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Facebook, Google, Twitter Told To Revise User Agreements Or Face Fines In Europe

Operating globally is tricky: You have to know, and follow, the rules not just of the country where you’re based, but of the countries and regions where you serve customers, too. And for a major silicon valley trio, the way they serve customers in the European Union is apparently not up to snuff. [More]


Amazon Reportedly Adds “Ship To Cuba” Option In Preparation For Restored Diplomatic Ties

If it wasn’t enough that Americans traveling to Cuba might now be able to bring back Cuban rum and cigars from their travels, those in Cuba may soon be able to order goods from Amazon, or at least get things shipped to them. [More]

Report: U.S. Government Agrees North Korea Actually Is Behind The Hack Attack On Sony

Report: U.S. Government Agrees North Korea Actually Is Behind The Hack Attack On Sony

It has been a bad, bad month for Sony Pictures. In the wake of the hack that loosed their employees’ most personal information onto the internet, threats of violence resulted in the cancellation of their Christmas-day comedy release The Interview. And now, federal investigators aren’t sure how to point the finger of blame — not because they don’t know who’s behind it, but because they do. North Korea is indeed to blame, administration officials say, and the U.S. has to figure out how to handle international relations in the face of what is not just another hack, but cyberterrorism. [More]

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If You Have A Reason To Go To Cuba, You Can Now Bring Cuban Rum And Cigars Back To The U.S. With You

You can get a Cuban sandwich in almost any city in the U.S., but it’s been fifty years since it was last legal to have a Cuban rum drink along with it, or to go smoke a Cuban cigar on the patio out back afterwards. Until today. [More]

Get 100 Gallons Of Heating Oil For Free

Get 100 Gallons Of Heating Oil For Free

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez wants to give you 100 gallons of free heating oil to help survive the cold cruel capitalist winter. The hogshead of liquid warmth is available to anyone enduring a financial hardship who fills out a handy online form.