McDonald's Forgets The "Angus Burger" Part Of Mushroom And Swiss Angus Burger

Not that we’d ever spent very much time thinking about it, but we were sort of under the impression that when making cheeseburgers, the cheese-type toppings are placed on the burger to melt while still on the grill, right before it is done.

That is how we do it. Obviously, we have a lot to learn.
Eugene writes:

My friend Dmitriy went to the McDonald’s on First Avenue 71st st in Manhattan to pick up lunch for us. I decided to go with the new Mushroom and Swiss Angus Burger. I’m not a big fan of McDonalds but decided to give it another go.

Unfortunately, it was a bad decision. Dmitriy brings the food back to our college, on 68th and Lexington, and I take a bite, tasting delicious mushroom and swiss cheese, but that is the only thing I taste. I open up the sandwich to see that all I have is just that-mushroom and swiss cheese, no burger, no meat. It was too late to go back to that McDonald’s to exchange it because I had class starting in 15 minutes. Let’s just take it as a warning-make sure your 1/3 pound Angus burger is just that.


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