Microsoft Releases Dirty Santa Chatbot On Unsuspecting Children!

Oh noes! The children! Microsoft released a Santa bot on its Windows Messenger network that had a surprising predilection for swinging the conversation to oral sex.

Here is the text from a test chat The Register engaged in, after finding out from a distraught reader that RoboSanta was being inappropriate to his nieces:

El Reg says: Eat it
Santa says: You want me to eat what?!? It’s fun to talk about oral sex, but I want to chat about something else…
El Reg says: You dirty bastard!
Santa says: I think you’re dirty bastard.

You can try it yourself, but Microsoft has already removed this feature from the bot’s brain. Now, when you try to talk about oral sex, Santa replies, “Let’s talk about something else, like what you want for Christmas.” As if the two subjects are mutually exclusive!

“Microsoft’s sex-obsessed RoboSanta spouts filth at children” [The Register] (Thanks to japacooney!)
(Photo: Getty)

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