Amuse Yourself And Others With Merchandise Stickers

We don’t actually recommend you go into stores and put these stickers on merchandise you haven’t bought, or outdoors on poster ads that you didn’t place. But it’s still fun to look at them and imagine all the great places they would add value to a merch display. The “Actual Size!” stickers are more absurd, but their potential for hilarity is much higher: “80% of public advertisements would be greatly improved by an ‘actual size!’ claim, from 8.5×11 “Regina Spektor Live In Concert!” flyers to ten-foot PS3 banners to airline ads in the subway with pictures of 747s.”

Both sets of stickers are available for sale from their respective sites, although we imagine for about the same price you can probably knock together some DIY versions and avoid the shipping delay.

“Now Slower…” stickers [Evil Mad Scientist via Neatorama]
“Actual Size!” stickers [xkcd]

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