Why I'm Never Shopping At Staples Again

To Whom It May Concern;

I just had one of the worst time consuming experiences at your store. This is in regards to the unit located at 1501 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291.

On 12/16 I went in and purchased two items a digital picture frame and a gps system as Christmas gifts. I got home and tested both items. The digital picture frame (omnitech 11.3 inch frame) had a broken pixel so I needed to return it. I called the store and they said no problem, bring it back with the receipt…

Today 12/18 I left work at 3 PM so I could return this item. It is pouring rain and traffic was really congested. I went home (culver city) and picked up the frame and receipt and decided to go to the Staples on 8704 South Sepulveda Blvd. since it was close to my home and I didn’t want to drive too far in this rain and it being almost rush hour. Unfortunately they were out of stock of that frame, I inquired about the 7 inch and unfortunately was not on sale anymore so it would have cost only 10 less than the 11 inch frame that I purchased during a sale two days ago. So it was not worth it.

Inside that store I called the Lincoln blvd staples to make sure that they had one and that they could hold it for me. I reached a rep, got transferred, then transferred for a third time. I did not realize the store had such a confusing directory that staples own employees did not know who to transfer to. After a good solid 10 minutes I got an agent that said yes we do have it in stock and yes we will hold it.

Now it is getting close to 4:30 PM. I drive down there, and wait in the customer service line. When it is my turn I tell the agent my situation and she says hold on while she gets a replacement. She comes back empty handed, shrugs her shoulder and says I don’t know who told you we had one but we do not. There is a manager standing next to her, I believe his name was Jeremiah. He says nothing and just walks away. The girl assisting me asks some of the reps if anyone took the call, one guy said it was him but he said he asked someone and they told him yes, we did have them in stock. So they all just stood there, and not even a simple sorry.

In the meantime there are customers in line and other employees are running around, and joking. I witnessed one employee in a Staples shirt if he could assist this woman customer, he told her no he doesn’t work here anymore. That was completely ridiculous; it was obvious he was working. Mind you I was calm, and never got exasperated or angry the entire time. I understand what it is to be in customer service. But in my opinion it simply is a lack of caring for the customers or for their jobs.

Bottom Line:

* I am a small private business owner, as well as employed by one of the largest dot com companies, located in Pasadena. I am a Sr. Manager of workforce. I am in the customer service side of the business and want to emphasize this is no way to treat regular customers. I use Staples both personally and professionally and will cease doing any more business with Staples.

* On that one trip I spent 270.59 on the 16th.

* I also spent a good 2.5 hours essentially to end up with a refund because of the aforementioned situation.

* The customer service is laughable. The manager ran away when my situation was occurring. The agents there do not care, they are goofing around.

* I am also sending a copy to the better business bureau, my contact at the better business bureau and Ben Popken at The Consumerst.com



How annoying and typical. And my girlfriend makes fun of me for doing most of my shopping online. There’s nothing more annoying than calling and being told something is in stock and then it’s not when you get there. Talk about a time waster. You finally carve out a little slot of time to go pick something up and then something like what happened to John happens to you. Sheesh.

(Photo: Morton Fox)

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