Marshalls Advertisting Proactiv Over The PA?

Have you ever heard a store advertising stuff they don’t sell over the PA? Reader Anne describes some weirdness she encountered at Marshalls:

I just returned from a trip to Marshalls where I was subjected to an ad for Proactiv over the PA system. It was really horrendous and must be addressed! The worst part is that I’m pretty sure they don’t even sell Proactiv at Marshalls, so it’s not like a blue light special informing us shoppers of a Proactive special in aisle 12.

Has research been done that shows Marshalls shoppers are acne prone? It was total bullshit and during the whole thing I wondered what life will be like when I no longer shop at Marshalls because I refuse to be advertised at when I’m wandering around a store spending money. I’m hoping a good expose will end the advertising and allow me to continue my life of off-price shopping at TJX stores. Please help!

That’s odd. Maybe it was the radio? We haven’t been in a Marshalls in a while; has anyone else caught them advertising stuff they don’t sell?


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