SOLVED: Comcast Charges You For Service You Never Ordered, Threatens To Ruin Your Credit

After her story appeared on The Consumerist, Allison is no longer being defrauded and threatened to be sent to collections by Comcast to pay for service she never ordered. A rep in the Comcast executive office contacted us, we put them together and the problem got solved.

“Wow- the executive assistant to the CEO of Comcast called this am,” writes Allison, “and the whole thing has been resolved. We have been credited the entire bill, have traps now on our cable, and were told that if we have any more problems that we should not call customer service, but call her directly.” She says that no explanation was given as to why the error occurred in the first place, but she has now learned an important lesson, “DO NOT let the technician leave your house until it is EXACTLY what you ordered. If they give you a hard time, get on the phone with customer service with them standing next to you.”

PREVIOUSLY: Comcast Charges You For Service You Never Ordered, Threatens To Ruin Your Credit
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  1. darkened says:

    I’m so glad to know the Consumerist exists to expose companies refusing to serve their customers. And i hope i never deal with an experience such as this myself that I have the shred of hope that i might also receive said help.

  2. elislider says:

    Wow comcast made something right! First time for everything…

  3. Buran says:

    If you try to call in with the tech standing there the tech will say they have to go on to their next appointment and just walk away. I’ve seen complaints about that in many a story.

  4. DrGirlfriend says:

    Comcast’s CEO, changing “universal” opinion about his company one customer at a time.

    Maybe by 2135, their universal reputation will be passable.

  5. clickertrainer says:

    I think you SHOULD call customer service if you need customer service. If you can’t, then perhaps the CEO should be tackling THAT issue.

  6. kris in seattle says:

    Wow, insane. Where is that CEO’s phone number so EVERYONE can call HER instead of Customer service?

  7. clank-o-tron says:

    @ everyone: You might want to read that again – the “_executive assistant_ to the CEO of Comcast called”, not the actual CEO.

  8. jeff303 says:

    @clank-o-tron: Yeah I think they’re basically making up these titles and the phone numbers just redirect to level-2 support instead of the front-line grunts.

  9. defectiveburger says:

    Comcast sucks (as if everyone didn’t know already).

    About two months ago, my roommate got a letter from a collection agency stating that he owed Comcast $100 for a modem he allegedly rented from them but never returned 2 years ago. This modem is one which my roommate bought on Newegg. Clearly, not a Comcast rental. He contacted Comcast repeatedly trying to find out wtf was going on and was only able to learn that Comcast never carried a modem by that brand. He called the collections agency and told them this and after awhile agreed to contact Comcast and remove the charges. Moral of the story? Comcast also tries to extort money from you via collections agencies!

    I asked a few friends about this and it sounds like ~5 people I know had this same thing happen at the same time.

  10. itmustbeken says:

    Yes, but everyone knows the real power lies with the assistant. I’ve seen admins part the red sea and ruin the careers of VPs all before their coffee gets cold.

    Whatever the case, the Consumerist rules and I’ve learned how to deal with Comcast.

  11. marsneedsrabbits says:

    From the update:” …and were told that if we have any more problems that we should not call customer service, but call her directly.”

    So, Comcast is basically admitting that if you have a problem, calling customer service will do nothing to fix it.

    I know they said all this to make things better, but it really doesn’t, as it looks like customer service is not empowered to actually fix anything and the other 99% of people who don’t have the executive assistant to the CEO of Comcast’s phone number remain SOL.