these phones to people who are NOT TMobile customers already-TMobile gets $1,400,000. If all the people receiving are T-Mobile customers already-this earns them $2,800,000, because they not only charge for sending-but for receiving as well. Lets say half of those receiving are T-mobile…This still gives T-Mobile $2,100,000…per text.

    But lets face it…many people send and receive more than one text a month. Lets say an average person wihtout a text plan, texts about 30 a month. So, multiply 2,100,000 by 30! THIS IS $63,000,000! They are charging roughly $63,000,000 a month more from consumers than what their website states they are supposed to be charging! Why have I been the only one to find this???

    I don’t understand how a company can do this.

  11. hamhands says:

    You can try this number (though he NEVER answers his phone). Anthony Rivas, Executive Customer relations and office of the president:
    877-290-6323 x. 3418012. I am currently trying to get them to honor a $40 equipment credit they promised me on multiple occasions. I have had to file multiple complaints against T-Mobile for billing issues with the Washington State Better Business Bureau. They have fixed them, but they are remaining stubborn about my credit. Mr Rivas actually did call me back once last year (and I’m convinced he hung up on me!)

  12. hamhands says:

    An update to this. Mr Rivas conveniently called me back about five minutes after I emailed the President of the company. They refuse to honor my credit. I ask that anyone who is considering switching to T-Mobile think twice; their customer service is absolutely the worst, and it gets only worse the higher up you go……

  13. hamhands says:

    The last update:
    After a few more emails to Mr. Dotson, a Mr. Lucero called me. They have decided to honor my equipment credit, but will note on my account that no credits are to be given to me in the future without documentation (which I think is completely fair). I will be much more careful about taking notes when to talking to CS – writing their names and customer care numbers down when having conversations. A renewed faith in T-Mobile, which is good, because the still have the best rates in the industry (though I would have left and paid more for my service if it meant better customer service in the long run).

  14. GodivaCebriones says:

    I sent email to and about an unresolved issue. Within the hour, I
    had a call and the issue was resolved.

    Thanks, Consumerist people! You made my day!

    Steve Read

  15. magnoliasouth says:

    @jewely1781: Regarding your first comment: So what happened?

    Good for you for keeping all that documentation! I have to admit that I fall down on that score. I suppose I’d better be more careful now.

    I get 400 text messages a month, and so far have never exceeded that so I’ve no idea how much they would charge me. Did they update the site? Is it still saying 5 cents?

  16. SpitfireM1 says:

    I have sent two messages to this address a week apart – the first explaining the situation and asking for a resolution, the second letting them know that I have not received a response and re-sent the original message. It has been a week since the 2nd message, and I have still received no response. Not even a ‘sorry, we can’t help you.’

    The messages have not bounced, so I know the address is still valid. I guess T-mobile just likes to ignore their customers and renege on promises. This T-mobile customer of nearly 5 years won’t be for much longer. I hope anyone out there reading thinks twice about T-mobile and their level of customer service provided.

    I chose T-mobile when I did for their reputation for quality service, but they are showing their true colors.

  17. sonnyg95 says:

    Like SportsTV, all I have to say is Wow! I sent an email to and on October 20, 2008 and got a call from Mr. Anthony on October 21, 2008.

    Thanks to SportsTV for showing how he wrote the email to Tmo, I pretty much based mines off of that email, and got a really positive response. Here it is…


    I am writing in regards to my family plan’s billing problem with the “Unlimited Domestic Messages For Families service”.

    My name is REMOVED and I have been with T-Mobile since it acquired Voicestream here in Hawaii. My current number is REMOVED and my account number is REMOVED.

    Let me explain my issue…

    Sometime last month, I discovered that I could add the Unlimited texting plan for my family plan for $19.95. My sister and I were both going over the limit on our then-current text messaging plan and my mother was also starting to text so I thought the Unlimited Domestic Messages for Families was a perfect fit. I logged into and tried adding the feature, however, I was prompted to remove any other text messaging service in order to sign up for the family text messaging plan. And so I removed the 4.99 text messaging plan for my account and added the family text messaging plan. I thought that was the end of that and announced to my family that we now have unlimited texting.

    I logged in to today and was surprised that my bill that is due was at $202.22. After going through my account, I was very unhappy to see that the $4.99 text message services were cancelled but the Unlimited Domestic Messages for Families was not added on. This amounted to 92.20 in usage charges, which was basically all of the text messaging that my family had done.

    When I did call about this issue, I was transferred around a few times and then finally spoke with someone who said they could only roll back the current billing cycle but could not do anything with the previous billing cycle that involved this 92.20 usage charge. I asked if credit could be given, considering that Tmobile required me to remove all other text messaging services before I could sign up for the Unlimited service. The rep said I could not get credit because I did not call in to add the service and so there is no proof that there may have been difficulties adding this service. Furthermore, the person also told me that I should have called Tmobile if I had difficulties adding this new service on I explained to this person that I did not have any difficulties at all, except for the fact that required me to remove any other text messaging service before signing up for the unlimited one. Again, this person went back to saying that there was nothing Tmobile could do and that this coming bill should be cheaper than the last.

    At that point, I really felt smacked on the face. No where during this process have I felt like T-Mobile has tried to resolve this issue. I still stand strong that I signed up for the service after removing all of my other text messaging services from

    My two year contract is coming to an end this December, and I was considering renewing another two years with Tmobile by purchasing a G1 this Wednesday, but this experience has given me second thoughts. Unless something changes from this process, I will not renew my account, along with the other two numbers on this family plan, and buy a phone contract elsewhere

    I have been a loyal Tmobile customer since it acquired Voicestream here in Hawaii and I would love to be your customer for many more years to come. That is why I hope we can get this issue resolved. I appreciate your help and time.

    Thank you.

    So Mr. Anthony called me back this morning and explained that it was a bit weird that after my previous text messaging plans were canceled, a high amount of texting occurred. It was probably due to the fact that I thought I had signed up for the unlimited text messaging plan. He explained that he would roll back the price for that billing cycle and I am now left with what I was supposed to be paying.

    This is the first time I’ve done this sort of thing and I am happy I did. I’ve also learned my lesson to double check my services with any company after signing up for it online so that I don’t come across this type of issues in the future. This has restored my faith in Tmobile and I’m looking forward to purchasing the new G1 come October 22! Thanks again Consumerist!

  18. Ashkee Chapin says:

    So i have tmobile and live in SD. there are no service towers, stores, nothing here. i have unlimited everything, but cant use pix, im, internet.. which doesnt bother me as much as customer service. so, anyways, onto my story… my charger was eaten in half by a kitten. so i had my mother, who lives in charlotte, nc, go into a tmobile store to get a charger to send me. teh representative she spoke to told her it took the same charger as the sidekick lx and sidekick slide. i have both of those, and i KNOW for a fact that those 2 models take mini usb chargers. the sidekick id takes a small circular one. she paid for the charger, went to the post office, and mailed it. it cost 50 bucks for the charger and to mail it. i finally got it today, and it is the usb charger. i emailed tmo cust service cuz their ”live chat” is always down ANY time i’ve wanted to use it in the past week. i have been waiting for an email back and have gotten nothing. tmobile always had the shittiest customer service. hell, when i had a TRACFONE, they had better customer service!!! t mobile is by far the worst company i have ever gone with, and i’m not sure how they are still in business here in the USA, minus the fact that they offer free flights, which many of the customers did not get due to ridiculous rules. [i know because i regrettably worked for tmobile’s free flight and companion flight offer].. and i dont even get a discount thru tmobile either!!!

    needless to say, i cant wait a year for the contract to be over. i have NEVER had anything good to say about them. their sidekick lx and slide totally suck. that is why i downgraded to the ID, which works PERFECTLY.

  19. wdyes says:

    Here’s my letter to the CEO
    I have had the worst experience with T-Mobile than any other company in my life. I was a very good customer for years, spending over $300+ each month for phones with your company and away paid on time, and when I moved to my new home I could not get coverage. I wanted to keep my phone, I did business on my phone, and have also worked on many marketing for your company; I work in the media in the St Louis market as well as Nashville, TN. I paid the remainder of my balance off by lowering my monthly min down to $10 and then finally canceled after my term because no one could resolve my issue in this area. I live in Nashville TN, not a remote part of the country; a major new subdivision. T-Mobile dropped me instead of canceling my contract, and said that I did not fulfill my agreement and have sent a collections department. I have worked for years to resolve this, and I refuse to pay on the principle, and how rudely I have been treated. I did actually get someone that worked for hours and even a few days to dig into the problem properly, and she said that she saw I did fulfill, my contact and did not owe them anything, she also saw that I tried to get service and there was not a full resolution on if they could get service in my home. She told me that it would have it all taken care of, but that never happened. We came to the agreement that during the time I had the phone, I did manage to place 2 phone calls in one month from that phone, (this was all trying to get and keep service, I really wanted to keep my phone service with T-Mobile) She said if I paid that month, she would tell that I never used the phone any of the other months, that I did not have a contract with you, and she would take the money off my account. When I tried to reach her again, I could never get through, no one would transfer me to her again.

    I then called your “executive customer service team, and I spoke with Victoria and then finally Pancho and they say that they will NOT look into it, that the records show I owe the money, asked my “why I’m not paying when I clearly owe it” they tell me they work “directly for the CEO and they are not required to transfer me to anyone high then them, that they are the last line and they do not have to look into anything further. When I repeatedly asked to speak to their management, because they refuse to listen to my story, and refuse to look into anything about my account except what is on their screen refuse to transfer me and said that I can just go deal with the collect agency. This is fraud, and I am shocked an appalled with how your company is treating me. I was a very valued customer for years with T-Mobile, and I didn’t want change my coverage, but T-Mobile could not give me coverage.

    This “executive customer service team” is a joke! They are rude, refuse to investigate the issue, only will tell you what the Paperwork says, and will not let you speak to their supervisor, so they don’t care how they talk to you. They will not listen they only tell you the “company” line, and since they “report to the CEO,” and no one is watching over them, they can do what ever they want. It was a furious and humiliating phone conversation.

    I am so sick of the way I have treated me and I wish for no one to ever go through this torture again.