Target Math Makes Bulk Purchases Of Soap And Apple Juice More Expensive

We buy in bulk to make things cheaper, right? No, that’s not how things always work. Sometimes you’re better off buying multiples of a smaller package to get the best price per unit. For some reason, this problem is especially prevalent at Target, leading us to call it “Target Math.”

While not all Target Math is found in Target stores, here are three prime examples from locations across the country.

Brian notes that at his local Target, if you want a half-gallon of apple juice, you should buy two half-gallon containers if you want to save a nickel. If you prefer to schlep around a full gallon container with a flimsy snap-on handle, that’s on you, big spender.



If you want to save $.49 on eight bars of Caress soap, you should make sure to buy two packages of four instead of one package of eight.


Finally, Matt sent us a picture of this video game display, which, like many things at Target, may or may not be on this plane of reality.

“Only 1 of those 4 games actually matches the price
sticker underneath,” tipster Matthew observes. “I’m not sure if some hooligan switched the games up or it’s supposed to be some sort of game called ‘find the actual item listed on the sticker!'” That could be fun, but Matthew sent us this item during the holiday season, when shenanigans like this do not make shopping more fun.


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